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  1. zerpdigger

    XLM vs XRP Development

    source agree
  2. zerpdigger

    XLM vs XRP Development

    yep, not jed
  3. zerpdigger

    XLM vs XRP Development

    er... no he doesnt -- wtf
  4. zerpdigger

    XLM vs XRP Development

    https://www.stellar.org/lumens + 2 seconds of common sense thinking
  5. zerpdigger

    I know there is alot of frustration

    it's just a stupid mantra that is propogated by 17 year old "crypto investors" who've never had to use the lifesaving services a bank provides e.g. when getting a mortgage, loan or getting help and financial compensation after being defrauded, stoken from or vandalized banks are -- for the MOST part -- a GOOD thing for society and serve a crucial purpose yes some banks are scummy greedy pigs, but that's capitalism, deal with it
  6. i mean that's exactly the kind of competence you want in charge of a new financial system handling potentially billions in user funds isnt it
  7. https://qz.com/1331704/indias-supreme-court-resumes-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrency-hearing/ India’s cryptocurrency saga enters a crucial phase in the supreme court today
  8. she comes across a bit awkward to me, but maybe she's still new... she'll get it eventually and smooth out the pitch
  9. i'm happy with that, as long as it doesnt impact the actual public liquidity/trading side, which would kill it dead as a bridge currency
  10. zerpdigger

    Xrp Chat: The Largest Official XRP Forum

    good point! @karlos what you think? maybe keep ripple as a keyword in the description though for searches/hits
  11. because you can't push around the bigger coins with the overall market volume they have, arbs would step in and correct the price that's why you get this 20% or 50% altcoin pumps, they're low-vol coins because no one cares about potential! i mean, except for us maybe... they care about making money, fast, and it's a giant game-theory chess board for who can get in on the pumps earliest and exit the latest and then rinse and repeat into the next coin, whatever coin it is! everyone's gambling, based on nothing but the idea that everyone else thinks everyone else is gambling too, which they are, so it's a race to squeeze eachother from/to profits madness yes, but it brings liquidity to the ecosystem at large, attracts traders/interest, etc, which turns eventually into better vols, etc
  12. it's just to pump the altcoins, that's where the volume's gone -- the top 3 right now are PowerLedger (good project IMO!), TenX (who?!), and Gifto (?!?!?!) -- and the top 50 are just a bunch of random crap mixed with some of the top coins like bitcoin, xrp, etc bithumb is not aimed at professionals, it's aimed at the retail market, and the "crypto trader" after a quick buck gambling on the next big alt-pump
  13. i think it's just there to protect students and the elderly (pension types) from losing their money and then running to the government