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  1. Thanks for the helpful responses guys. @Sukrim I seem to remember seeing a post from you on reddit, saying that it is difficult, but is possible. Would you care to point me in the right direction? I'm not having much success with google. Thanks
  2. Hi, great to see a project running on the XRPL. I look forward to seeing how this develops - I think working on some clarification of the purpose and goal would be a good first step (as indicated by some of the posts on this thread). However I do applaud that you are doing something, unlike a lot of holders on this board (myself included)! Question: What's the deadline for claiming ALV?
  3. How can I import my existing wallet onto the ledger nano s? note: I do not want to transfer XRP from my existing wallet to a new wallet on the ledger nano S. All help appreciated. I don't want more than one wallet, I just want to access my existing wallet on the ledger nano S.
  4. You've gone all in on XRP, but you're concerned about a short term market fall? Where you expecting the price to keep on going up?ve Have some faith, or sell, no one here cares. You're not really making much sense though.
  5. Is there an official register of non profits that is searchable?
  6. You can still be a non-profit and not have tax exempt status in the US. I dont hold any stellar,and don't support them but just want to mention that. Non profit!=tax exempt
  7. I think you're reading too much into his statement.
  8. OK, thanks for clearing that up.
  9. To be clear, you mean it would rely on you, the providers of resevoirlite, arranging the release based on a price condition, rather than there being any sort of instruction you can provide on the ripple ledger that will release an escrow based on either the market value of one xrp or the market cap of total circulating supply or total supply? Thanks
  10. Is it possible to place a timer on the escrow, say, 4 years, but also an early release condition based on value? Either based on the total Vale in escrow or the value per XRP.
  11. Is it that hard to answer the question and remain civil? Not everyone spends 8 hours a day on this forum researching every topic. It's hardly FUD when it's disproven within 1 reply. People here need to get a grip.
  12. I strongly suggest bitstamp. Direct bank transfer to them, and buy XRP directly for dollars. This is the way to avoid the least transactions & fees. Fees here - https://www.bitstamp.net/fee_schedule/ I used a combination of coinbase/gdax/uphold and shapeshift/binance before discovering bitstamp and I am kicking myself as I could have had way more zerps! Oh well.
  13. I think you are getting ahead of yourself here unfortunately. They are looking at integrating for speculating/investing for customers, there has been no mention of intention in including it within their back end, though I would be lying if I said I hadn't considered asking their support if they had thought about it!
  14. You didn't answer my questions. Why is one coin's market cap the limit for the rest of the coin's market cap? Post your thoughts here, I would be curious to understand your perspective on this.
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