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  1. @jasil obviously. But they'll have to turn the mic down or the volume will be too high.
  2. However losing millions in crypto could very easily affect their ability to honour IOUs issued on ledger. In my opinion there are three reasons why it doesn't get used. 1. People don't know it exists/how to use it 2. Low volume. This is a vicious circle as low volume makes people stay away which stops the volume from increasing. 3. Counter-party risk. The same reason JPM coin and Libra don't compete with XRP. There's a middle man, you don't own your funds. You have to trust that the issuer can honour those IOUs. Gatehub is/was the largest issuer of USD on the ledger. They were also recently hacked. That doesn't make people want to trust their IOUs.
  3. NDAs. And it's not just other institutions putting NDAs up so Ripple can't talk. Ripple have also put NDAs in so some of their customers can't talk. (Proof in some video interview somewhere.)
  4. Your counter is definitely stalled. From memory it's ~$1 worth of XRP donated every two hours of viewing. Either way it's significantly more than your post details. I also don't understand what you mean by "Even with a few thousand readers per month, it'll be very hard to earn back the $5 monthly subscription fee". You don't need a Coil subscription to accept Coil micropayments. Currently the only reason their "model" won't work is because they are donating WAY more than $5 per month. Currently you can donate more than your subscription cost just by watching like 10 hours of content. Coil are doing this because they have a fair bit of capital and are using it to help push for adoption of web monetization.
  5. *cough* counter-party risk *cough*
  6. This most recently update looks amazing. And further consolidates that real utility growth is happening, right in front of our eyes.
  7. For day trading? Or for XRP usage? There is a testnet version of the XRP Ledger. https://developers.ripple.com/xrp-test-net-faucet.html
  8. If you're just sending XRP from one wallet to another, then an exchange is exactly the same as an XRP Wallet. If you want to make use of ANY of the countless other features of the XRPL or even any other transaction types, then you'll need your own wallet. The primary reason for having your own XRPL wallet / account / address, is so that you are the sole owner of that XRP. You are not exposed to exchanges being hacked (which is alarmingly often). You are not exposed to other counter party risk (frozen assets, bankrupt exchanges, etc). If you hold a large amount of XRP, which could become very valuable in the future, you definitely don't want to trust the internet with your funds. Put them in a private cold wallet.
  9. Banks don't require the price to be stable. For on demand liquidity, they own XRP for less than 10 seconds. Significantly less volatility during those 10 seconds than during the 3-5 business days the FIAT takes to settle. All they need is higher price and volume so they can move more money with less slippage. More stability does save them a little more money, but not much at all. Volatile XRP is still 50% cheaper than current systems. (And days faster)
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