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  1. xrptipbot

    Wietse and Rabbit made to the UNL list

    Supporting the XRP ledger.
  2. xrptipbot

    Wietse and Rabbit made to the UNL list

    Hi everybody! Thank you very much for the kind words! @Rabbit_Kick_Club really deserved it, the XRPL/validator knowledge he shares on his website (https://rabbitkick.club) is incredible. I am very proud and honoured with the decision by Ripple to add our validators to the UNL. I believe the credits for this decision should go to @nikb. 👋 Wietse Wind, /u/pepperew, @WietseWind, @xrptipbot
  3. xrptipbot

    [AMA] XRP Toolkit: Project Goals & Roadmap

    This is very awesome 👍 Keep up the good work, you are an asset to the community, thank you :)!
  4. xrptipbot

    Building Software on top of the XRP Ledger

    They will release the video in ~ one week from now. Here are the links to the sheets and a few links I promised to share during the presentation. https://gist.github.com/WietseWind/1e9779e3a2977bbac014240769830a7b
  5. xrptipbot

    RFC 1751 or BIP-39??

    Ledger Nano uses Bip39 + Bip32, most cliens use family seed. https://xrpcommunity.blog/keys-are-key-secret-keys-signing-transactions/
  6. xrptipbot

    XRP Community Blog

    We decided to keep it simple We created this application page: https://fudbingo.com/xrpcommunityblog/apply No FUD Readable English No offensive / illegal / etc. stuff Critical voice = OK, but no bashing The article has to have reliable sources of information The application form will be sent to Hodor and possibly a few other community members.
  7. Yeah, if you claimed your ALV and sent/sold it, you can remove the Trust Line.
  8. The algorithm to go from the mnemonic to the keypair is known, so if all Ledgers stop working you can still create and sign a transaction with a software tool
  9. I think Bitstamp is trustworthy but if they one get hacked / close down, whatever, you don't have your funds in your own control. I'd suggest a paper wallet generated offline on a safe computer. Nice tool by @Warbler: https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/
  10. Yes If you have the most recent version of Toast Wallet you can add a trust line by going to your account, to the "Address" tab and click "Add Trustline"
  11. That offends me a bit. I spend many hours a week educating, helping and supporting the XRP community. Now I release a tool that's: Open source Instructs users to use it locally and offline Creating a transaction Air Gapped only Of course I am not. --- Edit: I completely agree users should be VERY, VERY cautious, and keep their secret / mnemonic safe. That's why you should do your own research, make sure you know what you are doing, don't do anything in a hurry and preferably only do things like this offline, air-gapped and on a computer you trust.
  12. - And married life is great! Not that much different though (thank goodness) Yeah, even other products, as long as they use a mnemonic passphrase to generate the keypair (but that's only Ledger as far as I am aware).
  13. After using the tool there are 2 keys that are allowed to sign for transactions. The original key (based on the mnemonic) and the newly generated key. You now have to keep 2 keys safe, the mnemonic passphrase and the newly generated family seed (secret) with the sXXXXXX format: they are both able to sign transactions for your account. There's only one way to "go hot" with your wallet, and that's to trust your secret to an application. The Ledger security is only as good as the secrecy of your mnemonic.