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  1. Thanks so much for your insight. What a way to start Friday 😃
  2. Remains to be seen but perhaps this is where Revolut steals a march: a couple of taps and you're done. There's no way they can stop the transfer on AML/KMC grounds as they gave you the account you're moving funds into.
  3. stickmonster

    Ripple's General Counsel Exits Startup, Spokesperson Says

    Tesla could do with a dozen crack dealers
  4. stickmonster

    Will Exchanges pay out during bullrun?

    My hopium pipe says the next run will be smoother and consistent due to real use volume. Cashing might not be such a frantic exercise under these circumstances. Maybe maybe maybe...
  5. stickmonster

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Might it be that those unhappy about this are mainly Americans and the rest of us quite like it?
  6. Brilliant! This is my homepage and all my homies homepages as well. Thanks dude!!!!!!
  7. stickmonster

    Media Talking Heads and XRP

    It's because they are scared of Ripple and XRP's potential. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. I'm confused too. Article date is 10.06.2018 but most of the comments underneath are three years old.
  9. Really excellent work, thank you.
  10. stickmonster

    One Pay FX Commercial Add

    Just in case you weren't aware... even if USC was being used it would be an ultra dumb idea: counterparty risk would not be eliminated.
  11. stickmonster

    Crypto Coins Surge as SEC Spares Ether From Securities Rules

    Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit?
  12. stickmonster

    We are all Doooomed

    I'm being paid to post FOMO and FUD. It's great - if I totally contradict myself I get paid $1.17
  13. stickmonster

    Coinmarketcap's bias against XRP

    No one is forcing you to do anything. in fact quite the reverse - I think you are being paid. On the ignore list with you! 😛