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  1. but VET is flying... my holdings aren't big at all but I'm mighty happy
  2. so electric plastic-free lambos all round in 2030 yeahh boiiii
  3. Agreed but if a Revolut account holder you can send euros without too much bother
  4. My reference to Trump's MO was not just in respect of this pandemic. He has behaved in such ways so often there's no need to give examples. I made no comment about the CCP but for the record I find their tactics reprehensible ...but they are dictators and will do whatever they want. Democratic leaders must be held to higher standards meaning outright lies and made up stuff is unacceptable. Stay stafe.
  5. And it already has. The label Trump chose is entirely in keeping with his MO - division, deflection, denial. It's unnecessary unless you have an ego as fragile as his. We deal with the situation now. Focus on blame, cause, remedial action later. As for Spanish flu almost no one knows its official name (H1N1) so we continue to use the original term, coined at the time without hesitation because back then racism / xenophobia was normal.
  6. What, you mean cashing out to Revolut? That certainly looks possible. I've bought with Uphold today and can confirm the OP. It's easy as pie for UK current account or credit card holders. What we've been waiting for I think
  7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Great idea. How about you set the example and burn yours first?
  8. I guess BitPay want to be first mover in a nascent market
  9. To quote JK, Libra is '...yet another siloed network...on the other hand interledger is a true protocol....that enables interoperability between networks'
  10. I think JK commented on how surprisingly hard distribution is. When building a digital asset ecosystem there's a need to address price and liquidity simultaneously. For me Ripple have made best endeavors to walk this tightrope. I'm no happier about the price than anyone else but without liquidiy (which is dependent on distribution) there can be no meaningful utility.
  11. But which comes first - the little chicken or the little egg?
  12. I think you're spot and this is why I thought he didn't answer so well. In the scheme of things it probably isn't a big deal, perhaps just a missed opportunity.
  13. I don't have a big enough willy to get into "willy waving" I don't have enough xrp either.
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