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  1. it means xrp settles in ~3secs, so if/when a payment takes ~2mins, it's bc of the domestic rails like CHAPS (UK), SEPA (EU), FedWire (USA), etc and/or the time taken to send the xrp between exchanges, which have various hoops to go through for KYC/confirmation, withdrawal/deposit checks, etc
  2. i know india is still suspect of crypto, so my hunch would be it's xcurrent with nostro/vostro still in place -- but obviously this is a RIPE corridor for xrapid #hopium
  3. yeah i mean honestly i've given up trying to understand what's really going on at this point
  4. really?! this is worthy of a thread?!
  5. wait i am confused... first he says but then he says is it just xrp<->xrp with a 'value equivalent' label, or does it actually do conversion to fiat?
  6. worrying that kitao was even involved in bcash and sv to begin with, shows to me he doesnt real know what he's doing so is just hedging his bets it's becoming a pay to play, 'you scratch my back' market -- at this point i have completely lost confidence in SBI
  7. lol so true -- jed the selfish prick held onto his xrp to intentionally cripple the ecosystem, while CL at least donated most of his and isn't a threat like jed
  8. haha, maybe but the volumes are more realistic -- ill give them that
  9. more realistic volumes here https://messari.io/onchainfx most of the "fake" volumes published by corrupt exchanges etc are for self-promotion and ait helps money washing, crime, etc 99% of this market is absolute scum and i hope it dies, THEN xrp will shine
  10. better than the bitconnect ads they used to run instead
  11. i think the idea is that they are (as they quote themselves) ENABLERS of pathways into DLT like ripplenet, that doesnt mean quartz clients WILL use it it must remain optional for clients because payments are complex and no one wants to / can be blindly forced into one product/network the way ripplenet will see uptake is by being better than the competition; clients will try it, hopefully see it's better, and use it more (creating a snowball effect) it's like an IT service co. installing MS Office... sure the users might not use MS Word over their current offering, but you know... if it's good, and it's available, they probably will -- and the more who do the stronger the network affect (e.g. DOC becomes a standard, etc) that's my bad XRP analogy
  12. is there another source? can't see another topic on it and this source is crap
  13. Do you really need to quote the ENTIRE article to ask that?!
  14. so can someone just "accidentally" be subject to the incentives mechanism without knowing?! i mean... there must be some process or rules first right, so that everyone's aware it's happening? if so, is that specified as part of the patent/method or is the actual implementation up to the exchange/service as to who participates (and how)?
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