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  1. I would consider MoneyGram a household name. Given their presence in Wal-Marts around the country.
  2. The past few weeks, but more so the past few days there has been a distinct correlation to the top three coins. Many users have pointed it out already. For example BTC 8000, ETH 800 XRP .80, or 7300 730 and .73. Today however, XRP was sitting pretty at 1.02 and BTC and ETH were both still in their 8400, 840... It certainly seems as though XRP is not following.
  3. Agreed. It is indeed ridiculous. Though, conspiracy theory alert: once successful partnerships with big banks happen Ripple will be in bed with big banking globalists, Bilderberg, NWO types - they are successful in their plans - we now have one world currency - which digital asset might that be? I don't actually believe this. However, it's fun to think about over a couple beers.
  4. That's any different than USD how? Printed by the fed, a private organization.. used as a base pairing to everything else in the world. EDIT: I see 20 other people said the same thing.. please excuse my comment.
  5. I'm not sure if you worded that wrong or actually believe that. They don't print new bills when they run out of value. They print more because they need more, therefore the value of all previous bills is reduced as more bills are put in circulation. This is where inflation comes from. Now in XRP's case, there will only ever be 100billion. So, as demand for them increases the value must also increase. Not only that, unlike paper money where every day more exists each day than the day before, with XRP's burn factor every day there is less XRP than the day before. Therefore, XRP is a deflationary asset. It truly is FAR superior to paper money. Anyhow, to answer your original question. That is the reason why we invested in XRP. We believe that the future utility of the coin will be great and demand will be high and such so will it's value. We will never be FORCED to sell.. that's the benefit of a free market. If someone really wants me to sell that badly, well.. they will have to pay a premium.
  6. Exactly this. I often find myself calculating how much I 'could have had' using speculative future numbers.
  7. Exactly this. Its almost impossible to determine the upper limit now that its global. And given inflation when comparing to dot-com.. I like your 20-50trillion number.
  8. Right there with you on Tron. Small position but the percentage down is immense.
  9. @Jackdarippler, thanks for the insight about Benjamin Lawsky. Ripple has proven it's ability to onboard powerful players. It's all so exciting. This thing is going to be so huge!
  10. The price is based on what the market says it is. I'm confused as to which formula you are trying to find.
  11. To be conservative.. Not to put too much emphasis on marketcap but assuming the total market is 1.5 trillion and XRP has 30% market share that puts the price around $11.
  12. I had this thought a couple of days ago. Will probably sell a percentage early January (7th?) anticipating it.
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