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  1. maybe various charities that chris/jed gave to? or as i said, arthur britto - or was mentioned elsewhere, someone like matthew mellon and wasnt that guy jesse from kraken involved in ripple somehow in the early days? or maybe even someone like Brad is selling a portion through an intermediary but i doubt it, it'd cause too much controversy in the xrp markets
  2. G20: Crypto to be labeled as Cryptoassets.

    yeah but problem is, the tech/web/deign industry alread use "digital assets" to mean things like photoshop files, images, videos, etc also the main point is in fact about cryptography being the novelty, so i think "cryptoassets" is good
  3. G20: Crypto to be labeled as Cryptoassets.

  4. Rialto XRL

    thanks -- i expect regulation clarity may have caught up with them too, then so what does holding the token mean - is it pure speculation / supply-demand? or does it represent something, like a share of real profits?
  5. do we know arthur britto's wallets?
  6. Rialto XRL

    ok can someone please explain in SIMPLETON terms (!!) what rialto is and how it works then...
  7. Seem familiar?

    they probably accept bribes and/or simply hype their own holdings
  8. Eggs in the wrong basket?

    wow, yes really good point, i had forgotten that stellar has been involved in ICO launched... uh oh also, i still question their "charity" status and tax setup, i hope that gets scrutinized
  9. XRPL Memo Field – Have Idea, Need Advice

    oh really? not sure what these directory addresses are, can you explain?
  10. XRPL Memo Field – Have Idea, Need Advice

    thank you everyone!
  11. I'm not a programmer or even very technical, so this might be ludicrous... but I'm curious about the XRPL's Memo Field for communicating certain data. I realize there's a 1kb data limit. That's fine. But, the main obstacle for creating e.g. an app where you need a Memo for each transaction seems to be that "normal" Ripple users (dummies like me), afaict either don't know how/where to add this field in and/or do not have access to a wallet that has this feature. Many online/offline wallets do seem to have a destination tag or other fields, but I need specifically a memo field for the idea I have. So... how difficult would it be for a developer to create an app/wallet that allows very simple payments (e.g. only in XRP) that allows for the memo field to be filled in? Pardon my technical ignorance. Many thanks. zd
  12. "they" being exchange operators NOT ripple... and well duh, of course they can same with bitcoin or any other asset -- this is a very good thing, deisnged to stop criminals
  13. something weird is going on -- so fishy how mysteriously hard it is for retail/exchanges to implement xrp revolut -- "delayed" but ltc, yep no probs! coinsquare -- delayed to "get it right" ?! circle -- oops we "forgot" xrp! BCC, ETC? no worries! SBI -- sorry delayed again, our bad coinbase -- no xrp but litecoin's totes fine!
  14. SPSP: Simple Payment Setup Protocol https://medium.com/interledger-blog/spsp-simple-payment-setup-protocol-2028292e6925 Using Moneyd to Join the ILP Testnet https://medium.com/interledger-blog/using-moneyd-to-join-the-ilp-testnet-ba64bd42bb14 ILP Provider using XRP payment channels https://github.com/interledgerjs/moneyd-xrp