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  1. DETAILS! https://support.coinmarketcap.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034116491-Market-Data-Cryptoasset-Rank
  2. https://blog.coinmarketcap.com/2019/11/11/coinmarketcap-launches-new-liquidity-metric/
  3. can we extrapolate a very approximate volume/liquidity growth rate, based on bitso/MXN, to predict the others? then we can anticipate how much volume will come online from ODL by 2020
  4. i believe in some rounds the minimum is reduced to 10k or 15k
  5. and to think some private investors got ripple equity for under $5 a few years back... i think it's around $10-15 these days when ripple IPO one day it's going to be epic, the market they're going after is enormous
  6. genuinely useful and well written article - thanks
  7. poor old memberberries is going to have an absolute FIT with this news
  8. right before SWELL, sheer coincidence i'm sure not at all Jed still trying to sabotage XRP as always and get richer
  9. i'm more thinking it's a kind of scam, where volume is faked to lure in naive people who think they're joining an exchange with real liquidity, but the volume is faked, and maybe they think they're getting legitimate BTC IOUs, but are not... or, could it be rippling is turned on for these? can we find out?
  10. next time get a little 589 underneath it as well
  11. nice interview -- good to see companies being bold talking about xrp
  12. looks like arthur breitman's been working on similar ideas links: https://checker.is / https://soundcloud.com/tezonomics/ep19-introducing-checker-with-arthur-breitman @JoelKatz is it worth reaching out? esp. if you could do something using xrp collateral against the Tezos chain, and now that we've seen even Binance doing derivatives and others playing with cross-chain swaps, collateralization, etc
  13. this is just getting bizarre now
  14. so, so SO much better than that last, awful, confusing, silly ad they're really getting their brand and message down now
  15. btw i still reeeeeeeally want to know what's going on with: –R3's 5 billion ?? –Coil's 1 billy bill –Larsen's charities –Etc
  16. that's not the issue -- they give away billions, plus founders gave away to charities, family, etc, so there's no transparency in these holdings of xrp that's the real issue -- ripple itself selling was never a major problem, it's that they just gave it to others who clearly do sell
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