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  1. Coinbase still hasn't delivered the Flare tokens they promised from the airdrop. Does anyone know if we can claim Songbird tokens if the XRP was on Coinbase all this time? Thanks,
  2. @AlejoMoreno What if the money from Scenerio B can only be spend on hard assets once received? For example you cannot keep that money in circulation, it's money you have to spend on hard assets within a predefined time. Would that eliminate the inflation?
  3. Imagine this; Step 1: The elite know that currencies have to go back to a gold standard due to inflation. Otherwise they are worthless. And also to end the cycle of debt one Bitcoin needs to be $10 million dollars. Step 2 - They decide to create Bitcoin and it becomes world's reserve currency. All currencies are backed by Bitcoin rather than gold. Step 3 - All fiat currencies switch to a digital version such as the digital dollar recently proposed by congress. Step 4 - All currencies use XRP for interchangeability. Looking at it like this, it seems all the pieces are falling into place. Satoshi might have just been a group of individuals trying to reform the world's economic system.
  4. It would be the equivalent of food stamps. How do current food stamps economics operate?
  5. It just hit me. Thanks to you. If banks had a digital dollar, they could issue extra dollars that can only be spend during a period of time such as a crisis. Then those dollars would be burned.
  6. @enrique11 Would your solution work in an emergency crisis? Imagine if you worked at a restaurant and you only had $1 XRP in savings. The restaurant sends you home and tells you that you will not get paid anymore. How will you survive? What will you eat? 60% of Americans do not have more than $400 in savings. They cannot last a month without getting paid. Hence the stimulus package by the government. They are printing money as emergency in this crisis. What can the crypto systems do in an emergency crisis?
  7. I wrote an article here titled "How Will Bitcoin Handle Economic Halts and Stimulus Needs?" and I tied it with a global vision with XRP and the Internet of Value. But what do you guys think about that question? If we had Bitcoin or XRP or any crypto being the world's currency. Then what can we do in case of a pandemic where people need extra money to survive since the economy is halted? We certainly can't just print more like the Feds do. Does XRP or any other Crypto have a solution to this?
  8. I plan on creating a charity and get it funded using XRP. How do I guarantee to the supporters that the funds will go to the cause? What would be the best way to ensure trust between the charity and the supporters? Throw some ideas please, I am not sure where to start.
  9. I sent an email to Ripple to see what they would say on this. Here is a reply form Ripple support:
  10. @iLeeT Why do you think asking banks if they use XRP does more harm than good? If their bank refuses to use XRP but their customers are asking for it, isn't that how things are done in capitalism? If the customers all ask for it, isn't that what will drive them to change? I feel like all XRP holders should ask their banks about XRP. That's probably the best way to shake them and realize what is needed.
  11. I got an email from my bank saying: "Sending money abroad just got a whole lot easier." Here is the screenshot: My first thought was "waw they are finally on Ripplenet" ! So I emailed them at GMT@simplii.com and here is the conversation: How does it work when you send money abroad? Does that someone have to have a Simplii account abroad? I would be interested to use the service only if you are using blockchain technologies such as the one made by Ripple (XRP). Thanks, They replied: We support all banks all over the world irrespective of what bank the recipient hold. The service is actually faster than a conventional wire and we do not use blockchain technologies like XRP. We have built a proprietary network that allows for transfer of funds within hours . Please let us know if you have any questions. Regards GMT Specialist I replied saying: Hi, What is this proprietary network? Is it using SWIFT ? Thanks, They replied: Hi, It is not using swift, but we have built local connections to each of the banks in the 75+ supported countries. It is faster than swift and more reliable and faster than blockchain system as well I replied: Hello, The system built using Ripplenet (XRP) takes about 3 seconds. It actually takes care of settlement, I doubt your system is better than blockchain because it still takes hours. You are probably still using the outdated nostro-vostro accounts to exchange funds. There is a better way, it is called Ripplenet. Any chance that Simplii will be part of Ripplenet? Thanks, They replied: For now Simplii will not be using Ripplenet but should that be an option in the future we will definitely consider it. Let me know if there are any questions in specific you would like me to answer That's it for the conversation right now. Anyone else surprised by the fact that they are building a system and they think it is more reliable and faster than blockchain? What should I reply to them?
  12. "Hey hey everybody", "I hope you are doing well", "Get your cinnamon coffee" because the "Revolution will be televised". To echo the wise words of JFK "ask not what XRP can do for you, ask what you can do for XRP.". In the days of JFK it was more challenging to do something for your community. Today with social media every individual can do something, easily. That is to spread the word, to share. I have over 600 Facebook friends and so far I have not seen a single XRP related post on Facebook. It's not their fault, they are unaware of the revolution ahead but we as a community can help them become aware. If you know about the theory of 6 degrees of separation, you know that my friends and your friends are only 6 friends apart. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone and so on...6 times and you will find a friend in common. This should give us more of an incentive to share things on our social medias. Our shares can have an impact. Therefore, if you haven't already please share an XRP link or video on your social media. If you are reading this you have a duty, to our community and that is to share an XRP related article or video on your social media. One of the best ways is to take a photo of the XRP or Ripple logo and post it on your social media, let them get curious of what it is first. Checkout Hodor's blog about how one can make a difference: https://xrpcommunity.blog/one-person-can-make-a-difference/ Don't forget to also support Coil, it uses XRP to help content creators. If you have a website, just put the Coil code on your site. It's easy to do. Your one single share is the small drop causing the ripple. Just do it !
  13. The reason why fiat correlation happens on certain pairs is because those pairs get traded the most with one specific pair such as USD. Let's assume the USD's value is coming from EUR and CHF. Where EUR is giving $50 to USD, and the CHF is also giving $50 to USD. Now the value of USD is $100. Let's now imagine EUR/USD goes down and now the EUR is only giving $0 to USD. Now the value of USD is only $50 because it still has $50 from CHF. It's a very simplistic example but that's how correlated pairs work in Forex. Since all of our cryptos are traded in BTC, so when you trade XRP on an exchange you use XRP/BTC, you don't use XRP/CHF, it's all in BTC. And since all cryptos use BTC for trading, then the value of those cryptos is essentially 100% related to BTC. If BTC goes down, then they all go down. Now let's imagine that in the future on exchanges we will see more XRP/USD and less XRP/BTC, this means that when BTC will go down it won't matter much because the value of XRP is supported also by USD as it is traded directly against USD and not BTC. I hope that clarifies and if I'm wrong I'd love to hear it.
  14. I think we have an overwhelming response, which is a big fat NO for this project. I really appreciate everyone who voted and avoided me a whole lot of wasted time. Now, how do we bury this thread? Almost seems as if I created pollution with this thread. Apologize to all and thank you again for answering honestly.
  15. @Instigator I'm not a program that can make such complex functions, but I would probably be coding the front end.
  16. @Void-Induction Very clever, I don't think we can negotiate that
  17. @PickleRick I think the result of this poll already answered all the questions lol it's an overwhelming "no" https://giphy.com/gifs/hot-dog-girl-face-JVqeFxl3Qo8 I got plenty of reactions as you can see.
  18. @rootvegetable That's a great site, I love the idea of " a wallet has not moved xrp for x amount of time". @PickleRick I suppose the marketing would be only for this community, the XRP community. Perhaps just users on this forum. But I sense a pinch of sarcasm in your questions which gave me the idea that perhaps your mother could do the marketing after she's done cleaning your pickle. @SirArthur That's a good point, we are forced to pay 20 XRP for a wallet, so 1 XRP does not sound that bad. lol
  19. @PickleRick That's the idea, but they can withdraw their XRP whenever. That would also be part of the indicator, showing how many pledges are withdrawn would be a good indication of sentiment.
  20. It's common to have a sentiment indicator in the stock market. We don't have that in crypto. I just thought it would be more reliable than a sentiment indicator.
  21. @skunky I have been in the XRP Discord chat for weeks now and I answer and help users regarding XRP questions. One of the major concerns is when XRP is going down, then newbies flock and start asking questions as to why we are selling and why is XRP going down. I just thought it would be nice to have a resource site to send them to to show how strong our hold is. I do appreciate your comment about that being a terrible idea.
  22. At this time of a market correction we need something to give users confidence so that they can see how many other XRP community members are still holding. The stock market has something called Sentiment Indicator, see here. We don't have that in crypto but can we build something better? For that, we need a site where each one of us can pledge just 1 XRP as as sign of trust to other hodlers. This site would be able to display the number of members who are currently holding and number of hodlers who have removed their pledge. The number of hodlers on the site, if significant enough should give the community enough courage to hold, kind of like a barometer of confidence. It would be sort of like a sentiment barometer but with a pledge to hold, a promise to hold because the users have deposited 1 XRP. Should we make a site like that? What do you guys think? Am I being too romantic or can this really be useful? I am HODLing at a minimum until 2022 World Cup. This is my first post here, I have been involved with XRP since November 2017 and I am very active on the Discord group, you can find me under the username HIGHT3CH.com
  23. The same happened to me with Bittrex, the wallet is still blocked, unable to withdraw. The exchanges are blocking users from withdrawing so that they cut their losses. In other words, they control if you make money or not. It is not like a regulated broker or Casino, these exchanges don't give a F about rules. If they want, they can take your money at any time as long as they don't lose. That's why you should transfer your coins to your own personal wallet as soon as you buy them.
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