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  1. Definitely πŸ™‚ Without making any promises about the when and how: a foundation published UNL is definitely something we're pursuing.
  2. Hey! The founder of XRPL Labs, creators of XUMM here Did you perhaps import your XUMM account from a HEX private key? Or even imported the "MessageKey" as "Family Seed" during account import? @xrp_chiefs Please send a message with a link to this thread to the official XUMM support channel: https://support.xumm.app, with the button on the lower right corner (so you are sure you're talking with XUMM support, instead of some random forum user pretending to be Wietse (just kidding, it's me, but better be safe than sorry))
  3. Definitely Bitstamp. Good second: Kraken (Payward)
  4. Nice! QR code compatibility is a challenge, there are many different formats being used. To decode we created a separate lib for Xumm: https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/xumm-string-decode
  5. XUMM does support this You can import an account "Read Only" (r-address) and them import the regular key account in Read/Write mode (secret).
  6. 325k USD in XRP for 2 years. As we sold only what we needed to sell to cover the payroll and office rent etc. we ended up burning through the XRP in 1.5 years as the rate we sold at became lower than the rate at which the funding came in.
  7. Thank you for the kind words, and my absolute pleasure I personally feel I'm just getting started Thank you! I do get a lot of rewards: appreciation, enthusiasm and I get to work every day on what I love, with people I admire, on tech. I love working with That clarity is mostly a US thing, and I'm not really familiar with how things work in the US. In the EU there's not really a problem, except for the fact that it's hard to cover the costs of a license, legal, internal procedures, etc. if you want to build something that doesn't introduce the same old feels we're trying to get rid
  8. It's a public ledger. You can fetch it yourself and crunch the numbers using my tool or using any other tool you like. You can fetch data for historic ledgers as well. https://github.com/WietseWind/xrp-ledgerstats The thing with the dataset is, because it only looks at on ledger account balances, it can't distinct individual user balance in large exchange hot and cold wallets. Nor can it match and combine multiple wallets belonging to the same person. However: trend lines are clearly visible.
  9. node_size "huge" over here (internet connection: huge as well πŸ˜‡) Uptime: kernelcare πŸ˜…πŸ» They are being queried for sure, as the mem usage somewhat reflects indeed.
  10. I'm running two full history nodes. One of them contains 4x Micron 5210 7.68TB in Raid5, the other one 24x Samsung Enterprise 1TB in Raid0 See attached images
  11. adm@xrpl-fh2:~# df -h / Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 21T 13T 7.4T 63% / adm@xrpl-fh2:~# Debian 10 should work just fine. You can try it in a Docker container first?
  12. The raw data can be downloaded and even the Downloader is open source, so feel free to check it ☺️
  13. It would not surprise me if that's because people have all kinds of conspiracy theories about what a certain amount of TPS means. You can still check it live at livenet.xrpl.org or historically by querying the ledger or my BigQuery dataset.
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