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  1. no it's probably ILP -- assume so until confirmed otherwise ILP is "instant" i.e. faster than XRP, as slowed only by bandwidth
  2. haha, ok fair enough! i just thought.... bit harsh on new users, not all as brainy as you kanaas!
  3. of course! the only reason any of these big shots attended the tiny SWELL conference was because it was next door to the "real" big-daddy SIBOS conference in Toronto! they wouldnt be there otherwise... ripple were cleverly piggybacking off SIBOS, it was cheeky
  4. but this happens every time, every conference -- it's all the new xrpchatters, joining since the big pump earlier this year no matter what you say, how much caution you give, or how you educate them about how trading works (big red sell button makes tears of hype)... they just carry on making things up, predicting outrageous scenarios and otherwise trying to pump the price
  5. Or for that matter, his appearance at SIBOS.
  6. Is there a video of Tim Berners-Lee speaking at SWELL? Can't find it on the Insights page or anywhere else. All I can find is the Coindesk writeup, which is fairly decent: https://www.coindesk.com/web-creator-tim-berners-lee-blockchain-builders-beware-misuse Tbh from this it appears there wasn't any juicy new info, but I'd still like to see the video if possible.
  7. thanks @Sukrim, your posts are always insightful and fresh so i'm curious to hear from the ripple team if this was business driven (i mean, in a sense all of ripple is biz driven in theory) i.e. because clients were requesting certain features and cryptographic "checks" were one such i notice the comment: what's pushing the motivation here? science/experimental concept or requested feature from corporates/commerce?
  8. well clearly it wasn't "of course" was it?! i was explaining it for someone
  9. well, depending on what occurred on the XRP ledger, you might just have a single XRP transaction, so no other data is revealed as the rest of the transaction chain is hidden off-ledger, xrp just acting as an intermediary "hop" -- but it depends
  10. ILP includes privacy by design, you only reveal what you want to and to whom you are connected with. Only using the XRP ledger would make any aspect of a tx public (or using some other explicitly public ledger/pipe).
  11. https://www.blockchainresearchinstitute.org/blog/2017/09/29/blockchain-research-institutes-releases-first-round-of-research-projects/ hopefully token related
  12. Don Tapscott added to Swell Conference

    meh, most likely won't relate to zerp
  13. i did warn about this the last few weeks... a lot of folks, esp. those who got burned on the big 0.4 pump (which was a TECHNICAL issue to do with leverage positions, not a demand driven rise, btw!), who wanted to be back in profit
  14. traders are watching the announcements and/or lack thereof anything xrp related associated with "negative" they sell they asked an entire banking panel about xrp... they all said no demand, not interested, not ready, etc, or waiting for regs 2-3 years so... yeah, that caused a big selloff -- which tbh i understand, wish i'd been about to hit the SELL button but i suck at trading so i just drank more instead
  15. Stefan Thomas got no love for SWIFT

    i just really hope they arent being TOO cocky and setting themselves up for being outplayed somehow esp. with regards to XRP, which ripple can be successful without, but would be game-changing with... right now, xrp at such low volumes is basically useless, nothing seems to budge the price much right now, and other coins are catching up if you look at the recent stellar news, iota possibilities, sharding, lightning-type tech etc... ripple can't sail along, they need to aggressively pursue xrp liquidity and fast