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  1. I know, but the number of txs would be higher, as is already the case. People are often going "look at all this XRPL tx volume!" only to be told, yeah but it's all order creates and order cancels. It still shows up as higher on ledger txs on the Ripple site, so people see it as tx "volume". But there would obviously be no change or hint or price movement from this. And it 100% shouldn't be referred to as volume.
  2. It would create XRPL TX volume. It would not create any (even fake) market volume.
  3. There is no such thing as "newly issued XRP". No one can create or issue more XRP. This is what you should have said at the start. Where is the distribution of XRP from Ripple going (I.e. programmatic sales or OTC). Answer being, who knows lol. Big players.
  4. Bithomp is great for looking at regular txs, but for complex ones not so much. On XRPCharts you can see this is a tx completing a DEX orderbook https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/1A06B8E85C40B3756BE0B24A04DEE76E5BC5B0EFFBABB15F4634860CA78807F4 DESCRIPTION: This is a Payment transaction. The payment is from rsdMbYxHmYswHCg1V6vBsnxmHuCjpn6SC4 to rsdMbYxHmYswHCg1V6vBsnxmHuCjpn6SC4. It was instructed to deliver 321.46072 XLM.ripplefox (rKiCet8SdvWxPXnAgYarFUXMh1zCPz432Y) by spending up to 100 XRP. The actual amount delivered was 321.46072 XLM.ripplefox (rKiCet8SdvWxPXnAgYarFUXMh1zCPz432Y) The transaction's sequence number is 566 MEMOS: The transaction has no memos. TRANSACTION COST: Sending this transaction consumed 0.000012 XRP. FLAGS: The transaction specified the following flags: tfNoDirectRipple tfPartialPayment tfLimitQuality
  5. This is honestly one of the most useless threads I've seen in a while. Especially from someone with more than 10 posts. Also, no.
  6. The Easy XRP Wallet. That doesn't exist does it? ... yet dun dun dun.
  7. Hi Bob, My name is Cale, but my online tag is retryW. I live in Australia and I've done some development in the Codius/XRP space. Would love to hear your awesome ideas!
  8. Twitter is filled with bots, can't imagine YouTube would be any different.
  9. retryW

    XRP TipBot Poll

    Pros and cons to both. Just have your XRPL address and/or XRPTipBot handle on your profile. Peeps can donate whenever they feel it's worth it. (Yeah I get that half defeats the point of tiny, quick tips)
  10. You can still be a real long term investor, in it for the technology, and still sell it all at a certain price. Many of us have held for years now. Some significantly more than others. Why would I not sell if I have enough to retire from?
  11. As long as it's by October 2022 then all good. My only goal is to retire before I'm 30.
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