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  1. so you're happy about a pump-n-dump-manipulated pedo-bear-coin?! ripple should follow that mode yeah? yeaaaaahhhhhhh! get a grip man, with all that internet courage you gots
  2. https://ripple.com/xrp-portal/xrp-resources/ripple-consensus-ledger-can-sustain-1000-transactions-per-second/ BOOM
  3. yep exactly what i thought -- would like to know the deets of this enormous potential if they get the all-clear
  4. maybe, but i'm saying with KYC there's no legal reason why not remember the recent videos and change in marketing directive: it's about "REACH" etc
  5. "use global ID and we'll give you $5" (in zerp) billions now have zerp (but aren't trapped, since zerp shapeshifts unlike btc) BOOM
  6. so ripple can't sell xrp to consumers because they require kyc right? also no trade wallet because of that, i.e. gotta know who gets entry into a deeply connected system if they have quick KYC via phone, that's good for consumer adoption -- assuming that's what they'll push just a thought
  7. maybe this explains the selloffs free money! be good to see a historic correlation with price vs distribution updates i rly hope i'm not paying for banks to be able to make free transfers
  8. i dont think ripple are lying -- but the otc market does screw over zerpers if it is found that theyre just using the public's money to fund private payments liquidity (and i dont think this is the case but...) i.e. as a way to subsidise others -- *if* that was found to be the case, ripple would essential have a severe legal case on its hands, i.e. criminal/fraud, etc no way as a regulated agency theyre doing something like this intentionally -- but xrp is a sorry state of affairs, total fail thus far
  9. yeah, seems this forum's all excited about spring-time but i don't get it -- theres still no biz case for it (yet) could be its too late -- but i get the sense the ribbon is yet to be cut and xrp let off its leash
  10. U sure tho? Over here people say "this" week/month meaning the one about to come, and "next" week/month for the one after that... Happy days if not.
  11. wow so another year before the just the remittance proof of concept
  12. just like when my gf "borrows" my credit card these expensive things just show up around the house -- like magic!
  13. We had ONE JOB! (Even I screwed that up! But I corrected my post at least.) Come on -- no debates, no arguments, no diatribes... just say what you want (ONE THING) and be done.
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