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  1. Kichiro Fukui claimed they knew things and appeared to have hints of things but nothing ever came from them. They were the also declaring at some point in a 24hr time frame the price would shoot up to $50. They said late november/early december was their timeline. It came and went and nothing happened. On their twitter account they said it was all fake and they made it up while on drugs. This was around the time that BG123 Decoder came out as a fraud. Kichiro Fukui has provided no actual information or made accurate predictions up to this point to my knowledge. They have no credibility
  2. So far seems like the general feeling is 2019 will be another sideways year. Here is my guess Q1 - $0.46 Q2 - $0.80 Q3 - $2.25 Q4 - $2.65
  3. TLDR: $589 not happening EOY. 589 was just a reference to possibilities. Regulations are holding things up and when they come we will see price movement.
  4. My thoughts on the latest from BG123: Regulations are coming and will bring with it a bull market, but it is taking forever and resulting in a capped price. This could also be related to the "Nothing happens until something moves".
  5. To be fair, this just shows that BG123 may have an affinity for history. This has no bearing on them being legitimate or not.
  6. I store mine in a Ledger Nano S. I've been holding for over a year now and I've go no complaints so far. I check the balance every so often when I feel paranoid.
  7. I believe it was on 12/9. The story about the Swift CEO stepping down came out on 12/12.
  8. Since Kichiro has come up we can include them in this discussion. When they first appeared they had piqued my interest and I followed along with their posts like I followed BG123. While I was extremely skeptical, the $50 in 24 hours was an exciting thing to think about. The recent stuff with them saying they were making it all up and on drugs was weird. Even more so now that they seem to still be doing stuff on Twitter. Now they just seem like the other fake riddlers. Let me be clear: I secured my position in XRP over a year go and haven’t bought or sold any since then. None of these characters have any impact on whether or not I feel XRP is a good investment. I believe it’s only a matter of time before we have a nice return so this is just fun to pass the time until that happens.
  9. Is that the discord? I missed out on getting an invite to that
  10. Thats a valid point. I guess we'll have to see what they say to determine if it is an excuse or not. That is if they say anything about it at all
  11. I was wondering when or if BG123 would pop back up this year. The last few posts have been interesting. "Nothing happens until something moves" made me think regulations. Then the swift CEO announced he was stepping down. Could that be the something moving? What could the bear be busy doing? Will BG123 have any reasoning as to why the $589 number inevitably doesn't come true EOY?
  12. So did this latest photo from BG123 with the grass come out before the Black Rock article?
  13. That's correct I was following it as it happened. $589+ in green text and EOY 2018 in bold red text, with the ripple logo on the flag of Malta.
  14. I think we are past the days where Coinbase adding a coin results in a price increase. I will be happy when they add it, just a matter of time at this point.
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