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  1. 27 minutes ago, Sponger101 said:

    A great read Buckor. I feel all warm and gooey inside. Keep up the amazing work!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I am excited about what we were able to accomplish last week, so I'm glad that the community has enjoyed it. We should all feel good for what we have done...it was an amazing experience!


  2. Will you be using the funds from your Coil earnings to also buy more filters?
    If [mention=10253]buckor[/mention] is truly passionate about this worthy cause I can assure you the he and his family are dedicated to to these filters. I would even guess his answer to be yes.....but in reality, if this worthy work is being carried out, I could care less about what he does with the few dollars he will earn on a blog site like this...in fact, I would hope he'd even treat himself to a nice dinner as a reward to himself for the efforts and life changing activity.
    I don't disagree. just curious [emoji4] 
    Thank you both very much...I have to say this is a very fair question.

    To answer, yes, any Coil funds received will be used for filter donations. It is very difficult for me to separate out "personal tips" from filter donations, so everything goes to filters.

    I am very passionate about getting these filters to as many people as we possibly can! I see the change they are making in people's lives and wish I could do more now. Alas, I am VERY grateful for the XRP community and what has already been accomplished! Now, if XRP could just go ahead an "moon" we could accomplish a lot more!

    Thank you for reading and for following along!


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  3. @BobWay, you have been a breath of fresh air blown into the conversation about Ripple and XRP. I appreciate  your willingness to answer so many questions with such a (seemingly) honest take and position.

    I look forward to listening to more of your conversations and learning more about where "we" are today because of your efforts and those of so many others. 



    **Edit** that offer for the XRP Community blog stands...message me if you're interested.

  4. In New Zealand there is some worthy causes that need some love.


    It would be cool if we had some sort of directory, eventually, from the GSG, just in case people want to 'donate locally.'  I'll flag [mention=10253]buckor[/mention] in case he wants to weigh in; it's an all-volunteer effort at present. 

    This is a great idea! And I know the GSG is working on putting vetted charitable projects into a "single location" so that people can feel confident about giving to these organizations and projects.
    @Truckdriver, if you have a specific organization or project you'd like everyone to look at just let me know...you can send a message if you'd like.

    Thank you very much for your heart and@Hodor, thank you very much for all the passion you have for and compassion you have in the XRP Community!

  5. XRP is more like oil. When Rockefeller promoted the usage of fossil fuels for kerosene instead of Whale oil, the government had to step in because he almost had a monopoly. Digital assets are completely new, like fossil fuels was at that time. Rockefeller actually promoted it as a cheaper fuel for lamps and suddenly owned 90% of the market, the automobile came later; a usecase most had not even considered.
    Benz, Maybach and Daimler were still experimenting with the first internal combustion engines in the newly formed Germany when Rockefeller expanded to take over the lamp-fuel market from the whalers.
    A bit of a ramble, but an example of what regulators have to think about when a revolution is at hand. Ripple knows this, and they also know monopoly is an absolute no-no.
    As an aside, gasoline is a by-product of refining oil for kerosene and other "lamp oils." Rockefeller didn't know what to do with the "waste" he was producing initially...he just dumped into the local rivers in am attempt to rid himself of the flammable waste. He then convinced the auto manufacturers above to use the combustion engine which would use gasoline...the very product he was currently just throwing away so he could sell kerosene. This was a huge coup, because not only did he own the lamp oil market, by default he also owned the gasoline markets, hence how Standard Oil was able to grow so large so quickly.


  6. The gap between XRP and ETH is widening.  Now 1.3 billion.  Becoming No 2 and widening the lead will be a strong bullish signal for investors to trade in ETH and buy XRP, it could be the stimulus that starts a bull run.
    I have noticed on Etoro forum there has been a rash of post from small time investors announcing they are selling there diversified portfolios and putting all the money into one crypto - XRP
    I agree...this gap will help with retail investors who begin to decide XRP is worth a "second" look (see what I did there!).

    And yes, I've seen the same thing...alot of people who have been very tribalistic coming out saying they are jumping into XRP...good things are to come!

    Thank you very much for reading this!

  7. Thanks [mention=10253]buckor[/mention] [emoji3] Top-notch analysis as always! I'm going to drop a synopsis here for posterity...
    "This year has been defined by announcement after announcement for Ripple and the software products they are offering to institutions, payment providers, governments, and corporates. The announcement the markets were waiting for finally came at the SWELL Conference Ripple hosted in October: xRapid is now live and ready for enterprise use with features such as multi-hop built in that allow xRapid to converge with Ripple’s other software products, xVia and xCurrent."
    "Additionally, others have been building use cases for XRP such as Omni, Coil, and a team of developers led by XRP Community member Wietse Wind who are opening the envelope of what can be accomplished using XRP. More exchanges offer XRP/fiat pairs or use XRP as their base trading asset against other digital assets than ever before. Codius, the tool used to write and execute smart contracts on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has been placed into use with Codius hosts popping up around the globe. Ripple has decreased its influence over the recommended Unique Node List (UNL) to well below 50 percent, proving the XRPL is more decentralized than either of the BTC or ETH networks. Finally, Cobalt, a much anticipated update to the stability and reliability of the XRPL is on the horizon, potentially allowing transactions to settle on the XRPL in about one second versus the current three seconds."
    "The real battle for the No. 2 spot is not between ETH and XRP. The real battle is actually the realization that real-use, utility, and strong fundamentals are what is necessary to bring validity to digital assets. Once the markets realize that fundamentals matter more than speculation, the real battle will be for No. 1."
    (the quotes are from Buckor, bold emphasis is mine)
    Thank you very much GiddyUp! I appreciate your encouragement!

    And, you definitely hit the short version of the article! I am looking forward to the day when everyone else in the crypto universe sees exactly what we see with XRP...one day...and one day soon, I believe.

  8. Good discussion of fundamentals, but while it's fun to root for xrp, I highly doubt people are actively trading xrp or eth in an attempt to take the number 2 spot, so I think it might be a bit much to call it a battle.
    I agree that I doubt people are trading XRP and ETH based on keeping or getting one or the other in that #2 spot. However, the markets are defining who they want to be in that spot, whether the trades are actively happening that way or not.

  9. An excellent initiative. I wonder if the Ripple execs know about this. To me it would seem like a no brainer for them to contribute to the cause and truly have a ledger with 0 carbon footprint. Even if they do it just for the publicity, the end result is still fantastic. Any ideas how we could get big Brad onboard?
    I'm hoping that some of the people I've tagged at Ripple and other channels I've passed it through will get this to this right people. Only time will tell...but I agree with you on all points...the publicity would far surpass the monetary cost of planting less than 500k trees. It would be a HUGE coup for Ripple!
    @JoelKatz...hate to ping you again because I know you're busy...but the article is here, too!

  10. Excellent read. When I got into crypto for the first time I asked myself the same questions and decided not to buy Bitcoin or other assets that rely on PoW. 
    Thank you very much!

    When I first got into crypto i didn't even think about it...it took several months for me to realize the significant differences. I am very glad that the XRPL is not only a superior technology to PoW, but is also a more energy efficient technology!

  11. Dammmiiiittttttttt!!!!!
    Just kidding!!! Awesome! [mention=10253]buckor[/mention] great cause and good job.... I just sent my 100XRP to:
    Destination tag 1972039
    through bittrex... had to familiarize myself with withdrawing as it had been awhile..... but its done!
    Thank you very much!! Yes, it made it here...and I am very grateful! Thank you so much for your willingness to help provide clean drinking water and hope to families that need It!

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