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  1. zerpdigger

    Idea for a Codius Application

    also look into Propy when you have a spare 10 mins -- maybe shoot them an email too https://propy.com
  2. zerpdigger

    Purchasing XRP with credit

    look by all means talk to people about XRP, but don't twist arms -- especially if they are not financially experienced! a lot of folks got hurt already, i'm sure not just in crypto either, but with stocks, etc, because they got FOMO from all the hype... obviously if you plant a seed, and they act on it in a considered manner, that's totally fine... and obviously, i'm (very) long xrp
  3. zerpdigger

    Purchasing XRP with credit

    and in general, please do not advise anyone to get into crypto and certainly NEVER to take a loan to do so... you never know that person's personal situation and you never know what the market will do -- fine if you guess right, if you guess wrong, someone's life is utterly ruined please, please, please, do due diligence and avoid loans at all costs if you can save money any other way, and even then, don't invest more than you could reasonably afford to lose 100% and never, ever, ever, listen to these recent 589 bearable clowns -- they are price pumping scumbags
  4. zerpdigger

    Purchasing XRP with credit

    good for you, this is still massively irresponsible if given as advice imagine someone did that at $3 jesus christ this forum never ceases to amaze me
  5. this is an obnoxious, entitled, ungrateful tweet, sadly typical of what the xrp community is now at least on twitter
  6. Absolutely epic popcorness. https://twitter.com/TuurDemeester/status/1051254401296412672
  7. this was the end of the thread -- it's done -- game over -- end of -- finito
  8. zerpdigger

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    so i guess they hold USD in bank accounts as a reserve against these Universal Dollars, which means they earn interest from that stack of pooled user funds Revolut does this too – you get zero interest so it should be used as a spending account only, and meantime Revolut earn interest on your money, which is how they are competitive with traditional banks and can offer the best UX and various sexy features i am almost certain that no one will get 5%, as @KarmaCoverage said there are fees, which i looked up, amounting to at least 1.5% or higher per tx but i suppose if your choice is, make maybe 0.5% or leave your crypto in a Nano S earning 0%, maybe that's attractive to some folks and they move over to uphold
  9. zerpdigger

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    i am massively, enormously, sceptical of this -- there are very likely some hidden fees or there's some kind of catch, somewhere for ex. some UK banks CHARGE for a "special account" that gives you a marginally better IR or "perks" like retail spend cashback but mostly it's BS because one cost mostly offsets another so you only slightly come out on top and then only if you make good use of the services would love for them to pull this off, especially if it's geared towards xrp and not crypto in general with some kind of assist from ripple, but my gut says naaahhhh!!
  10. you don't need xrp for already highly liquid markets like GBP/EUR or EUR/USD etc -- xRapid expands reach into exotic corridors with low liquidity