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  1. A question for educated ripple enthusiasts?

    Is it that hard to answer the question and remain civil? Not everyone spends 8 hours a day on this forum researching every topic. It's hardly FUD when it's disproven within 1 reply. People here need to get a grip.
  2. Buying 10k worth of XRP

    I strongly suggest bitstamp. Direct bank transfer to them, and buy XRP directly for dollars. This is the way to avoid the least transactions & fees. Fees here - https://www.bitstamp.net/fee_schedule/ I used a combination of coinbase/gdax/uphold and shapeshift/binance before discovering bitstamp and I am kicking myself as I could have had way more zerps! Oh well.
  3. I think you are getting ahead of yourself here unfortunately. They are looking at integrating for speculating/investing for customers, there has been no mention of intention in including it within their back end, though I would be lying if I said I hadn't considered asking their support if they had thought about it!
  4. You didn't answer my questions. Why is one coin's market cap the limit for the rest of the coin's market cap? Post your thoughts here, I would be curious to understand your perspective on this.
  5. Why are bitcoin and ethereum's market cap the limit?
  6. It's easy for doubt to fill your mind when you see red day after day. Likewise, it's easy to consider yourself a genius and be filled with delusions of grandeur when all you see is green. Investing is a psychological game. What does the price chart represent when you look at it? the collective masses' view on the value of the asset/market over time. Just because people think the price is going down (i.e. the price is going down) it does not mean they are correct in their long term view. Just have patience.
  7. Don't feed the troll. Put him on ignore I suggest everyone else do the same - nothing of value added from their posts (in fact the opposite)
  8. Are we in for a market report at 12am SF time?
  9. GBP (£) To XRP - The Epic Challenge!

    It's dead simple. Convert gbp to usd or eur using the revolut app, which is by far the best currency exchange app available,and converts currency at interbank rate with no commission. Perform SEPA transfer to bitstamp through the revolut app again. Wait for currency to arrive with bitstamp. Buy ripple at the best rate.
  10. Sold My XRP Today - Here is why

    Haha can't believe this thread is still going
  11. Employed can also mean 'make use of' or 'utilize' and not necessarily that they are on payroll. I understand ripple probably does use their stash of xrp to incentivise mutually beneficial actions, however.
  12. Sounds quite exciting. If there is any help you need from the community, I'm sure they(myself included) would be keen to get involved.
  13. Personally I'm not sure what this is trying to accomplish. I think we should wait for further announcements from ripple - you're not going to get anything of substance from this sort of unsolicited clan unofficial contact. Ripple know what they are doing, just be patient.
  14. I'm skeptical that you'd receive any sort of useful information by sending an unsolicited message over LinkedIn. I'd also warn you about falling into the trap of extrapolating one individual's reply, who works at one bank (who probably employ hundreds or thousands of people) to represent the view of that bank, or any other banks, for that matter.
  15. Can you give any examples @Di3twater? I'd love to see some sort of wallet that allows you to take advantage of the multisign feature in an intuitive way.