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  1. absolute toss -- and like we need 50 separate topics on this subject
  2. kind of sick of these endless casino coin shill threads -- more i see CSC the more i just assume it's a scam
  3. aaah yes, that is a massive pain in the you know what... i feel bad for US investors in this space... horrible tax laws :/
  4. it's incredibly easy even for technical simpletons like me -- i even do it form my ledger nano, so it's secure and no private key ever gets used/revealed but i'm not the best person to explain the steps -- try here: https://medium.com/cryptium/how-to-delegate-tezos-xtz-with-tezbox-online-wallet-96592e94e357 also here if you have a Nano: https://medium.com/cryptium/how-to-delegate-tezzies-tezos-xtz-with-your-ledger-nano-s-with-initial-setup-screenshots-519c9ae6654f what i love is the funds are immediately liquid, there is NO STAKING PERIOD at all... you can access payouts immediately, and move in and out of staking services at any time right from one dropdown in the tezbox interface, and they have no access to your wallet funds
  5. interesting discussion, i think some of you guys would be great to talk to privately about portfolio building in the new age of crypto/tokenization etc question: have any of you played with 'staking' coins yet, e.g. Tezos (XTZ)? i am getting a consistent 5-6% paid out every 1-3 days by doing nothing but keeping XTZ in a wallet... i'm sure there are similar coins out there, but i like the upside potential for XTZ and some other staking coins confused me... i've also tried Cred (LBA) and am slightly confused how they set interest rates b/w diff crypto assets, e.g. xrp being down to, what, 6% or so now? i'm trying to balance a high risk portfolio b/w diff pass income projects vs straight investments in crypto itself -- maybe we can help each other out
  6. now the price has been utterly rekt and rightfully ruined since the first "auction", might take a wild punt on this once i see a bottom forming cheers!
  7. https://gatehub.net/blog/xau-facts/ another niche project on xrpl that never took off XRP DEX is like a graveyard for nice ideas that don't work in practice we'll see if cornfield can change that
  8. because we really needed another thread about a stupid piece of non-news please take 30 seconds to search the forums next time
  9. lol, can't tell if sarcastic or real or... joining in the joke... you win sir, you win
  10. @dr_ed did you really have to copy the entire post again to post your response ?!
  11. like he just said, because NO VOLUME let's say you have two apples, one guy offers you $1 for an apple, I come along and accidentally drunkenly offer you $100 bc i'm hungry and stupid congrats, the last price is $100/apple
  12. because most of the stuff you hear about tether is crap -- people have been predicting its demise now for years have a read of this, it's v interesting IMO and gives you insight into what tether's possibly really about: https://medium.com/coinmonks/did-tether-just-create-a-2-27-billion-monero-like-dark-pool-using-liquid-522178e4e508
  13. what a real leek looks like
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