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  1. zerpdigger

    Who does this?

    most crypto youtubers are pure scum
  2. zerpdigger

    XRP pair to the Iranian rial (IRR) - Nobitex Exchg

    OK now THIS is an interesting development, thanks.
  3. zerpdigger

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    we can't assume too much, he might have just had difficult personal circumstances or something
  4. zerpdigger

    I see Ripple... everywhere!

    lol reminds me of the bitcoin pizza story
  5. this campaign and the recent spat of criticisms and FUD makes me reeeeally bullish about an impending xrp breakout
  6. zerpdigger

    dotcom bubble

    another crazy thing about crypto is that it's basically borderless for the most part, so imagine another bubble like the 90s dotcom, but GLOBAL not just north america! and then add more capital inflows bc more amateur investors can enter without going through brokers etc... and you have the makings of an epic bubble i hope when the crypto bubble properly pops -- and it absolutely will -- it doesnt ruin the global economy with it
  7. if someone could summarize the juicy bits that'd be greatly appreciated
  8. zerpdigger

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    suddenly had a qüeer thought -- and believe me I'm on the sceptical side of this (my initial reaction was "bear market bad"!), but ok this one is more optimistic... here goes... what if, what ripple meant by 'change in market conditions' was in fact for the better, i.e. that they've seen signs now that xrp isn't going to be under a microscope or labelled a security and they arent under so much pressure from regulations/lawsuits/etc? if so, these favourable market conditions would mean that they wouldnt really need a spin artist proselytizing to the unbelievers anymore probably boll0cks, but worth a 2 second thought mayhaps
  9. these big mainstream banks are sneaky -- they're getting into crypto quietly via the backdoor they dont invest in crypto, but they invest in the company that invests in the company that uses crypto
  10. that exchange looks shady as f**k like a dodgy binance clone with some justin sun sprinkled on top be careful!
  11. me too he was a stuttering tangential mess in most interviews
  12. zerpdigger

    Interledger is the New World Bank by JC Collins

    by yesterday do you in fact mean April 9, 2018 ? saw this LAST YEAR and IMO it's ok ut a bit of a leap in terms of logic, but whatever it's well written
  13. news has nothing to do with the pump if anything it goes the other way: news is used as an excuse after/during the pump, or large buys are tactically coincided with news