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  1. I don't have a big enough willy to get into "willy waving" I don't have enough xrp either.
  2. Now there's a risk taker Meanwhile I moved my stash to Bitstamp (no fees at all), flashed the firmware on my nano... and bricked it. I wasn't paying attention and hit the upgrade button which happens to cripple a nano on 1.1 firmware. I've asked Ledger to replace it. I looked into Toast and paper wallets but don't like the idea of either. Somehow the nano gives me piece of mind, despite Ledger Live allowing such BS as this.
  3. Thanks to both for the useful words. I promise you I am a fairly bright individual (no really) but have an unhealthy enjoyment of risk. I'm familiar with Bitstamp but didn't think the fees were that low. Will probably move everything there, upgrade firmware, reset, and send back. And I will keep my 24 words safe, but not so safe I can't find them
  4. What's the cheapest way to do this? Sending to an exchange and back can be quite pricey. (What price security I hear you say...)
  5. "our greatest challenge is to gain the people's trust" That's is what any decent scammer knows. Whether you're scamming or not you blew it. Big time.
  6. I've watched mission critical storage systems turn into useless hunks of tin after a firmware update. I'm not going to update my nano.... ...especially since I've no idea where my 24 words are
  7. Agreed. It was useful to hear it said, if only to put a question mark over the market manipulation hypothesis.
  8. He also said at that event (I paraphrase) he suspects XRP price accurately reflects its current value. If it didn't wealthy people out there who share our optimism would buy f-tons of it so pushing the price up.
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