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  1. As an aside, gasoline is a by-product of refining oil for kerosene and other "lamp oils." Rockefeller didn't know what to do with the "waste" he was producing initially...he just dumped into the local rivers in am attempt to rid himself of the flammable waste. He then convinced the auto manufacturers above to use the combustion engine which would use gasoline...the very product he was currently just throwing away so he could sell kerosene. This was a huge coup, because not only did he own the lamp oil market, by default he also owned the gasoline markets, hence how Standard Oil was able to grow so large so quickly. Genius.
  2. I agree...this gap will help with retail investors who begin to decide XRP is worth a "second" look (see what I did there!). And yes, I've seen the same thing...alot of people who have been very tribalistic coming out saying they are jumping into XRP...good things are to come! Thank you very much for reading this!
  3. Thank you very much GiddyUp! I appreciate your encouragement! And, you definitely hit the short version of the article! I am looking forward to the day when everyone else in the crypto universe sees exactly what we see with XRP...one day...and one day soon, I believe.
  4. Thank YOU Plikk for the compliment! I grateful my blogs are well accepted by the XRP Community!
  5. I agree that I doubt people are trading XRP and ETH based on keeping or getting one or the other in that #2 spot. However, the markets are defining who they want to be in that spot, whether the trades are actively happening that way or not.
  6. Thank you! And yes, I agree!
  7. No kidding! The fight the last few days over the BCH fork has been quite a sight to see...I'm glad we can just keep on working! Thank you!
  8. Thank you Panda!! I appreciate you taking time out to read this!
  9. In my latest article in@ModernConsensus I address the current battle between XRP and ETH for #2 on the market listings...but is that the real battle taking place? Thank you for reading and sharing! I look forward to your comments! https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/ethereum/battle-ripple-xrp-ethereum-eth/
  10. I'm hoping that some of the people I've tagged at Ripple and other channels I've passed it through will get this to this right people. Only time will tell...but I agree with you on all points...the publicity would far surpass the monetary cost of planting less than 500k trees. It would be a HUGE coup for Ripple! @JoelKatz...hate to ping you again because I know you're busy...but the article is here, too!
  11. Thank you very much! Yes, the technology is great...the energy consumption should scare us all!
  12. Thank you very much! When I first got into crypto i didn't even think about it...it took several months for me to realize the significant differences. I am very glad that the XRPL is not only a superior technology to PoW, but is also a more energy efficient technology!
  13. Here is my latest article in@ModernConsensus. I discuss the environmental impact of PoW, specifically the bitcoin network, and the XRPL and what the XRP Community is trying to accomplish. Please share across your social media platforms! I look forward to your comments below. https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/bitcoin/the-staggering-environmental-cost-of-blockchain/
  14. buckor

    Filter of Hope

    Thank you very much!! Yes, it made it here...and I am very grateful! Thank you so much for your willingness to help provide clean drinking water and hope to families that need It! #XRPforGood
  15. buckor

    Filter of Hope

    Awesome!! Thank you very much! Looks like it came through just fine. I am so grateful for the XRP Community and the willingness of people to help others, provide HOPE, and use our #XRPforGood! Thank you again!