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  1. stellar/IBM have copied everything ripple have done, absolutely everything, it's disgusting they even use the same spiel "frictionless payments", "move value like information" etc total wankers
  2. I fart in your general direction! Welcome aboard.
  4. typical piece of sh*t non-article by scumbag ripoff blog 'ambcrypto'
  5. imagine every other game token being issued and settled on the xrp ledger, through xrp for liquidity... i think that's ultimately the vision here, on-DEX volumes
  6. the problem as i see it for Lumens XLM is this: if they suddenly engage in profit making, i'm not sure this'd fly -- [EDIT] they also intend to hold only 5% (+inflation?) of the total supply that said, i suppose they could just pass lumens on to another entity, like ripple do with XRPII Inc. but i don't know the legalities here
  7. so your source was... me?! ha, thats classic
  8. (Thanks for this and your previous replies.) Is it also scalable, either manually somehow or ideally programmatically (i.e. in an automated, online manner)?
  9. hi bob, you're a legend mate, and yep i accept your terms
  10. wow i thought i read everything! but i didnt see this specifically (although we've discussed the topic before speculatively -- as well as ripple becoming a lender of last resort and doing other things in financial services) snafu, can you link me to the relevant bits?!
  11. so in summary, is it fair to conclude that ripple (or another designated entity) sitting on a massive pile of xrp is in fact a preferable strategy to distributed minting (mining) and other token distribution methods? this is what i always thought was ripple's secret sauce, not because of how much they own in and of itself, but bc they can use the stash to bootstrap and fund liquidity over and over again until xrp is a defacto bridging asset... and in fact, even if we assume a BETTER (faster, cheaper, more secure) network token comes along, it can't compete without using the same strategy (of holding back massive amounts of the token to fund the network rolout and liquidity incentives)
  12. I'd like to know more about "who did what" on the XRPL as well as other Ripple tech generally. Like, was it mostly Jed in the early days? How much was David, or Arthur, or your good self? Etc.
  13. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    no, he did not donate 7 billion, he donated a much smaller portion i think you're getting confused with chris larsen's donation too, but i can't recall off hand who gave away what either way, totally ridiculous portions
  14. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    i'm thinking bc ripple can use their gargantuan stash of xrp to act as market making incentives to remove market makers' risks, basically -- xrp then gets an eventual "kickback" in price/stability/liquidity
  15. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    what does that even mean... i saw the link to the thread -- doesnt answer whether it was a joke or not... did jed genuinely want/get the 50k xrp on top of 7 billion? if so, what an a$$hole
  16. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    presumably you can't go into detail about the "mechanism"... ? also, how come you got a patent on that, in a field that's notoriously difficult for patents?
  17. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    wait.... WHAT?! the 7 billion wasnt enough, are you being serious, or was it a joke?
  18. zerpdigger

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks for this thread, Bob, it's really enlightening. I realize you're swamped now with questions, but I'm curious about a few things and forgive my highly limited understanding of technical concepts so some of the questions might not even make sense (if so, just ignore): 1/ If Ripple are serious about making XRP a global bridging/settlement asset, how are they planning to lift the relatively low ~1,500 txps limit to on-ledger scaling? 2/ (a) Do you know much about Elixxir (Chaum's latest endeavour, backed by Larsen) and if so, can you comment on it i.e. its supposed potential to scale "limitlessly" using pre-computation methods? (b) Could Ripple hypothetically "borrow" some tech and even upgrade the XRPL if it was proven to scale as per the claim, or are the technologies just too different?) 3/ How far can the DEX concept go? For example, I don't really understand what having trustlines over ILP means, but I've heard it mentioned, and you mentioned ILP accounts. But what's the account "on" if it's just over ILP? If you can decentralize exchange of value via Gateways on XRPL, and Ripple pivoted to ILP bank ledgers instead of Gateway issuances, could we just end up with a kind of ILP-DEX using XRPL as a "hub" for distributed orderbooks too? (Sorry if that's a dumb Q for obvious reasons I can't visualize). 4/ Riffing on the above, how much dev time went into autobridging, synthetic orderbooks and so forth at Ripple; was it abandoned or ever end up in commercial products? 5/ I imagine Ripple sort of ending up like a Google for payment routing, with a hub model. I guess one could theoretically decentralize search, but in practice it wouldn't work well because centralized governance leads to focused innovation. Ultimately do you see XRPL becoming an automated hub for payment searching/routing over an ILP global infrastructure, a bit like Google is a hub for searching data? Thanks!
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