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  1. Why would they be holding up multiple bottles of coke though.
  2. You're getting frustrated by other people's text formatting?
  3. I don't think an obvious typo in a tweet deserves a topic in the General Discussion to be honest.
  4. Looks like someone wants to say "Gotcha!" really bad.
  5. Right, it would be horrible to help eachother wouldn't it. I couldn't care less if i'd be one of his referrals, good on him.
  6. Do they even support that still? I thought everything moved to ledger live. Did you check if everything is still in there? https://bithomp.com/explorer/
  7. I wonder why they thought Amazon would use a privacy token for their transfers. Sidenote: I do think there is a good probability for a partnership with Amazon and Uber since Garlinghouse mentions them frequently in examples of how things should be done. He wouldn't be saying those things if they weren't already talking with eachother. Just my 2 zerps.
  8. I can't find anything on Alex or anyone else claiming he is an "expert xrp youtuber". Alex is doing a lot more than most people in the community. Kind of an absurd statement.
  9. Fact. A week or so ago XRP's market cap jumped more than 10 Billion within the span of a few days. Does that kind of thing happen in traditional markets? People need to stop comparing crypto assets to regular stocks. It has already been proven that the crypto market is a lot more irrational than anything we've ever seen before in the financial world. Digital assets being adopted at a rapid pace could sure as hell hit "the biggest financial bubble in human history" by this year. It sure could, but I myself don't think it would as it may needs a bit more time to get adopted.
  10. Wonderful how everytime I think there is a competitor, reality sets in and lets me know that there can't be any true competitors.
  11. Man this is pathetic and cringe worthy to say the least, people are so ill informed.
  12. the 50k tps throughput has been on their site for a while, they just made a new graphic. If you go to the XRP overview page you can see that they still list 1,5k tps on their website with scaling possibilities to 50k. This is from 2 months ago: http://web.archive.org/web/20180717164445/https://ripple.com/xrp/
  13. This was from january, I keep forgetting about all the great news we tend to look over.
  14. As long as you're willing to lose that 12k XRP to achieve a higher payout... I think it will keep going up honestly. This chart doesn't seem like the usual "speculation money" to me, keep in mind that we went from 200m daily volume to 4.2B in about 3 days.
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