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  1. buckor

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    Thank you. Just getting back to this thread and this is what I was going to pull up for the questions I saw.
  2. buckor

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    According to Ripple, xRapid requires the use of XRP (xCurrent and xVia do not require XRP but can use XRP).
  3. Patience... It took Wietse a long time to get XRParrot to the point it is now with all the regulatory hurdles, etc, he had to jump through. Patience...
  4. Hello XRP Community! I've been asked to share this with everyone here at XRP chat.@stedas (Twitter handle) has put together a great infographic of over 100+ XRP Community members. Take a look...if you're not following some of these folks I would encourage you to do so. Many have accounts here on XRPchat, too! Blessings!
  5. You talk about the basics of supply and demand and yet deny those same principles can actually work.@Hodor is absolutely correct in his detail about order books. One needs only look at the charts to see that even a small spike in trading volume causes the price of XRP to rise. Just a few hours ago that's exactly what happened...now, magnify this with the trading volume that must be present for banks/FIs/corporate treasuries/etc to accomplish their goals and one can easily see that the price will rise due to the increased demands on the system.
  6. buckor

    The Funniest Thing Ever

    Lol...That's funny. Well, I don't do a lot of hunting...it's been 6 years since I've been! Though, I do love our place in the country with a cabin on property, no neighbors, etc. From that aspect, yes, I'll take being a country boy. The avatar and name are based off an old nickname...Big Buck. I am 6'6" tall (used to be 6'8" but had to have my lower spine fused while in the Marine Corps where I was an intelligence analyst). I have a B.S. in Business and Accounting and 2 Master's Degrees. Lol...my voice is because I've lived in the South too long...not originally from here, but, the drawl kinda sticks to ya! No worries! I promise!
  7. buckor

    The Funniest Thing Ever

    Yes it is...whether that's good or bad, it's mine (I realize that's probably a bad thing!).
  8. buckor

    The Funniest Thing Ever

    My submission: I came up with the lyrics and, yes, sang the song! A little XRP fun! Posted this in one of my blogs several months ago. Enjoy!
  9. buckor

    5th Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise/ Cuba Gooding, Jr. Money "Show me the money!"
  10. buckor


    My pleasure. If there is anything I can ever do to help, please don't hesitate to ask...just send me a message. Blessings!
  11. buckor


    This is probably the honest sentiment from your post. You can sense these words in everything else you have written. And you know what? We all get frustrated. I don't understand how "the market" can't see how fantastic XRP is. It is mind boggling. With XRP there is real utility with a for-profit company championing its use to major corporations around the globe and somehow the people who are currently "invested" in crypto can't see what the great minds at Ripple and the partners they have see. Yeah, it's frustrating. But, I will continue to buy and HODL. As far as the "big names" of XRP selling out as mentioned before...I don't think that is the case. I know several of these people and all of them at committed to the XRP Community and ecosystem. At current prices I am now under water...but I'll keep buying. I have another target, that I hope we don't reach, and if we get there I will buy more. We're still higher than when I first started buying... I came into this knowing I was investing my money for at least 5 to 10 years. While I am disappointed in the current price, I know I still have 4 to 9 more years to go. And I expect a lot of great things to happen in that time. I think many people, and I'm not saying you, saw the crypto gains of last year and hoped that this year would be a repeat. Maybe it will...maybe it won't. That said, I have never looked at 2018 as "the year" for XRP. It'll come, I believe, but not as fast as many have hoped for. Everyone has to make their own decisions. I bought more a couple of days ago at $.41...already down almost 25%. Okay....it is what it is. However, I do not believe the way things look today will be the same way they look in another 4 to 9 years. But that's just me. I'm glad you were able to let some of your frustrations out. We are a community and a community supports one another. Have a blessed day!
  12. buckor

    Progress: A Short Story

    @XRPeteSampras, Wow! What a great story! You had me engaged all the way through! Great job! Loved the reference to David as AI...when he walked in the door that's who I was hoping it was going to be. Great job!
  13. buckor

    The old XRP symbol is horrible

    I don't disagree with you here. The timing of the "symbol discussions" and Ripple rolling there symbol out for NYC couldn't have been worse. I can only say that the timing was truly so bad because there wasn't collaboration with Ripple on this before hand. Ripple had NYC planned and the community was starting to plan a vote...they collided. I don't think anyone expected Ripple to roll out a new symbol/logo at that time. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Together, we can all make the XRP Community stronger and better. Blessings!