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  1. worrying that kitao was even involved in bcash and sv to begin with, shows to me he doesnt real know what he's doing so is just hedging his bets it's becoming a pay to play, 'you scratch my back' market -- at this point i have completely lost confidence in SBI
  2. lol so true -- jed the selfish prick held onto his xrp to intentionally cripple the ecosystem, while CL at least donated most of his and isn't a threat like jed
  3. haha, maybe but the volumes are more realistic -- ill give them that
  4. more realistic volumes here https://messari.io/onchainfx most of the "fake" volumes published by corrupt exchanges etc are for self-promotion and ait helps money washing, crime, etc 99% of this market is absolute scum and i hope it dies, THEN xrp will shine
  5. better than the bitconnect ads they used to run instead
  6. i think the idea is that they are (as they quote themselves) ENABLERS of pathways into DLT like ripplenet, that doesnt mean quartz clients WILL use it it must remain optional for clients because payments are complex and no one wants to / can be blindly forced into one product/network the way ripplenet will see uptake is by being better than the competition; clients will try it, hopefully see it's better, and use it more (creating a snowball effect) it's like an IT service co. installing MS Office... sure the users might not use MS Word over their current offering, but you know... if it's good, and it's available, they probably will -- and the more who do the stronger the network affect (e.g. DOC becomes a standard, etc) that's my bad XRP analogy
  7. is there another source? can't see another topic on it and this source is crap
  8. Do you really need to quote the ENTIRE article to ask that?!
  9. so can someone just "accidentally" be subject to the incentives mechanism without knowing?! i mean... there must be some process or rules first right, so that everyone's aware it's happening? if so, is that specified as part of the patent/method or is the actual implementation up to the exchange/service as to who participates (and how)?
  10. cred lba bc it gets me that sweet sweet 9% interest on xrp
  11. hmm here's an xrp specific question i found on youtube, bit better audio:
  12. legend thanks! just sat down to have coffee, perfect timing EDIT: aaarggh the audio!
  13. sorry if this is a bit 'high level' and abstract but basically i think what the mechanism is trying to do is absorb USD (and other fiat) like a sponge into the xrp ecosystem in a way that bolsters price action continually, predictably and consistently, rather than by blindly hoping market makers acting solo (or hoping traders and hodlers) will "overall" push up prices on a promise of eventual gains/utility/etc, which is ultimately circular logic what i mean by this is, if market makers are constantly buying-selling, then (aside from network fees) the liquidity through spreads gets eaten up, and that liquidity is probably retail/speculation/trading which shouldnt be discouraged because the xrp ecosystem needs it (even little fish like us!) ultimately to provide liquidity that market makers can actually absorb... so... where does this fresh capital come from? it can't be just market makers changing one currency to another alone since there's a simulataneous buy AND sell; so it needs to come from NEW capital coming in for NON-speculative reasons and NOT exiting on the other side, but staying in xrp -- these one-way payments are the ones where businesses are most keen to just pay to "make it happen" because speed is everything as there are business costs behind it one doesnt see, i.e. the delay to an urgent payment can be far worse than just eating a bigger fee (aka TIME IS MONEY!) the only mechanism I could think of right away was ONE-WAY payments, e.g. Business A needs to pay Business B in a foreign exchange; we are not "rebalancing" funds in this situation, so a market maker gets a cut of the fresh funds coming in from the "fiat world", and that fiat "stays inside" the xrp ecosystem as either capital/profit for market makers to use (e.g. to buy more xrp!) OR as xrp kept by market makers that was already bought on-market in fiat -- only the market makers are rebalancing their fiat/xrp positions as fiat gets utilized within the ecosystem by market makers, we get a virtuous cycle of liquidity/spread/price, since MMs only take their scoop from the spreads as a "fee" so one-way payments, which are also nicely aligned to "on-demand, real-time, just-in-time" are the mechanism by which FRESH capital is brought in and a portion of which is KEPT within the network as a net UPWARDS pressure on price, which can be thus calculated ahead of time; since we can theoretically calculate and predict the incoming fiat kept within the ecosystem, we can also calculate how much maximum "downwards pressure" we can exert at the same time with xrp sales also, xrp bought OTC (off market) is subject to rules regarding its selling, and, if these OTC buyers are in fact market makers, this aligns perfectly with their utilization of the xrp ecosystem by needing to hold BOTH xrp AND fiat, thus they are never net overselling xrp vs fiat to rebalance their holdings; meanwhile, the FIAT capital ripple (or XRPII Inc or whomever gets to be "in charge" of the xrp pool(s)) can of course be re-injected into the ecosystem (but this time as fiat, causing potential upwards pressure once again -- however, i dont think this happens directly e.g. as xrp buybacks since that would trigger valid market manipulation concerns from ripple-related entities) the key in my theorizing was that market makers indeed must and will hold xrp for operations and not sell below a given pre-agreed price threshold when they bought OTC, so that XRP only be used for the equivalent USD buy-side [hope this top-of-my-head rant makes sense...]
  14. professional pole dancer and my bank card pin is 4321
  15. i've been hard on cobb before for promoting fake news, but that was very, very good -- excellent interview, very interesting!
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