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  1. just a quick comment -- for me, jeremy light is a VIP for ripple, an excellent acquisition been following him on linkedin for years and he really knows his sh*t and highly respected within fintech/banking
  2. just like when ripple partners went down and everyone lost their sh*t and it turned out to be absolutely nothing except for another speculative alex cobb video about bla bla something big brewing bla bla etc etc x-rapid going live something something xrp something
  3. oh i just commented on a very similar thread (mods, should we merge them? @tomb @karlos ) here:
  4. that *IS* suspiciously like the narrative coming form ripple! plus the MG reference really makes you wonder and brad confirmed in his twitter rant that he'd spoken to mnuchin, so... my guess is he coached him a little on crypto assets add to that whenever the big boys n gals talk about crypto assets, xrp is curiously missing, to a point where it's very fishy
  5. 6 months trial phase before rollout and i'm guessing the trial is xcurrent not rapid yet, so this will take some time to see real results still, good momentum
  6. also where on that chart is the drinking champagne on my yacht phase ?
  7. David Chaum: Swiss Central Bank Keynote Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruWPvGaPBXg
  8. suspected fraud and known liar -- avoid and NO he didn't "predict" the moneygram announcement, someone else did and he took credit for it, like he steals others charts and runs sketchy paid groups xrp community is particularly gullible so be on guard against these hype artists and their nonsense
  9. lol hey @miguel will this be in the next market report?!
  10. lol what a joke, xrp and xlm, shows how seriously people are treating crypto still if they can't distinguish between the two
  11. impressive -- not the first time i've heard monica speak but she's really come into her own it seems -- great communicator, future MVP
  12. aaaaaaaaaand it's gone another failed xrp project? maybe they tried launching on gatehub...
  13. it's nothing special as far as i can tell, i mean i've moved funds from the EU via SEPA before and it's ~€1 or so into GBP in fact even bitstamp offer that (or used to)
  14. it's bullsh*t volume basically, end of story
  15. i suppose ultimately it comes down to whether you believe government control of the money supply is a net positive or net negative; whether you think we need to socialise certain aspects of money e.g. to cover unemployed, healthcare, military & national security, etc, or whether you reckon a libertarian/privatized money system would work and not be subjective to manipulation, foreign influence, and instability etc as well i am personally of the first view; that money is more complex than the libertarian/austrian thesis, and that the latter would end up with the very robber baron / russian oligarch / international terrorism / inflation / deflation / stagnation / hoarding (etc) issues that fiat was designed to actually prevent of course, even if you're anti-govt and anti-central-bank, you can still see the difference between a responsible nation/economy (USA, UK, etc) and an irresponsible one like venezuela et al or maybe we should just price everything in #bacon... imagine bacon micropayments...
  16. you're probably confusing commodity prices with the fluctuation of currency but even if what you say is true, that just strengthens the argument that it's best to always price goods in a more stable (fiat) currency than a crypto where your bacon could be worth 1 dogecoin on monday and 100 doge by friday (i mean, frankly, bacon is PRICELESS but you know...)
  17. honestly i think most people would just want micropayments in USD, not a wildly fluctuating cryptocurrency
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