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  1. oh i didn't know that, thanks -- i learnt something today
  2. oh for goodness sake, it's not complicated -- you just need lot of money! just go to equityzen, sign up, register that you're an "accredited investor" (i.e. have bagloads of disposable cash) then state an interest in ripple equity and wait to see if someone (i.e. equityzen's broker-dealer) makes you an offer if/when someone else wants to sell https://equityzen.com it was ~$25 last year, probably 2x or 3x that by now
  3. you know what, i apologize in advance, i only now just realized this is just another sh*tty crypto rehash site... oh well
  4. https://captainaltcoin.com/co-founder-of-ripple-bets-on-elixxir-the-new-and-ambitious-project-by-the-creator-of-digicash
  5. Crypto Custodian BitGo Exaggerated Insurance Coverage, Underwriter Claims https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-custodian-bitgo-exaggerated-insurance-coverage-underwriter-claims -------- Context: BitGo Builds Enterprise Wallet for XRP https://ripple.com/insights/bitgo-builds-enterprise-wallet-xrp/
  6. yeah looks like it's just an xrp shill who made a fancy graphic - but happy to stand corrected if we actually get a legit source for once
  7. no it's sugartight, it features a smart-donut tokenisation platform with a separate utility token for trading of actual donut holes, called HoleCoin can only be purchased on the donutchain though so stock up now
  8. oh actually on second thought, i just started a donut stall at my local market, so i'm launching a donut coin to help buyers and sellers of donuts make payments
  9. this is getting ridiculous, all these tokens for the most niche of apps or networks everything that needs to find a payment point, should just hook into ILP/IoV and find the best path 99.99% of all these tokens are just useless sh*t and blatantly used for funding
  11. also a shame there wasnt a fancy UI for dumbskis like me - i assume theyll develop that at some point? anyone know?
  12. interesting they used the testnet -- makes sense why businesses would choose xrp tech since they provide this testnet feature do any of the other chains have the same functionality?
  13. tbh i basically ignore 99% of "xrp community" lunatics on social media bc it's a constant barrage of idiocy, lies, ignorance, fake news and childishness
  14. HubrisOne: Your all-in-one Cryptocurrency Current Account & Marketplace https://www.hubrisone.com
  15. don't give a toss about coinbase -- overhyped anyway
  16. the products are complementary and rely on a virtuous cycle of network effects the quicker xcurrent sees adoption, the more positive pressure is put on the capabilities of xrapid to further refine and extend ripplenet
  17. sweet! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I'll be here all day no but really, nice to see some action happening on the streaming video front, an area i'm very interested in
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