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  1. catchy url! then redirects to https://todaysgazette.com/this-token-price-movement-has-been-epileptic-it-rises-by-one-cent-today-and-falls-by-two-tomorrow/ even catchier url is there a way crypto blogs could be any sh*ttier?! i don't think so
  2. oh my god it literally says AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE that the xrp bit was a mistake and has retracted it i am going to have a freaking aneurism!
  3. no, we're derailing the thread -- apologies to OP, aaaaaand i'm out (sorry no popcorn, stiltskin xxx)
  4. ok: 1/ not cobalt 2/ those who say it is are retards 3/ most likely data glitch / batching of transactions somehow hmmm, really do have to use retards, no getting around it
  5. in before "COBALT!" retards (NOT cobalt, go away) prob just a data glitch, or could be some kind of statistical batching
  6. and yet they never have a headline correcting it, like 'Sorry, Santander is NOT using XRP!'
  7. please can we get more hints?! pretty please!
  8. Trump 'Lucky' to Inherit Strong Economy, Gene Sperling Says https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-03-20/trump-lucky-to-inherit-strong-economy-gene-sperling-says-video
  9. i can't figure that out either, or why xrp wouldnt b equally or more useful in such instances
  10. seriously -- dont use them, find another service, and tell everyone else to do the same
  11. stellar/IBM have copied everything ripple have done, absolutely everything, it's disgusting they even use the same spiel "frictionless payments", "move value like information" etc total wankers
  12. I fart in your general direction! Welcome aboard.
  14. typical piece of sh*t non-article by scumbag ripoff blog 'ambcrypto'
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