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  1. Google Search Results

    i wonder if price will lag but correlate
  2. the irony being that it will be RIPPLE who actually save and evolve bitcoin in spite of itself and yet bitcoiners will continue to hate on it like the irrational twazzocks they are
  3. this is awesome, best news in ages feels like it's taking an age to get interledger off the ground, but updates like this remind you that steps are being made
  4. not true -- he can only convert them to loaves of bread and fishes
  5. well sure as hell gonna pump now!
  6. crazy how quick this went mainstream so much money waiting to pour in
  7. Ledger Nano S Arrived

    what do you think of it thus far?
  8. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    there's also this: http://iotawallet.info/ do your due diligence tho
  9. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    afaik the official wallet works just fine -- some people had issues with the upgrade but that wouldnt affect you https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet/releases/tag/v2.4.0 latest version, i think
  10. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    wow really i think it's more likely xrp will hit $10 than iota $25, personally... EDIT: which is to say, not v likely, at least in the next year or three