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  1. How XRP Stacks Up Against Other Digital Assets

    i rly like my bank, never had any issue rly, even helped me against a fraud issue i had -- and i get interest just for leaving money with them they give me all kinds of offers too, insurance, loans... etc -- take away every anarchist's bank account, theyll go crying to daddy in minutes they even measure their bitcoin wealth in, you guessed it, USD in a bank account, because you cant live using only bitcoin banks = good dont like it? so sue me (using a lawyer without a bank account)
  2. https://www.coindesk.com/bitgo-scores-43-million-series-b-crypto-goes-corporate/ impressive
  3. 2 huge household names

    they HAVE been talking about them a lot ; like, a lot a lot
  4. Ripple futures trading

    it's my conclusion that it did not get the go-ahead ; also, there was a disclaimer added to the bottom of that ripple article (i have a keen eye...): i believe they have been working on it behind the scenes though, and decided to go ahead with bitcoin first, which kinda makes sense
  5. Ripple futures trading

    bitcoin futures now trading http://www.cboe.com/delayedquote/advanced-charts?ticker=XBT%2fF8 xrp shouldnt be too far off
  6. thanks @pucksterpete, glad someone else is on this gatehub arent the most responsive bunch, and tbh i've stated to feel nervous about keeping even small amounts of xrp with them
  7. the only relevant part in their email i cld see was which is astroundingly vague, wishy-washy and cliched -- they're trying to build a decentralised database?! why? how is it diff to e.g. sia or storj?
  8. no idea, and couldnt find a value proposition either - just posted in case anyone else was interested or looking into it
  9. still no DTR on gatehub then, so they broke their word - fail, fail, fail i wish they'd just shut up instead and then at least their customers wouldnt have an expectation quote: ICO ended Nov 26th well maybe they've had do much success with their Quantum project that theyre just too busy...
  10. XRP distribution breakdown as of today

    GODDAM thats some creepy *** s**t! please dont do that again...
  11. unfortunately not, i just know it's based on various data sources and the projections are a sort of statistical average within that context, i don't know if it includes things like sentiment analysis etc im sceptical for the week projection because we've been moving suprisingly consistently within the pressure band shown here by @mars75 : https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/rW7MBa4L-Possible-XRPUSD-Bull-Flag/ not a chart guy myself rly, but that is pretty incredible, i've been using it to set buys/sells and it's worked nicely for me!
  12. XRP distribution breakdown as of today

    i dunno, i get the argument, but imagine if tim berners lee "owned" 20% of the entire internet... not a perfect analogy i know, but it's meant to be a public utility, as was RCL initially, before they realised no one was using it and pivoted -- also they could have had equity (and may do anyway), so doubly greedy also, one can argue the real invention wasnt by either jed or chris, because they used arthur's tech going back to 2004, and then incorporated bitcoin (satpshi's invention) later into it when forming opencoin... so, again i'm not making the argument or saying it's perfectly logical, but you can look at it from that view i think it's hard to argue that it didnt MASSIVELY bite them in the *** later!!! at least chris had the grace and dignity and loyalty to give some back and/or to charity and not dump-sell... as for satoshi... my personal view, is that it's probably an intelligence agency project gone rogue