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  1. so, so SO much better than that last, awful, confusing, silly ad they're really getting their brand and message down now
  2. btw i still reeeeeeeally want to know what's going on with: –R3's 5 billion ?? –Coil's 1 billy bill –Larsen's charities –Etc
  3. that's not the issue -- they give away billions, plus founders gave away to charities, family, etc, so there's no transparency in these holdings of xrp that's the real issue -- ripple itself selling was never a major problem, it's that they just gave it to others who clearly do sell
  4. that's why i'm asking if there's a way to peg to an average of multiple price feeds (on and/or off ledger), and use consensus to validate feeds sort of like the way actual transactions are done -- so if one weak point does fail, it's like a bad actor manipulating an XRPL transaction problem is you'd need enough sources or validators engaging in validation, but then again if you don't have lots of people providing liquidity it doesn't work anyway (just like ripple couldn't decentralise the XRPL until they slowly, carefully added trusted parties one by one, until a critical mass
  5. yep i'm not saying it has to be on the main network, although of course that's what gives it its "native" power -- worth trying elsewhere first perhaps, the first ever "consensus pegged stablecoin" project ?!
  6. i still wonder if, just as XRPL consensus aggregates agreement on transaction processing, and functions despite/assuming bad actors and collusion (e.g. 80% rule), so in theory we could achieve the same with price pegs given a threshold of agreement around one or multiple sources of price feed
  7. that's what i was getting at with my proposal, that could you feed in multiple price sources, some on-ledger e.g. USD.bitstamp, but take an average of that plus other gateways or external sources ? but you'd have to aggregate them somehow -- and consider flash crashes in low liquidity (maybe just slow it down with daily close/open prices or long intervals)
  8. a collection of price inputs, i.e. collating a bunch of people/nodes (dis)agreeing on a price, or, the average of multiple sources e.g. daily close(s) from a reputable external source(s), or those disagreeing with price (outside a threshold) are treated like 'bad actors' like validators work for transactions on the XRPL See: 'Trust-Based Validation' section https://xrpl.org/intro-to-consensus.htm me right now trying to sound smart but being way over my head:
  9. could XRPL itself somehow be harnessed to get consensus on (price) data-sets similar to the way it processes/validates transactions ?
  10. that's the dream, to be able to use XRPL gateways to trade assets, however i would assume they'd implement a KYC/AML requirement for trustlines
  11. i mean what i don't get is if they're using SOLO as a "bridge" from central exchange to DEX somehow, why not just use XRP and skip the whole nonsense entirely EDIT: ah, seems like they're using the XRPL issuance feature to make fiat & asset pegs e.g. USD.Solo, EUR.Solo, APPL.Solo, etc - but then... don't get how the SOLO coin itself works with the issuances
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