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  1. For me your relentless speculative doom and gloom has run it's course. Good luck with the investment (whatever it is...)
  2. He could become a non-executive director, but this is all BS unless SWIFT is shutting down: there will be a clause in his contract banning any move to a competitor.
  3. stickmonster

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    Just over tem years ago the Western financial system started collapsing around the regualtors and they never saw it coming. Aren't they right to be cautious about fundamental change?
  4. stickmonster

    Q4 2018 XRP summary: Actions speak louder than words

    The greatest summary of progress to end the year with. Well done to everyone that HODLed through the pain of 2018. No mistake we've backed a winner.
  5. Agreed, debt based money is dumb idea, but it does have backing from the resources and future earnings potential of the economy. IMO the UK screwed its earnings potential by failing to invest (at zero percent interest as was possible) in response to the 2008 crisis. Austerity measures suppressed demand even further, beat down tax receipts and actually contributed to debt levels held today. Offshore losses are about £18bn a year, more than one third of the current annual UK deficit. It isn’t realistic to recover that amount, but how ironic is it that the UK enables offshoring territories like BVI, Jersey and the Isle of Man to exist? I doubt it will happen in my lifetime but I hope crypto puts all the bankster cheating and lying to bed.
  6. The UK is not bankrupt: for a country that manages it's own currency this is technically impossible. Debt is an issue but nowhere near as bad as portrayed by neoliberals like Hammond and Osborne (UK Chancellors). Overpopulation? Really? The UK is almost at full employment. To run high quality public services it needs more people, it needs to increase it's tax base, and it must stop profits leeching to offshore tax havens, many of which are UK crown dependencies.
  7. stickmonster

    Galgitron’s blog: Hopium

    Try the Zerpening Club. Not sober :-) but lots of insight and no dissing.
  8. Thanks so much for your insight. What a way to start Friday ?
  9. Remains to be seen but perhaps this is where Revolut steals a march: a couple of taps and you're done. There's no way they can stop the transfer on AML/KMC grounds as they gave you the account you're moving funds into.