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  1. Unlike most content creators, I always thought his early stuff was far better than his current. When he first started I watched every video, he made very well spoken and calculated analysis of news, fundamentals and market situations. Far beyond his age. It then felt like he "sold out" if you will, and started streaming and became somewhat of a hype train money grabber. Honestly haven't watched anything recently so maybe I'm wrong. I still agree he deserves some credit, at least he puts the time and effort into doing it. I've always been meaning to do XRP related videos but apart from avoiding being a cryptotuber, I'm just too damn lazy. Props.
  2. I'd offer but currently Codius isn't under full time development, nor is it mainstream. So you're not going to be making profit at the moment, you'll be losing money (why I turned off my uploaded tool and both Codius hosts) after a year.
  3. BTC also froze. XRP was the only part of the equation able to keep up with the demand.
  4. Hey all; as some of you know, I no longer have the time or financial resources to keep the Codius Pod Upload Tool running. As such I have made the code open source on GitHub. Feel free to check it out: https://github.com/retryW/host-uploader
  5. Incorrect. You'd need crypto exchanges, eg. Bitstamp and Bitso, to be on-board with it. So that they can have rules in place to stop your funds from being held up from obnoxiously long "processing" times, before the funds are sent to your bank.
  6. xRapid, no. Because that's not available to individuals. You could create your own partnerships with various exchanges and set this up yourself and it wouldn't be overly hard (apart from the partnership bit). Depending on your exchange speed (I can have money in my bank from the exchange in less than an hour), you could just both have XRP addresses, send each other XRP, then manually send it to the exchange, sell and withdrawal (manual xRapid essentially).
  7. What wallet do you use? Sounds like you have a mnemic (however the heck you spell it) key/phrase instead. Which isn't technically your private key, and will usually only work with whatever your wallet is. But fairly sure Witse Wind has a tool that can find your secret key using your mnemic phrase. Should look it up. Other may disagree, but I wouldn't feel confident not having my "actual" private key.
  8. As long as you gave them your public key (starts with a "r") and not the secret key (starts with a "s") then you're all good. But as previously stated, the issue arises that if someone knows you own that address, they'll try to target you (even if you don't think your stack is big).
  9. You don't need to contact Ripple, nor is there much point. They are not looking to use XRP as a general currency, but as a liquidity source. The XRP Ledger is open source, and you can implement it with your ATMs right now. I could help you do it if I had the time, as could many others in this community. If you need help learning about the XRPL, here's the developer portal. https://developers.ripple.com/
  10. There's a summary at the bottom of the article.
  11. Also it's in seconds because it's very specific corridors where they already have capital sitting on the other side waiting to pay out. Have them try to settle within seconds somewhere that isn't pre-funded, without using XRP. It's not gonna happen.
  12. It refers to any XRP sold directly from Ripple to any entity in an OTC manner. I.e. this is XRP sold by Ripple that they did not sell on an exchange through the open markets we all use ourselves.
  13. Correct, this likely has nothing to do with XRP. They've been efficient at saving customers money since inception. XRP Will just allow them the save even more, but more importantly, save days of waiting time. Incorrect about the corridors though. They have corridors into Mexico and Philippines confirmed. Likely with more being tested, as they have stated they may have over 10 by the end of the year. (Can find the links but am on my phone at work and cbf right now.
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