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  1. This. I have grown accustomed to positive news not having much of an impact on the price in the past two months (I think the crypto market's link to the value of Bitcoin is a far more powerful force than good news), but if there is one piece of news that I think will move the needle, it's Western Union confirming in the future their official use of xRapid. I think the price will shoot up if and when that announcement comes. Mark my words.
  2. I prefer using 'RMB' - just sounds better, lol.
  3. Preparations (therefore, spending) for CNY has already begun, and the impact of this on xrp holders propensity to withdraw has already been factored in, I think. Even more interesting is, post Feb 15-16-17, when people get their CNY bonuses and gifts, will they invest it in xrp? If yes, by even a modest margin we should see it lift the price up. I myself am looking forward to our annual CNY bonus, and you can be sure I'm buying more xrp, hehe. The price is still good, even at $1.10.
  4. Could be any crypto he's referring to. Could be Stellar. Best not to retro-fit. In any case, I like this guy a lot - I was watching all the footage from the hearing earlier this morning. I was pessimistic about it, but if we have more guys like Giancarlo with the mic, I think the future isn't looking so bad.
  5. Best time to buy, in my opinion. At least before the 15th -- the Dallas Super Conference will most likely cause the prices of many coins to increase (and XRP indirectly). Getcher zerps while they're cheap.
  6. Yo, c'mon, if you're gonna dip, dip properly! I got some fiat waiting to be turned into XRP at a $0.60 price point or lower. Anything above that and it's a wait and see. And I've been waiting and seeing for an entire month now, thanks to these depressions in value. Let's go! Dip or moon, just don't do the 6-month stagnation dance.
  7. Crazy drop there, across the board too. Not a fan of bungie jumping.
  8. Agreed. Not sure if y'all noticed but no amount of good news has moved the needle -- Moneygram gave XRP a momentary boost, but that quickly faded too. Also not sure if you noticed that the market is moving in unison -- BTC is still the most reliable indicator for most coins.
  9. No dude, no. No no no no no. No more ripplenews.tech please. No no no no no no.
  10. Likewise, there are many waiting on the sides to bargain hunt without buy orders. I believe we'll find support soon. If we don't and that first number after the decimal is back to zero, well, do what I do and close those tradeviews, log-off those exchanges, turn off the news and put on the Beatle's Rubber Soul or Revolver and just... be. Just be. There'll be better days.
  11. A buy mountain and a sell steppe. At least until a bull run brings everyone back on the ship, and the cycle goes on and on and...
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