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  1. I was reading this the other day and I think it's a great response. I'm no lawyer, but with many of the points in the initial SEC action being factually incorrect, and in my eyes most of Ripple's response being indisputable, I'm feeling pretty confident this could end up being a great thing for XRP with clarity finally coming via the outcome of the lawsuit.
  2. Hey, Just received this email pretending to be Ripple detailing a way to make the XRP ecosystem sustainable. It's a pretty poor attempt, far less sophisticated than most, however I figured I'd let anyone on here know not to click the links in this email, as it's not legitimate in any way.
  3. Not a bad notification to get while at a party. Gives me something to actually celebrate.!!! Pamp it up!!!!
  4. But shift thay decimal right a few times...
  5. Well this is a ******* sketchy post if ever I've seen one. I'd heavily advise against clicking this URL.
  6. I would almost guarantee this is achieved using the native IOU functionality in conjunction with the DEX. The ability to send any asset instantly via the XRP ledger has always been one of its biggest advantages.
  7. Stats like this are very nice. Imagine how competitors would feel reading that.
  8. The answer is ODL. The same thing has been happening on Australian exchange BTCMarkets ever since it was announced as an ODL partner in SWELL late 2019. For weeks now it's been constantly above BTC by volume, often significantly (and of previously unseen volumes). They should really think of re-branding to XRPMarkets. EDIT: Here's a non-bull run day from last week. So no one tries to say it's due to being to only coin pushing green today.
  9. Unless the proposals have changed since I last looked, you only recovered a portion of the initial wallet fee (say 15 of the 20XRP). This is specifically to keep people from being able to spam wallet creations and deletions free of charge.
  10. I note that in your OP the last transaction is AUD to USD. I've noticed on Aussie exchange BTCMarkets (ODL partner), XRP has had higher volume than BTC for days in a row now, which is almost unheard of. Almost certain this is due to ODL (in addition to the current upward movement).
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