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  1. I mean, that's not an NFT though, unless I'm interpreting this incorrectly. It's still fungible, there's no way to distinguish a token of any kind from another, you can only distinguish transactions.
  2. I assume there's still no way for non "professional investors" to get on on Ripple stocks on the private market ?
  3. Yeah I'm confused. This looks like they're running an XRP based NFT trading platform, with live prices, but none of the proposed NFT stuff has even made it to the test net as an amendment yet, it's still it's own dev-network. Are people paying real money for something on a dev-net that can be blown away at any time? Or are these IOUs for when (IF) the NFT amendments ever make it to the live XRPL?
  4. My understanding is your XUMM app isn't doing the lookup every 15 minutes, it's the XUMM internal servers. When your app goes to send a payment, it's then asks XUMMs servers which if the list you're sending to is a bad actor.
  5. I've been out of the loop for a while. Is Joe Joe one of the bad guys?
  6. Happy anniversary all. Im expecting we have another of these before I realise any meaningful gains but boy has it been a wild journey.
  7. Yeah this is great news and progress, but the bank account was what sparked my interest. Especially that they note it's mostly global. I'll be looking into getting one for sure (even if I only use it for testing)
  8. This is similar to the Linux application methodology. Make an application that does one thing, but does it exceptionally well, and make it interoperable (in its case everything uses stdin/out) so that people requiring higher level solutions can easily combine multiple high quality tools to create a stable and performant solution. Far better than trying to make a single app do everything but do none of it better than all the individual competitors.
  9. Alternatively to using a wallet with this feature. You can call the accountdelete function yourself. https://xrpl.org/accountdelete.html
  10. That tax bracket is purely where I'll be if I cash out at the price I want to, definitely not my current net worth. I'm poor as shit right now
  11. Yeah if I hold for over 12 months they will only tax 50% of my profits, but still at 47%
  12. ... I'll have to pay 47% (then -50% for hodl longer than 12 months).
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