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  1. Why are everybody talking about cashing out When it hits 100$? IF IT hits 100$ it will be used everywhere. Why cash out to fiat then? ?‍♂️ Invest in a new house or a new car, or buy a travel with xrp. It want crash if its 100$ because its so integraded by then!
  2. The article tells that 31000 persons that works on Nordea are forbidden to trade with all cryptos from 28 february. They dont need to sell what they have so they can keep it in long term.
  3. Say bitcoin crashes, there Will not be so much money transfered to other cryptos because people Will start panic selling every coin they have. And what price will they sell? The money is going to vanish very quick so its not like 216 billions is going to other cryptos, so i personally dont think that should benefit xrp. We need to take a slow ”steal” proving that xrp is da best **** out there, step by step. Hoooooodl
  4. So they can print money without an backup from usd thats not there and buy cryptos? Why dont print billions and buy all bitcoins and xrp on the whole market. And remove them to an another exchange and cashout, common guys.
  5. ”For our younger HODLers if you're looking for a quick buck go to the casino and gamble. If you're willing to learn and separate your emotions from your money remember that XRP is an INVESTMENT in the best current company to take advantage of a new technology in the financial sector. That's as safe an option as you'll find on the Binance Board” It they are hodlers Why go to the casino? ?
  6. You think the money will be on the bank directly to buy ticket for the air plane and hotel. Its fiat money we are talking about. No brainer ?
  7. Neee to save money for the 10$ vegas party, but i want more zeeerps! Cant decide what to do ?‍♂️
  8. Waiting for the email that says that my fiat has arrived so i can buy more zerps ?
  9. https://www.google.se/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7ooaut/xrp_listed_on_japanese_dmm_group_exchange_january/
  10. I hear what you say with the sell demand with different prices. IF xrp Will be a real use case and not only transfers. Every xrpholder have their own account on their smartphone which the use daily, no transfers can rub the price. ?
  11. So this website already know the featured partners and what this Will mean for xrp? IF they have this kind of information why are thet not telling what to buy with a bigger profit then?
  12. OMG! ”Seeing part of that action rather than going down as before” Dude this is huge! Cant compare with thousand others and handpick a few of them.
  13. http://www.forexnewsnow.com/forex-analysis/cryptocurrency/will-ripple-overtake-bitcoin/
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