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  1. Not trolling 🙂 Bought my XRP in dec. 17’ left them them on my Nano S, and did nothing except waiting since. Also I am pretty useless with computers and that kind of stuff, never has been my strenght. Anyway....found out that I already have an account on Uphold, but I can’t pass the 2 step verification process for some bloody reason. Binance app is not available in my country, same with Coinbase pro. I remember I did open an account with Bitfinex, I got that account verified - going to take a look at it tomorrow. I don’t think crypto is going mainstream until it gets easier to buy and withdraw funds.
  2. can it be done the other way around also Live4xrp?
  3. I got my 65k units at an average of 0.45. Planning to get another 100k units, and then just wait for the right time to sell. Hopefully we’ll see 5$ within 5 years.
  4. Maybe I’ll try uphold. I already got an account on Kraken, but there is a limit moving XRP out of Kraken. I want my XRP out of the exchange as soon as possible. Credit cards is not an option since the limit is not high enough.
  5. Hey, Can anyone tell me what is the fastest way to buy XRP? Is there a way to buy XRP with a bank transfer and get the XRP directly to my Nano S? I bought my first XRP in early december 2017, but it was a rather difficult process. Thanx.
  6. How hard will regulations effect XRP? https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/907121/bitcoin-Cryptocurrency-price-risk-bans-Emmanuel-Macron-Angela-Merkel-France-Germany/amp
  7. I got most of my XRP on Kraken, over the last 2 weeks I have been trying to withdraw my funds, but I still haven´t got my wallet address verified - the support is total ****, it feels like they don´t want to release my funds
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