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  1. @AlejoMoreno What if the money from Scenerio B can only be spend on hard assets once received? For example you cannot keep that money in circulation, it's money you have to spend on hard assets within a predefined time. Would that eliminate the inflation?
  2. Imagine this; Step 1: The elite know that currencies have to go back to a gold standard due to inflation. Otherwise they are worthless. And also to end the cycle of debt one Bitcoin needs to be $10 million dollars. Step 2 - They decide to create Bitcoin and it becomes world's reserve currency. All currencies are backed by Bitcoin rather than gold. Step 3 - All fiat currencies switch to a digital version such as the digital dollar recently proposed by congress. Step 4 - All currencies use XRP for interchangeability. Looking at it like this, it seems all the pieces are
  3. It would be the equivalent of food stamps. How do current food stamps economics operate?
  4. It just hit me. Thanks to you. If banks had a digital dollar, they could issue extra dollars that can only be spend during a period of time such as a crisis. Then those dollars would be burned.
  5. @enrique11 Would your solution work in an emergency crisis? Imagine if you worked at a restaurant and you only had $1 XRP in savings. The restaurant sends you home and tells you that you will not get paid anymore. How will you survive? What will you eat? 60% of Americans do not have more than $400 in savings. They cannot last a month without getting paid. Hence the stimulus package by the government. They are printing money as emergency in this crisis. What can the crypto systems do in an emergency crisis?
  6. I wrote an article here titled "How Will Bitcoin Handle Economic Halts and Stimulus Needs?" and I tied it with a global vision with XRP and the Internet of Value. But what do you guys think about that question? If we had Bitcoin or XRP or any crypto being the world's currency. Then what can we do in case of a pandemic where people need extra money to survive since the economy is halted? We certainly can't just print more like the Feds do. Does XRP or any other Crypto have a solution to this?
  7. I plan on creating a charity and get it funded using XRP. How do I guarantee to the supporters that the funds will go to the cause? What would be the best way to ensure trust between the charity and the supporters? Throw some ideas please, I am not sure where to start.
  8. I sent an email to Ripple to see what they would say on this. Here is a reply form Ripple support:
  9. @iLeeT Why do you think asking banks if they use XRP does more harm than good? If their bank refuses to use XRP but their customers are asking for it, isn't that how things are done in capitalism? If the customers all ask for it, isn't that what will drive them to change? I feel like all XRP holders should ask their banks about XRP. That's probably the best way to shake them and realize what is needed.
  10. I got an email from my bank saying: "Sending money abroad just got a whole lot easier." Here is the screenshot: My first thought was "waw they are finally on Ripplenet" ! So I emailed them at GMT@simplii.com and here is the conversation: How does it work when you send money abroad? Does that someone have to have a Simplii account abroad? I would be interested to use the service only if you are using blockchain technologies such as the one made by Ripple (XRP). Thanks, They replied: We support all banks all over the world irrespective of what bank the recipient
  11. "Hey hey everybody", "I hope you are doing well", "Get your cinnamon coffee" because the "Revolution will be televised". To echo the wise words of JFK "ask not what XRP can do for you, ask what you can do for XRP.". In the days of JFK it was more challenging to do something for your community. Today with social media every individual can do something, easily. That is to spread the word, to share. I have over 600 Facebook friends and so far I have not seen a single XRP related post on Facebook. It's not their fault, they are unaware of the revolution ahead but we as a communi
  12. The reason why fiat correlation happens on certain pairs is because those pairs get traded the most with one specific pair such as USD. Let's assume the USD's value is coming from EUR and CHF. Where EUR is giving $50 to USD, and the CHF is also giving $50 to USD. Now the value of USD is $100. Let's now imagine EUR/USD goes down and now the EUR is only giving $0 to USD. Now the value of USD is only $50 because it still has $50 from CHF. It's a very simplistic example but that's how correlated pairs work in Forex. Since all of our cryptos are traded in BTC, so when you
  13. I think we have an overwhelming response, which is a big fat NO for this project. I really appreciate everyone who voted and avoided me a whole lot of wasted time. Now, how do we bury this thread? Almost seems as if I created pollution with this thread. Apologize to all and thank you again for answering honestly.
  14. @Instigator I'm not a program that can make such complex functions, but I would probably be coding the front end.
  15. @Void-Induction Very clever, I don't think we can negotiate that
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