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  1. Really tired of this ****, I was calm and not expecting anything, then this ******** comes. Tons of partnerships that doesn't move the market, but our short term fate depends on coinbase or on some stupid journalists. I guess that's the game. Going to sleep, haters gonna hate another day when xrp will rise proudly
  2. Wow, going fast now. It's completely useless to keep watching it but can't do anything else
  3. Pfff, I have been attracted by the BCH breakout, sacrificed some Xrp. Coming back in fomo with a little loss, guess I've been punished for my sins
  4. First I thought "ok they put the lyrics of Robbie Williams with a picture of Gandhi, why not". Learning things every day
  5. At least we know where we are going, kind of prefer this to the tension of the past weeks
  6. Well, I forgot to say I still beleive in the recovery and more. But the more I follow the charts, the more I doubt. I didn't sell, but I "give up" this money for now, it will follow its own life, and if everything is fine we will meet again. Just need to cut the link for a few weeks at least, or I'll become mad and make mistakes. Thanks to Ripple in December, I was able to take back what I invested, now still in good profit (2 or 3 times my investment), but it doesn't make it much easier. It's still a lot of money (well, for me), you don't want to lose it even if it is "bonus". Sorry, didn't want to fud at all
  7. I am losing hope guys. Only playing with profits since December, but it is hard to lose 2/3 of your capital. Really, really tempted to sell and save the rest. I've been reading La Peste (The Plague) by Camus, and it's impressive how some general wisdom can be applied to a bunch of situations. In this book, people first don't realise what's happenning, then there is panic. And the most painful turn for the city is to realise the situation can lasts several months or more, instead than just a few weeks. The hero can't do a lot, but he just holds, not because he hopes so much but because he has to. Also masters Yoda and Obi-wan have the wisdom to wait for brighter days. I will try to follow their path and come back stronger in a few months. It could be floating like that for a while, go lower, go back up and disappoint us once more. Time to learn how to let go... Ripple accumulated good news lately, so let's trust them on the long run. Best of luck
  8. Just realised it's also the initials of Bill Gates. Coincidence? I think not
  9. I'm kind of losing hope, but too proud to let it go. That is exactly what "they" want I guess. I realised waiting for the market to go somewhere is like being in love and it doesn't work. You're back to being a little child and it is extremely difficult to think about something else. Except it is worst because you are forced to be passive. Maybe I'll try a tiny amount on poker to have the feeling to be active on something money-related, in the meantime. No fud intended, reason tells me it's gonna be ok eventually
  10. For me cryptowat.ch was down just before this bounce. Coincidence? I think not...
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