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  1. zerpdigger

    GMT partners with Ripple

  2. zerpdigger

    Binance announce XRP - USDC trading Pair

    there is something to this -- circle and coinbase have both been (if not explicitly, then implicitly) against xrp and ripple, while begrudgingly having to admit privately that ripple are onto something with cryptoassets being a good fit for x-border payments so they are investing in stable coins as competition to xrp, while trying to bolster bitcoin alongside, both to outcompete xrp as a liquidity tool against these new crypto-fiats, and because a lot of these people involved hold bitcoin and are ideologically biased to it however ultimately crypto-fiat cannot properly solve the nostro/vostro on-demand funding problem, but certainly USDT/USDC/whatever does have a chance to take a slice of xrp's pie in the short-mid term, as this market evolves from 99% crap/scams/scum to a genuine legitimate asset class in the next 5-10 years
  3. what about a new XRPL-based standard/issuer?
  4. zerpdigger

    TD Ameritrade Drops Major Hint About XRP

    xrp will moon when winds of winter finally comes out
  5. zerpdigger

    Elon Musk: “I have no respect for the SEC”

    he's clever, but he's also a big child
  6. can't stand to listen to max keiser for more than 10 seconds
  7. zerpdigger

    Cory Johnson at CryptoMondays panel

    he's really doing the circuit at the moment
  8. agree -- plus the dec 17 runup was largely caused by a self-reinforcing spiral of over-extended highly leverage positions getting liquidated there was nothing "organic" about it, and yet it wasnt a conscious P&D either, but a "technical" breakout caused by absolute FOMO & gambling at a dangerous time
  9. that not completely fair, you're taking the entire video length -- if you did the same with apple pay it might take a minute too bc you could include things like opening the app, choosing the card, confirming the payment, bla bla
  10. only an "offering" is the security, the actual coin isn't -- so this entire thread/argument was misguided anyway at worst it'd have been ripple that were fined or otherwise in trouble for offering(s) xrp at a given time but if that were the case they'd have been interrogated already i suspect
  11. well it's hardly surprising, and it's a LONG time coming, no thanks to the whiny timewasting goons at R3 but well, finally it's happening for sure
  12. zerpdigger

    Rialto XRL

    hang on where does blocktrade come in? do you mean the xrl tokens get converted to BTT tokens or something? EDIT: basically i suppose i'm asking if XRL tokens post Nov 15th are now worthless (outside of pure speculation based on zero use case)?
  13. zerpdigger

    Rialto XRL

    do you know if one can still buy xrl on the market today and that still be allowed to buy equity?
  14. zerpdigger

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    please can we just ban this topic? mods? it's pure spam, either by organized pump/dump groups or complete morons