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  1. Anyone knows what the cause of the uptrend was, started on 09/19/2018? We almost doubled and right now the consolidation is still going on. What happened?
  2. HI all, Does anyone know at which time the SEC will make it's decision regarding the 9 Bitcoin ETF's tomorrow 11/05/2018? TIA
  3. Hi all, Quiet period after an amazing December! Is there anyone who has some sort of roadmap for Ripple? Like events, announcements or news that we can expect?
  4. Hi all, What do you think is the best exchange site to withdraw bigger amounts of USD (50 000$+) when converting ripple to usd/btc or eth. I see that on kraken a lot of people have problems with it. Any other suggestions or exchanges where you can transfer crypto money to and withdraw larger amounts of money in usd? Not selling a single XRP, just to know for the future! TIA
  5. Hi! Can someone explain me why on www.coinmarketcap.com when you compare the price of certain altcoins to the USD and BTC the price increase to the USD is always much higher and more upwards than versus the BTC. I don't understand how this is possible. When you compare the price of the altcoin vs the USD there are sometimes X 10 increases and when you compare the price of the altcoin to the BTC you only get an increase of for example by only X 3. How come? For ripple, this isn't much a problem because you can change it immediately to USD, but for other coins it's a huge difference if you can change to USD than to BTC or ETH. TIA
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking to find a solid exit strategy when XRP hits xx $. I want to hold my core position as long as possible, but I also want to cash in some time, to actually have something in my hands. What exit strategies can one use, even if one wants to hold long term 5-10 years. I can sell X amount of my XRP at certain prices or I can sell everything and buy back at a much higher price, but then I lose the exponential price increases I think. Thoughts? TIA
  7. I'm having a timeframe 5-10 years in mind. It's just frustrating that some people say, in 5 years maximum 25$, I don't see why it can't go higher. If you look at the market captialisation that would be a lot, but does that really matter?
  8. Hi all, I cannot understand why so many people see it as impossible for XRP to see price levels like bitcoin or at least several hundred dollars. I know there are a lot of coins outstanding, but aren't there possibilities to destroy them? Also let's say that the price of XRP surges to 500$ or something just by buyers alone, or isn't that possible? I mean everybody speaks that such high prices are only possible if there is major adoption by banks all over the world, is such a high price possible without major adoption and just by buying through people? TIA
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