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  1. worked great for me and it's just a brilliant little piece of tech that makes you feel at ease if you're holding onto a fair bit of zerpage
  2. ~$20 billion left the market in 7 days, ouch let's all pray to the blockchain gods it comes back in and brings its friends
  3. amateurs or no... they're sitting on a pretty pile of cash! and they've kept fairly well diversified... anyway, here's an update i thought worth sharing: https://blog.lisk.io/financial-report-april-2017-53d326241955
  4. and by the way this isn't news, it's very old -- and there's another couple of threads on it
  5. well we'll find out tomorrow
  6. i've cut down all my investments now into 6 coins, 4 of which i see as having decent enough mid-long-term potential the other two are just my current "flavour of the months", which i change up once in a while because the returns are insane!
  7. my personal speculative opinion is... they have to use multiple "virtual currencies" right now because xrp is not liquid enough this might change or it might not, it'll be a trade off between xrp's speed and bitcoin/ethereum's liquidity and volume probably start by experimenting with a few as they've stated, then hopefully miguel can pull off a big win for xrp later
  8. from google translate
  9. https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ txps is usually ~12 lately and ledger close ~4 sec prob just a data/api issue as also affecting ripple charts, but curious as to what's going on
  10. is that this is happening when the market is "crashing" (not really) just coincidence or is there something afoot?
  11. what's happening atm? txps shows as 0.37 and ledger close time as 70! wtf... and xrp chart data is screwy too:
  12. i just don't see the demand for it from either a biz or consumer pov let's say amazon start accepting xrp... what then? (1) almost no one owns xrp and (2) those that do don't spend it, they horde it or trade it they tried with bitcoin and retailers just ended up removing it, costs more than it was worth as marketing
  13. erm... they're also stopping purchases ?!
  14. because that's not the goal and it's not realistic or useful for most people and businesses the goal is that no one sees xrp but it gets used behind the scenes just like you don't see the actual forex transaction when you wire EUR to USD to you buddy, or whatever no retail outlet wants to hold on their books any bitcoin or xrp or anything other than what they pay taxes in xrp is best used as a bridge asset between exotic fiat currency pairs and for inter-bank settlement i doubt it will touch consumers for a long, long time, if at all