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  1. I agree it was a bit weird, but honestly the logo she submitted was MILES better than any submitted by the community. I know many people in the community (as I did), voted for the now official XRP logo.
  2. retryW

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Well I'm sure to the general public, it will be with a bang. But as all of us know, following this stuff for years, it seems very slow and quiet. I'm just super impressed that the CEO of one of their customers is SO happy with the product, that they are confident it will completely take over the current world dominating system.
  3. They can't do it very quickly. Minimum 3 years if they planned on getting rid of 60% of their stash.
  4. retryW

    Ripple & XRP wallets

    Did they up it? Used to be 20 XRP per month.
  5. All the Twitter and YT "XRP pioneers". Just people wanting other people to give them money for their 589 hype and old information. Still, what Wietse is doing is awesome, and I'm sure this feature will get used.
  6. The Ripple Insights post states that Euro Exim Bank will be utilizing xRapid. When using xRapid, ALL tx are on the open exchange market, not OTC.
  7. Every single month, the escrow is released and Ripple starts moving it around to various wallets, before putting like 80-90% of it back into escrow. For some reason, everyone goes bat **** crazy thinking something big is happening because all these whale alert twitter pages are going crazy. Nothing is happening. Calm your farm.
  8. The thing is, it's never a case of "if", but "when" it will be hacked. I haven't watched the videos yet, but I'm gonna assume your funds on the Nano S are still currently "unhakable" provided it's sitting in your safe at home. Most hacks of well encrypted devices require direct and unrestricted access to said device. These people aren't going to be able to remotely break into your Nano and steal your funds.
  9. I'm actually quite anti religion (usually keep that to myself, I have my reasons). But I enjoy having a day dedicated to spreading love and joy to the people close to me whether that's through gifts, or other avenues.
  10. Merry Christmas my fellow zerpers.
  11. retryW

    XRP the Base on Binance

    Very true. But this is a step in the right direction
  12. retryW

    XRP the Base on Binance

    Now this is some damn good news. There's a lot of volume on Binance. Good for everyone. EDIT - Clearly not the only one who thinks this is good news. Read below.