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  1. Thank you very much Kakoyla ! In case you can share the example AccountSet JSON for the same it will be of great help. Regards
  2. I have a XRP multi-sign wallet and the master-key is disabled.I tried to explore but do not see any way to re-enable the master-key again.Does XRPL support it ?Would be a great help if someone can share specific details on this.I am able to access my wallet trough multi-sign but wish to re-enable the master key as well. Regards
  3. Two interesting news though: https://inc42.com/buzz/bitcoin-sebi-cryptocurrencies/ http://smartinvestor.business-standard.com/market/Marketnews-472359-Marketnewsdet-Sebi_RBI_engage_in_turf_war_over_Bitcoin_regulation.htm
  4. Yes you are absolutely right jag216 !! In India its a suspense as of now about the future of crypto coins. I can see many crypto exchanges in India halting deposits and in some cases withdrawals as well.Looks like Govt has started intervening with the help of banks who are slowly stopping services for crypto exchanges.
  5. In this exchange in India coindelta.com, something just caught my attention. Looks like because of the news ( statement by Minister of Finance on crypto coins ), there is a significant selling in coins. But one coin which stands tall is XRP.It's the only one in Green. Seems Indians have recognized XRP as the safest and best bet.Even my portfolio is 100 % XRP. I know some major banks in India have already tied up with Ripple and are experimenting with XRP as well.This means they have already got green signal from RBI and Govt of India. Govt will come out with a regulation on cryptos. For sure banks will be allowed to use XRP. But what about future of retail investors? I hope all things turn out to be good.
  6. The Govt of India has recently taken bold steps against black money and money laundering.Demonetization was one of the big ones. In India terrorism is a big concern and Govt keeps an eye on terrorist financing. I wish the Govt is more pragmatic in approach and comes with regulatory framework that does not simply ban the trading/usage of cryptocurrencies but provides enough safeguards to prevent any illegal activities.
  7. There are two challenges : 1.Keep your XRPs safe : So never keep them in exchanges.What if they shut down.Always keep them in paper wallet or ledger nano s 2. Govt Intervention : If they regulate it is good for everyone.If they ban then not good for cryptocurrency as a whole, given the role India can play because of its big population and economy.
  8. http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/personal-finance/bitcoin-investors-beware-regulatory-moves-could-block-access-to-money-2473377.html Govt of India has officially made a statement in Indian Parliament not to recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender in India. I hope they regulate it through SEBI ( Securities and Exchange Board of India ) and legalize cryptocurrencies as stocks/assets/commodities.
  9. So that the subject looks more general instead of focus on just escrow.Did not find any way to edit the subject line itself, otherwise would have done that.
  10. Most important rule for cryptos : Never keep a significant amount of Cryptos in exchange
  11. We recently had a discussion regarding securing the XRPs and it basically focussed on the escrow functionality. During the discussion, using multi-signature was brought up. Here is the link to the thread It would help the XRP community, if we can discuss more about the multi-sign feature. BitGo wallet does that, but its only for enterprise use now. Are there other ways that allow us to use multi-sign feature. Lets us have this thread to discuss all possible ways that provide ultimate security to our XRPs We already know about paper wallets and ledger nano s but something that is even more secure.
  12. Thanks a lot to jn_r , at3n, chrisw and sukrim for the answers and explanations !!
  13. Yes multi signature combined with escrow may be better. This crypto world feels so unsafe sometimes. I hope one day we have a XRP storage service provided by banks which is completely offline.The ripple address should be marked as such ( OFFLINE use only ) on the XRP ledger.The person should go to the bank and fill an offline form for the transaction and the bank should check all his details in person before sending the form for transaction completion over the XRP ledger.The private key should serve as no more than one of the many ways for identification.This will really help huge number of people because many people are afraid of investing in cryptos because of hacking issues.
  14. Yes exchanges do that by asking for email/mobile confirmation, but they have our private key also then
  15. Hmm.In that case I just hope for a day when funds can be transferred not just by using the secret key but other parameters like mobile/email OTP or confirmation and your own passwords as in Banks today.
  16. Yes I agree to at3n and jn_r, that still its not safe if our private keys are compromised and the hacker tries to execute the transaction as soon as escrow expires. But yes it adds one more layer to security and no one can touch the XRPs till escrow finishes.
  17. Thanks ChrisW and Sukrim for your inputs.Going through what you mentioned. Meanwhile, would like to add that it would be great if escrow can be done by signing the transaction offline and then submitting the signed transaction through online wallet. I know it can be done for payments , not sure about the escrow.
  18. Going by such a huge success of Ripple XRP, many people will definitely like to make their XRP safety foolproof. The best methods known are Paper Wallet and Ledger Nano S. Still, I feel if we add escrow on top that, it will be the ultimate secure way of storing your XRPs. Let us have a discussion on this with people sharing their knowledge on how to escrow your XRPs. One such way is using Secure Block Chains reservoir app. But somewhere I do not want to go via any third party ( like SBC ) for this and instead would like to use the escrow feature over xrp ledger directly. Do we have any such mechanism/tools/APIs available. Would be great if JoelKatz and Nikb can also provide some light on this.
  19. I think even buying is also not happening for the subscribers.Many users have complained on btcxindia twitter handle that only sell orders getting executed and not the buying ones.Then who is buying? I don't understand why the sellers are selling at such a low rate there.I hope there is no manipulation going on and users don't loose their XRPs If something Ripple can do on this.They have their office in Mumbai. Not worried about the price.Just that XRPs should not be stolen from the exchange wallets.
  20. I hope they are not into any fraud. I already posted the topic in this forum 2 days back many Crypto Currency Indian exchanges were raided by Income Tax Authorities.May be related to that. Guys, even if you are on Koinex now, please transfer your XRPs to paper wallet/ledger nano/or any other cold wallet
  21. So many issues.They say they are under maintenance.I hope btcxIndia is not scamming. Ripple, please help if you can. https://twitter.com/btcxindia/status/941182789621202944
  22. Yes Koinex seems better, although I am not subscribed to it. Still BTCXIndia was the first to start XRP exchange services in India.I hope they do something about the issues.
  23. BTCXIndia is the first exchange in India that started trading XRPs.It officially partnered with Ripple and is a XRP validator node also.For many Indians this was the first door to buy XRPs and it started dealing with XRPs just a couple of months back.A big number of XRP buyers in India use this exchange. Since last two days [ when XRP started this current upward journey ], BTCXIndia is causing a lot of troubles to the users. See the current trading price.It's way below the market price on this exchange.Sellers are in a way forced to sell low. No Withdrawals/Deposits are processed.If someone wants to withdraw their XRPs to another exchange say Poloniex, it's not happening.I am myself a long term holder and want to transfer my XRPs to a paper wallet. I sincerely request Ripple to please take a note of this and act if needed to save a lot of Indian users from loosing their valuable XRPs. I request other members of this forum to provide support to this thread so that it at least ring bells in the ears of people running btcxindia exchange.
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