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  1. I was selling xrp on the highs for usd, then buying the same amount of xrp back with usd on the dips (along with some more gray hair). I'm not really exchanging for fiat am I? It never leaves the exchange.
  2. $2300? MrClamtastic is a numismatic fanatic! I Love You!
  3. I just wanted to say I like your pic. I was another FUD site and someone referred to XRP as a fidget spinner coin. Made me laugh!
  4. When I see my acct in a month, ill ask him about it and forewarn him.
  5. Here is a part from https://thecryptocurrencyforums.com/2018-cryptocurrency-tax-rules/. Altcoins are typically purchased using bitcoin or Ethereum. Investors are now required to report each of those buys as a taxable trade. If you have bitcoin and later decide to buy altcoin X using that bitcoin, you’ll owe taxes on any gains in the value of that bitcoin even though you didn’t realize those gains in fiat currency.
  6. Can I include all the fees as cost? Coinbase fees, foreign transaction fees, exchange fees, etc.?
  7. The irs doesn't consider it currency but property (again I'm trying to remember what I read) and if there were a gain then it is taxable.
  8. I don't know what the minimum or maximum is but as I was nervous the whole time I was trading ill just HODL.
  9. I was new to all of it before. Live and learn. As far as crypto to crypto, even an exchange between BTC and ETH for example, is taxable, if you make money on the trade. There doesn't have to be fiat involved. I could be mistaken though. I started reading from multiple websites and the whole time I though I need to stop trading and HODL.
  10. When I first intended to buy xrp it was at .25. I had planned on spending $2500 u.s. but the wife knocked it down to $1000. Fine. I have to live with her the rest of my life. The $1000 included $100 for a ledger nano s. This was early December. Finally got verified by the end of the year. I bought LTC on coinbase because they accept USD. Moved ltc to gdax, (read it was cheaper to use ltc than btc), moved ltc to bitstamp, converted to USD, bought xrp. Origianlly bought on coinbase with CC because I wanted to get in. Now after fee, fee, fee I had 300+xrp. I want more. Sooo, an order to get more without depositing more then its playtime. I start selling high, buying low. I'm doing like 10 transactions a day. (stay home dad and kids home for winter break). I did fine. I got some extra xrp. Nowhere near enough. Then I see some posts about taxes. UGGGH! Every trade??!? CMON. I can just see myself at the end of the year with hundreds of transactions to deal with. So now I'm a true HODLer. Still havnt received the nano s (coming from France), but as soon as it arrives and it is set up the XRP goes in, the nano goes in my safe and I'll be happy with what I have.
  11. I was looking at xrpcharts.com with my phone and under xrp/usd on bitstamp it showed a drop to $2.40 at 7:10 pm est! I go to my desktop and log into my bitstamp acct and the charts there show nothing of this. Any ideas why this would happen?
  12. I wish I would have sold when it was over $3 and then buy more when it’s under $2.50.
  13. I’m not looking for any sympathy. Just venting.
  14. I am waiting on the ledger. What you did on Binance is what I’m going to do with Coinbase and Bitstamp. I was going to buy on Coinbase and transfer to Gdax and then transfer from Gdax to Bitstamp. From what I’ve read and watched that seems to be the way to get lower fees. I talked to the Visa people again and they said that Visa isn’t allowing anyone in the U.S. to purchase from Bitstamp because they feel it isn’t a secure site. Now I’m worried about using Bitstamp.
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