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  1. My bitstamp account was set up in 24 hours. This happened at Thanksgiving. I felt confident giving them the info they requested after some research and recommendations from people I personally know who invest in crypto.
  2. Sure would be nice if this same parabolic move happened in the same timeframe the other happened! We'd be looking at $9 around the end of February. I do not know what I should about technical analysis. What I do know is that based on all the other indicators, XRP is a good investment for the long term. $9 in the short term, from a technical point of view, only supports the long term view. Thanks for sharing!
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    Fyi, here is an article from Fortune last night. I cannot post in the Main Forum yet, so I'll tag it here. http://fortune.com/2017/12/13/ripple-litecoin-bitcoin-price-2018/ Blessings!
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    Thank you very much for the info! The blog post definitely gave a lot of info (and links to a lot more). Looks like we're definitely in for a ride!
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    Thank you for the insights. I appreciate the time. I have been reading about the escrow, so it'll be interesting to see how they affects thr market going forward, as well as the testing of the Ripple network, etc. I am in for the longhaul....5 to 10 years. My Nano S arrives today! I will say, though, I am enjoying the run up today!! Thanks again!
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    Is there a possibility of XRP ever getting to a $100+, or will it not hit anywhere near that with the amount of XRP that can still be issued? I can see the value being tremendous with widespread adoption by the banking industry...just wondering what "tremendous" is... $10...or $10,000? Thanks again!
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    Good afternoon! I have been lurking around on the forum for a few weeks now learning what I can. I bought into XRP and BTC. My BTC stake doubled, so i sold it and bought more XRP. What little I know, looks like XRP has the capability to change the world of finance, much like BTC opened the world to alternative currencies. So, what are your expectations, realistically, for XRP? Thanks in advance!
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