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  1. so glad we have yet another thread on this, since the last four or five didn't quite satisfy my soul
  2. pretty underwhelming, for me personally -- but nice to see facebook coming into crypto anyway, privacy concerns aside
  3. yes -- a lot of plot/charcaters cut for the show, most understandable given the time compression, and sheer complexity and scope of the books however, i do think they should have done 9 seasons and not rush it the way they did and have to alter so much to fit such a weak ending
  4. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/06/14/facebooks-cryptocurrency-partners-revealed-we-obtained-the-entire-list-of-inaugural-backers/ Wow
  5. yeah what @Tinyaccount said pretty much bitcoin is private, for example, but not truly anonymous... (pseudonymous perhaps at best, if you've mined your own to begin with and never touched KYC etc) but Big Data Analysis has completely 100% exposed bitcoin traceability, same for all current altcoins what we really need is privacy for the consumer/retail/p2p (no data mining, no trapped silos, etc) and for the banks to protect their clients as well, and for national security reasons in general... but a VALID, legally sanctioned court order should be able to force tracking of funds, just like you can track cash notes with IDs from store to store if necessary what we absolutely do NOT need is anonymous crypto-money, bc that's what gangs, terrorists, pedophiles, state-backed election tamperers, tax evaders, etc etc all want -- a terrifying future IMO if we have not only a dark web, but now a dark money web what i think we'll end up with is private-sector minting of fiat crypto-money, that gets tethered to ID and to a social purpose, so you literally bake in conditions into the money itself, and that money is coin based, NOT account based like xrp/btc/eth, etc that way every token/transaction history is potentially traceable only if you order mints/issuers to divulge info, but privacy is maintained for the consumer and average joe and data mining is rendered impossible bc the ID/metadata is never ever revealed upon usage, but only once if the government have reasonable/probable cause, a warrant, etc /rant
  6. i'm against anonymous money but all for private money, i think it's the best tradeoff to help fight serious crime while also preserving consumer/p2p data rights
  7. they have limits, read the small print
  8. not until eggs and milk are priced in xrp in my local store and it doesn't fluctuate in value 3000% in a year
  9. yeah that's what i said, x-border i.e. international
  10. X (as in, X units of, or as in cross-border) Ripple (obvious) Protocol (obvious) I think it's fine as is. Ripple isn't just a company name but also to 'ripple' a payment was a concept in the early days of trust and credit lines.
  11. he's a known multi-account scammer, has copied other peoples charts & claimed as his own, and just like ToKo231990 / @gordongekko369 / et al is a lying scumbag who hypes every move as a moonshot then conveniently moves on or deletes previous posts and makes up more crap, same story every week
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