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  1. This is similar to the Linux application methodology. Make an application that does one thing, but does it exceptionally well, and make it interoperable (in its case everything uses stdin/out) so that people requiring higher level solutions can easily combine multiple high quality tools to create a stable and performant solution. Far better than trying to make a single app do everything but do none of it better than all the individual competitors.
  2. Alternatively to using a wallet with this feature. You can call the accountdelete function yourself. https://xrpl.org/accountdelete.html
  3. That tax bracket is purely where I'll be if I cash out at the price I want to, definitely not my current net worth. I'm poor as shit right now
  4. Yeah if I hold for over 12 months they will only tax 50% of my profits, but still at 47%
  5. ... I'll have to pay 47% (then -50% for hodl longer than 12 months).
  6. When you tried to import into XUMM did you choose "Import an existing account", and then "Full Access" and then "Family seed"? If you choose read only or any other option it won't accept your private key.
  7. Oh damn... so we get to see what they spoke to external parties about, but not internal comms... I feel like the internal ones are where all the spice is at.
  8. Why is this a news story? 1 billion is released from escrow every month and has done for years now... Almost each time it's not even Ripple that unlocks it, it's some fun loving chump putting funny messages in the memos.
  9. I disagree about that. $30mil a day is a lot. It may not sound like it compared to daily volumes in the billions, but it is. It's also not straight volume. Jed isn't trading, he's not buying back and interacting in two way trading. He's only selling, which both increases supply and decreases demand, as well as applying downward pressure on the price. There 100% is a phycological component to his ongoing sales, but the end of them I believe will also have a genuine market impact even if its not an immediate large increase.
  10. Look at the volume difference between now and ATH, mmm yum yum.
  11. I take mine from random strangers on the internets
  12. Posted this in Zerpening half an hour ago but figured I'd post here too: Last 4 x 1 hourlys went up to top of trend line, then clear bounce off the 0.236 fib, and now appears to have broken above the wedge. If it can maintain the breakout I think we'll see a return of the upward movement.
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