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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your compliment!
  2. Thank you@Plikk. It is great to be back!
  3. I would like to learn more about this disease, too. This is the second family member I've had pass away with this cancer. It is definitely horrific...
  4. Thank you very much...this has been difficult, but we are grateful for the blessings we've had.
  5. Thank you! I've been lurking around in the background...but it feels good to be back out "in the sun."
  6. Thank you very much! And thank you for reading!
  7. Thank you very much! The last couple of months have been tough, but here we are. I am looking forward to what XRP has coming for us!
  8. Hello XRPChat! I realize this has been a long time coming...thank you for your patience while I finished up a degree and worked through the death of a family member. My latest blog, The Million Dollar Question, seeks to answer the question whether XRP is a security or not. https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/the-million-dollar-question Please share across your social media accounts and please leave your feedback below. I truly look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Thank you for your vote of confidence!
  10. No...completely satisfied. I did not get into XRP for a million bucks in a few months. I stated when I first came into these forums that I am looking at this as a 10 year investment. Ripple has done more in the last few months to promote XRP utility that what was done when I first came on board. Everyone has to make their own decisions...but I'm looking forward to what the future holds.
  11. I am sure that there are just some that may go offline occasionally due to power outages, or issues with their servers. If I had to guess, that is the vast majority of what you are seeing. While this may not take care of every node that has "disappeared" there are some that have been running validator nodes who have turned them off for various reasons. There is currently a debate and thinking process happening regarding nodes, their trustworthiness, security, and their ability to be truly be useful on a UNL. Lot's of stuff happening that could affect the number of nodes you see active at any one time. @Tehol_Beddict may be able to give you more information. Hope this helps!
  12. And then CB ( now called [mention=19077]fToRrEeEsSt[/mention] replied with this: Outstanding! Much respect. On the topic of reputation points.... Yeah it's a bit of a pain sometimes.... People see I'm silver and some may assume I am more in the know than they. In reality I'm just the same idgit that I started as.... [emoji4] So it's uncomfortable to even implicitly mislead them. The thread I refer to is here: Much respect!
  13. I agree with@RegalChicken here...if WU was in "full production" we would see a noticeable, consistent trend on the ledger. These past several days is just speculation, IMO. WU has also said they are currently using xRapid for internal processes, not for customer transactions...yet. what's the difference? Internal processes means they are using xRapid to move some of their corporate money around for payroll, taxes, paying vendors, etc. I get the feeling from what they have said that they want to make sure they can move THEIR money before they try to move anyone else's with XRP. Once they are comfortable knowing their money moves as it should with the necessary liquidity, I expect that they'll begin sending money through the various currency corridors they serve, but probably not all at one time. I could see them testing a few corridors at a time, ensuring liquidity is available in each corridor. As they feel comfortable then they add more currencies to their XRP use. I say this not knowing that this is what is happening. However, if I were WU, and I'm not, that's how I would do things so I don't accidentally shoot myself with a $73 billion bullet.
  14. Yes sir...got it a bit mixed up...lol...it's been a year or so since I've actually sat down and written in Greek...obviously, I let some of the nuances slip by me. [emoji851][emoji851] I hope I didn't offend anyone!
  15. Well, when I threw what I posted into Google translate I saw it didn't come out as I intended! Yes...it was supposed to say exactly as you said. [emoji16] I studied Greek in seminary, though, I never made a perfect score on any of my tests...[emoji848][emoji848] It is a very fun language...i appreciate your humoring me! Blessings!
  16. Όλα αυτά ήταν για μένα Έλληνες!
  17. Welcome to the XRPChat community! We look forward to your insights!
  18. However, there are 2 escrow transaction in rncKvRcdDq9hVJpdLdTcKoxsS3NSkXsvfM for 200 million each on 4/6...that would bring the total escrowed to 900 million.
  19. Good analysis...I was just getting ready to post the same thing after looking at all the data.
  20. @Chewiecoin, you hit the nail on the head. I went from watching the charts constantly with the feelings of euphoria and disappointment you spoke of to hardly not looking at all. I haven't looked at the price in almost a week, though, like you, I know what the price is because others are talking about it. Rather than watching the charts I dove more into learning, and hence the blogs. I have another blog I'm working on, but, I just had surgery yesterday so I'm taking things easy. For me, the blogs are a way to share something more than just "price is up, price is down, when is price going to take off?!" The blogs have also helped to reinforce that I know I have made a great investment. I am not worried about where XRP is right now because I know where it is going. Chewie, thank you for your support of the community! I am honored to be listed among the others you've named. For any new XRP investors out there....Chewie has given some great advice. Blessings!
  21. @Chewiecoin, you have done a great job laying out the positives that have come out just recently. Many people are down because the price of XRP is down. However, the activity a d fundamentals supporting the use case for XRP are way up! Someone mentioned a rubber band and not being able to stretch much further...i think we'r looking not a rubber band, but a catapult that is pulled back about as far as it can. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!
  22. Thank you! This is good to know so everyone has a realistic idea of what is happening behind the scenes...
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