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  1. yep fair enough i can't disagree with that
  2. also it's worth noting to those worried about "devs dumping" that if it affects the market price then we have bigger problems (low liquidity) than worrying about devs, since without liquidity and decent order book volumes there'll never be a use case for xrp! so it works both ways -- our liquidity gets used up by market making, but market making puts off a lot of speculative liquidity! this is my controverial opinion, take it with a pinch of salt: XRP needs Bob Way's patent, it needs market making (inc. public versions of) incentive schemes and it needs to be marketed and known about, as part of a clear, concise and rational 'xrp investment thesis'
  3. btw, the original thread that sparked all of this nonsense, is here: worth a read through all 23 tweets, its excellent and i also agree (controversially perhaps, here!) that speculative/HODL investment money has been massively damaged (for the general public or crypto speculators) by a lack of tight investment thesis and generally bad press for xrp/ripple, which is reflected heavily in basically no volume outside of what the author suggests is xrapid market making volume but unf. the market making volume just absorbs any small speculative volume and keeps the price immobile, at least it seems that way as for the arguments here re: david -- IMO he can do whatever he likes with his xrp, leave him alone!
  4. but it's fiat like USD that gives XRP its value
  5. bad reporting IMO, the Settler does NOT "depend on" XRP in any form -- XRP is an optional "plugin" for it
  6. Hmm... maybe Coinbase just isn't decentralized enough and/or a potential securities exchange?
  7. really dont understand why people read anything from ANY "crypto blog", they are all absolute sh*te and/or lying paid-off scum
  8. https://www.formosa.financial I was Googling Ryan Terribilini as I always wondered what happened to him since the early Ripple Labs days and those integration videos he did with Fidor. He went through several firms but now works for 'Formosa Financial'. Have a look at their website, it's... interesting! Surprisingly (and for me as a crypto sceptic, dubiously) they also release a flopped ICO: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/formosa-financial Anyway, just wanted to add this here in case anyone wants to connect dots that probably shouldn't be connected.
  9. that picture is horrendous and scared the crap out of me
  10. it means xrp settles in ~3secs, so if/when a payment takes ~2mins, it's bc of the domestic rails like CHAPS (UK), SEPA (EU), FedWire (USA), etc and/or the time taken to send the xrp between exchanges, which have various hoops to go through for KYC/confirmation, withdrawal/deposit checks, etc
  11. i know india is still suspect of crypto, so my hunch would be it's xcurrent with nostro/vostro still in place -- but obviously this is a RIPE corridor for xrapid #hopium
  12. yeah i mean honestly i've given up trying to understand what's really going on at this point
  13. really?! this is worthy of a thread?!
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