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  1. Here is some info from SBI VC website: https://www.sbivc.co.jp/topics/#180130_01 Seems like we should get our answers sometime this month
  2. Happy new year

    Means we gonna moon!
  3. Thanks! Its up now you can all download the mp3 file.
  4. Yes, I understand but this just means it wont bring significant volume in the near future (the next few months), that might change over the years but we shouldn't expect anything big from this.
  5. This is good news, the more Fiat pairs we have the better. Too bad they capped the registrations at only 7000 users.
  6. Banks are not IT companies they don't have time or people for this. And they wont build a new department and sink millions of dollars into it, it just doesn't make sense for them.
  7. It is a problem brad talked about it in his interview at the Yahoo conference. Your USD-Crypto-Token is no different than USD fiat. Nostro - Vostro accounts exist simply for safety and trust issues. And the new tokens wont resolve trust issues I mean heck look at all the scam/**** coins that are out there already, shady governments will have shady coins example Venezuela's "petro" that could possibly be worth nothing just like their fiat.
  8. If they do decide to do that what exactly would be the difference between the existing Fiat and the new coins? They will still have nostro and vostro problems and it would just be a re-branding of their current fiat. It wouldn't make any sense, cash isn't going to disappear any time soon.
  9. Stop spreading FUD and Rumors none of this is healthy for crypto in general.
  10. Intermission..

    Thanks, I believe its never too late, the tools have evolved since I first started but the core is still the same and that's really what matters at the end of the day. Its all about mastering the basics. I think the problem for most people is they get intimidated by all the icons, buttons and functions and don't know with what or where to start. Like any other job/software its important to break down the process first in your head and then execute it in the application (obviously this might sound easier then it actually is but the basics are always the most important part everything else comes after)
  11. Intermission..

    Well its easy for me lol, but then again I've been doing this for the past 15 years now. Photoshop is a great and easy tool once you learn it but it does take time, especially with all the functions that are available to the user. If you practice you can become pretty good quickly but then again depends from person to person.