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  1. fair point, it's not that simple tho they are releasing a software product to the general product, with certain marketing/promises if not "guarantees" e.g. xrp is the best bridge asset (it's not, in practice, now) e.g. xrp should see a steady rise, be stable, bla bla (not really) e.g. xrp will be great for x-border (nope!) and so on in time it might do... but if you sell a car, or piece of software like Windows, or even a small app, you are liable to your consumers for faults, bad advertising, etc
  2. yeah i agree, most ripplers gotta be sick of the news that ultimately results in nothing as far as rcl or the market (xrp price etc) goes some of you guys been around what... 3, 4 years? yeesh
  3. interesting, i wonder how much he made from the ponzi -- not sure what "degorged profits" means in actuality
  4. so... is the inflation and low/zero interest coupled with lack of jobs/growth/stimulus pushing consumers into stocks? i mean if my money was rotting in a bank account i'd look for risky alternatives but it's madness... they're getting higher corp. tax back at the expense of real economic productivity?! deflation seems to me like it's because people are spending less, cutting back, saving... just like everywhere forcing people to spend isn't going to be sustainable -- but maybe i'm missing something
  5. we are exiting goldfish phase and entering freshwater salmon territory -- soon the barracuda come
  6. i am wondering if it is also worth investing in JPY!!! think of the cost/speed/security advantages they will have, tokyo will bloom oh, and ofc xrp...
  7. great breakdown – but isn't only another fraction of that total figure going through xrp? (genuine q)
  8. i basically agree with all this, even the high price predictions – good points... it's just that it will take a very long time imo what's happening atm is we are seeing small payments in greater and greater number the payments then start to go up in small increments... 100, 125, 200, 255, 280, 305, etc it's a balance of wanting stability, plus a little rise over time, and enough consistency of volume to allow payment flows
  9. i think that comes down to size of payments if the avg. payment size is, say, $300 then we can have thick books at low prices but long term for the network to be useful for big payments e.g. batch we need higher price
  10. i trust in ripple's vision but it will be v slow -- you can't have stability AND price spikes upwards (or down) at least we get a gentle increase of a few % each year or until ripple revise their contradictory statements
  11. wow look at the comments from the bitcoinistas too, what a laugh! $5000 within a month! why do we need regs? chinese are stuuupid... etc etc everyone who buys tulips wants others to buy tulips
  12. confused by both posts break it down for a non coder?
  13. how many of these is the same for XRP ... ? quite a few i'd say long, long way to go folks
  14. it's not as simple as this -- gold is also a geopolitical weapon -- huge mounds of it reside in very few hands you can't shift modern economies into a gold "standard" ; it's a relic of a past that is forever gone a new economy needs a new money – one that's flexible, digital, somehow familiar, and evolves from previous layers, like all money before inc. USD!
  15. by who? e.g. coinmarketcap.com uses "circulating supply"
  16. it's a very diff kind of conversation now to when chris larsen would talk about how the world didn't need a new currency, isn't it?!
  17. yes it is -- you can build the door but people have to walk through it the door is still good at what it does!
  18. take it like this: when you are good at something, confident, you don't need to promote yourself... george clooney doesn't need to ask people to hire him crypto investors, in the bitcoin sense, are small-fry -- the Big Fish know zerp is the real deal to me it comes across as cool, humble, confident
  19. so either they are going to upgrade veem with new tech and it gets better/cheaper or they are hedging that DLT might take time (or not work well) and this bridges the gap or maybe they want to hire the people, the skills, the structure... not the biz model per say
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