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  1. @hallwaymonitor you used an innacurate quote above -- either that or the article was updated since if you did edit it to make xrp seem more used/in-demand than it currently is, please don't do that, it doesnt help anyone
  2. yes please ban these "news" sites, they are outright scams and fake news and lies
  3. sadly the gateway model was doomed to failure almost from day one without sufficient backing and a solid revenue model until the XRP ledger contains genuine 100% bank-backed fully regulated fiat issuances, commodities and securities from reliable entities, gateways will remain a niche, illiquid and basically useless function -- hopefully this can change once regulations become less scared of public DLT and cryptoassets
  4. while i dont think a good application is as a social media platform per say, i have always thought that there's an application for the XRP ledger, specifically trust lines, in a kind of 'admin rights' trust network of sorts, e.g. if you run a complex website/forum/etc and need to give database or access permissions, but want to control it all via some kind of consensus layer apart from the web/data layer trust can be set 1/0 but also assigned a 'weighting' using an arbitrary "coin" that could be issued by the main administrator, then distributed to others within a trustline network in a way that sort of mirrors the old LETs system of community credit/debt for small tasks and favours (in this case, web roles)
  5. i lost all respect for the lad when he started putitng out blatantly false information then not retracting it, and using clickbait headlines still, he's a talented dude and i wish him all the best -- sure he's made good $$$
  6. yeah she says a lot of dubious stuff that woman, i don't take hr seriously at all, i think she has a heavy xrp position and likes to shill
  7. i was thinking we'd see a long slow accumulation period here with ~10-20% ups and downs all the way up until august/september when there's a clear breakout
  8. FURTHER ahead as it is used figuratively, discounting FARTHER, which at least might be slightly better grammatically than "much far ahead" i mean, just if you want to get c*nty about it
  9. very interesting concept... just broke my brain trying to visualize how this works that's some massively complex financial shenanigans
  10. there's a reason he fled like a coward to belize rather than face justice and scrutiny at home
  11. funniest thing is the guy was just trolling anyway, look at his hundreds of other joke tweets this is how unbelievably stupid the general "xrp community" out there is
  12. yep fair enough i can't disagree with that
  13. also it's worth noting to those worried about "devs dumping" that if it affects the market price then we have bigger problems (low liquidity) than worrying about devs, since without liquidity and decent order book volumes there'll never be a use case for xrp! so it works both ways -- our liquidity gets used up by market making, but market making puts off a lot of speculative liquidity! this is my controverial opinion, take it with a pinch of salt: XRP needs Bob Way's patent, it needs market making (inc. public versions of) incentive schemes and it needs to be marketed and known about, as part of a clear, concise and rational 'xrp investment thesis'
  14. btw, the original thread that sparked all of this nonsense, is here: worth a read through all 23 tweets, its excellent and i also agree (controversially perhaps, here!) that speculative/HODL investment money has been massively damaged (for the general public or crypto speculators) by a lack of tight investment thesis and generally bad press for xrp/ripple, which is reflected heavily in basically no volume outside of what the author suggests is xrapid market making volume but unf. the market making volume just absorbs any small speculative volume and keeps the price immobile, at least it seems that way as for the arguments here re: david -- IMO he can do whatever he likes with his xrp, leave him alone!
  15. but it's fiat like USD that gives XRP its value
  16. bad reporting IMO, the Settler does NOT "depend on" XRP in any form -- XRP is an optional "plugin" for it
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