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  1. After a year watching charts and book orders I would say it's the biggest one I've seen in the buy side, and more at these prices. A good signal but we need many more of these.
  2. Great reasoning, no doubt these are pieces of a puzzle fitting together, connecting exchanges to xCurrent must be critical for the whole process. However reading how it works I've made myself some questions but about the exchange of XRP itself. - Does the FI need an account on both exchanges like you and me? - If not, who does the trade? - If so, does need the FI to pre-fund both exchanges with XRP or once it's bought on first exchange is transfered to second one on the fly? (from my experience not always sending XRP from one exchange to another takes seconds, sometimes it takes minutes due to the exchange, not XRP) - If the above is true and the FI doesn't want to be exposed to XRP, will play xPool (if it's real) a key part by pre-funding and mantaining a balance on accounts of FI on exchanges?
  3. Yeah, no doubt the process wasn't the best one. It could have been made with some kind of brute force via mobile app surveys, websites, who knows. The link is in the first post https://medium.com/daliaresearch/how-many-people-actually-own-cryptocurrency-4ff460301520
  4. Totally agreed, we would need to know more details about the methodology. But following your reasoning, if surveys were done by people more familiar with crypto wouldn't be the rate of owners much more? Anyway, all the reports I've seen before had a very small sample size, this one with 30k is pretty decent, so for now is the best approximation we have.
  5. That's the key, assuming a 9% is accurate, look at the immense growth we've had. Once regulation is in place, all kind of funds taking positions and Ripple and XRP being the next big thing... $50, $100 or even much more don't seem ilogical prices at all.
  6. Even assuming the methodology could have flaws, the numbers are very low. A 9% in US... and a 6% in Korea!! with all the craziness there was a few months ago. What we can conclude is these are early days.
  7. I've found the report pretty relevant because the sample size is almost 30k, a number high enough for the results to be reliable. As expected Korea and Japan are the countries more aware of crypto, SBI going with Ripple and XRP can be a turning point. Crypto and stocks may not be comparable but approx. a 50% of people in the US own stocks. I haven't found other countries rates but having the US a great tradition in investing I guess it will be similar or less. There's still plenty of room for growth! https://medium.com/daliaresearch/how-many-people-actually-own-cryptocurrency-4ff460301520
  8. Yeah, this is a very immature market. Some exchanges or pairs have a very low volume and you can see big differences in price. However you can use that in your favour, it's called arbitrage. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/arbitrage.asp Anyway graphs on CMC, LCW, etc are a good reference to know historical prices, don't obsess too much with the price on a particular exchange or pair
  9. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets Every exchange and every market had a different ATH. Go one by one and see for yourself. If you look the ATH in CMC, for example, you are relying on their methodology to calculate it.
  10. Estamos de acuerdo amigo zerper, ripplero o como se diga
  11. I think this year and maybe next will be key. It will depend of how fast XRP reaches, say $10, if there is real adoption, how many banks/business are using it, new use cases, etc. If this goes smoothly, as we believe, I would think of selling every year only what I would need for living according to my way of life. Of course there are many personal factors like peace of mind, debts, buying a house or just investing in another kind of assets. But if you can sort out all this, it may be a good idea to hodl for many many years, XRP could easily be the investment of the century.
  12. Thanks, great video! IMO, bitcoin maximalists are too utopic. A worldwide currency without any kind of control is naive, it may happen in the future but not without a good fight and even less without solving all the technical problems bitcoin still has. Anyway what I wanted to highlight is everybody knows the world has a problem sending value. Ripple's approach to solve it is the best for now, it's just a matter of time until is adopted.
  13. Yeah, he knows what the futures market will bring to crypto. But IMO the volume of December was because of average people entering the market and not because of futures, indeed there were news on January saying: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/as-the-first-bitcoin-futures-expire-price-and-volume-concerns-arise.html And that brings another interesting topic, I'm not an expert but I wonder if there has been any case in history where FI's were the last to arrive to the party. Of course many more average people will enter the market but it's hard to believe we are still in the smart money phase. Anyway, the best is yet to come
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