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  1. Won't work, since it's the XRP TipBot Hotwallet you'll find
  2. Hey! I noticed this Tweet from you and replied;
  3. It is, can be done. I need the assistance of the forum admin though. We talked about that last year, I'm still happy to implement it
  4. Define "do something" Time interval I mean. I get the idea you (or at least: many people) hope for a big bang when XUMM (or SBI or ...) go live. When it comes to XUMM, I can ensure you there will not be a big bang. People will install, setup, try, ... and keep on holding. Meanwhile we will work on updates, licenses and dev. & recipient & partner implementations so there are actually places to pay using XUMM. That's when the chicken/egg problem is potentially solved: people can pay, and people can be paid using the XRPL. That doesn't have any effect on the price at first (except if it's speculation, which is bad imo). Then, bit by bit, if everything goes the right way: slowly growing amount of users, payments, DEX exchanges, liquidity, ... and THEN it may just have an effect. But it will be almost impossible to trace it back to XUMM: it's simply more usage, more liquidity, more demand.
  5. Not really, their encryption and decryption is in public JS source. All the required params to decrypt are in their database and your session after logging in. When unpacked it looks like this:
  6. I have thought about it a lot, and I decided I'm not going to add it. It's way too confusing for users. The idea of the TipBot is to make it easy, you can participate without even creating an account, and immediately pay a tip forward. When adding IOU's, I have to bother users with multi currencies, Trust lines, withdrawals to IOU's, explain how they can convert, etc. And think about the syntax from the perspective of a recipient; @SomeUser +X SomeCurrency SomeIssuer @xrptipbot That's just horrible for the recipient. How to explain that :') And the worst part: people will create their own useless IOU's that are still called EUR/BTC, no liquidity, no offers, and people will be happy with their tip and then I'll have to explain it's worthless... Nope. Definitely not going to do it -- Thanks for the ping @Hodor!
  7. Damn This is the user behind the TipBot account he/she tested: https://www.reddit.com/user/9956235689 The source address is funded by Bitrue, I just contacted them, they are on it.
  8. Hey! Of course I have some internal stats and graphs, but I didn't really spend any time to make that data visible publicly. However, the XRPTipBot data is public info, and feeds can be fetched (JSON) all the way back to the first tips. I know https://twitter.com/theCryptoDonut started a project to visualize the TipBot stats at https://xrp-robin-hood.herokuapp.com/ but I believe the project is down.
  9. I talked about this with @karlos about a year ago, but we didn't get to implement it yet.
  10. I got legal council and discussed this with the regulators in The Netherlands. Yes, of course KYC/AML apply, but crypto isn't money here in The Netherlands, so the licenses don't apply. I tried to be the most virtuous one and applied for licenses, and I was rejected since what described to be doing isn't subject to licensing (since it's crypto, not money). Now of course I don't want to facilitate criminal activities, so I check and store IBAN, phone and destination details. I'll save them in case anyone (with authority) shows up at my doorstep. When payments come in, details are checked and the XRPL destination (BigQuery project) and phone + IBAN match + historic XRParrot transfers are checked. When in doubt, money will be refunded to the source IBAN.
  11. Hey @JoeBishop - The LinkedIn API will definitely not let me integrate the TipBot I guess a browser plugin would work, but I'm leaving that to someone else in the community if he/she feels like it. He/she can count on my support regarding the TipBot API
  12. Yes, anyone can set a TrustLine with the issuing account, en thus make on-ledger trades and buy / sell the issued token. However, to deposit FIAT and convert to the IOU, or the other way around: withdraw the IOU and cash to FIAT, the user will have to go through your exchange. At this point you can perform KYC/AML checks.
  13. @jn_r Thanks for sharing that piece of node code! I just made a version for PHP, maybe someone can use it: https://gist.github.com/WietseWind/42e5b8dce8dda95b47e263e5084bcfb8
  14. <full circle> ... I hope in some years there's no need to get money (fiat) out, as we can just spend whatever we own using... Let's say... ILP
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