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  1. thats not at all stupid and very good question. yes i do weigh the "weights" and difference between BTC , USD , KRW, JPY and ETH ... when there is a red-sea day like today, i on purpose ignore it because it is market wide offset, and fundamental strengths always are retained ( albeit whole market takes a beating ) .. in other words the price difference reflecting the "qualitative" and "appreciation" differences of crypto assets are constant. as in saying ripple has been as good to BTC as it was and Ripple has been more good to ETH then it was. qualitatively speaking, ripple is gaiing confidence while ETH losing. Also relative market cap fluctuations give pretty good picture - example yesterday morning ETH marketcap was 30+ billion and today as we speak it is 24 billion :-) ... however yesterday ripple was 11.7 and today it is 10.6 .. eth confidence has evaded 10% more then ripple. this is significant. apart from this entire market took a beating which is pretty much the underlying constant. no bigs. with raising wave the lift will be back. thanks for the followup. btw however for a very short time, btc can appreciate over ripple .. but we should ignore this "jitters" and "spike" they constitute noise ( aka: unsustainable). kindly, R8
  2. I had similar fears but in 2014. by now, with so many already on-board, even if just one of them understands and adopts - its game over. let me elaborate, mathematically speaking, if one of 500 banks fully utilizes ripple, they would offer service at almost zero error rate, almost real time and almost very low near zero cost. far ahead of any competition and immediately start eating away others consumers. It is this that drives & guarantees adoption. when there is clear risk of "loosing" consumers to a better tech doing things much better at much cheaper and much faster. cannot see a single company that would see this, see eroding customer and do nothing. electric car were indeed tried in 70's, but with a battery tech that's 8 time heavy, stored 6 times less energy and upfront purchase cost 20x more then fossil equivalents. no wonder the idea died, to be born at better circumstances. in my humble opinion, ripple is not just in better, but really good place circumstantially. Global gdp is squeezing, banks are having hard time increasing gains and doing everything to save costs, population is growing, security is getting scary, scaling is number 1 issue already yin inner circles and will also be the no 1 issue discussed in mainstreams in a year at most... we could have not been placed any better. almost all major company is living on share-buy-back on cheap loan life support. All central bank balance sheets are stretched out and they cannot increase that more either. all eyes are hence on cutting cost and decreasing inefficiencies... I have thought about it long and deep, and woudl love yo uto negate me and make me see thigns that i might have missed. i like being pragmatic and inspite of that Ripple seems to be placed very well. my 2 cents, Kindly, R8
  3. I think it 'can' be more fundamental then that. in other words, after a few years - just like today's internet, you will 'lease' or 'need' XRP for a certain amount of "value" bandwidth. in other words, no one would be ready to sell XRP permanently, >> instead only lease it monthly, yearly or longer term contract basis for those who want that for "running certain operations - example the money transfer app that you have pasted, and 100's more.... >> OR be owners of such services yourself ( example start a company to provide retail payments and points of service - POS - just one example ) . Please distinguish between being able to hold "Permanent" bandwidth on the value internet versus just enabling a certain service. just like water ... it can be recycled, reused and permanent - it will never be tainted, or change its properties permanently .. it will carry any value - enable services and return back to the sender after doing its job . best way is to think of it a value-water. you can lease it for a hospital to run ICU drip machines one day - another day you can lease it for bottling, another day for cleanign or even better you the XRP holder can yourself run and own one of these 'essential' services on the internet of value. the permanent and reusable factor of a vlue network is hard to grasp but that is where the 1000 time growth potential and magic lies.... those who understand before the masses will be the early birds :-) hope that helps.. i can give so many examples that's going to blow the mind and each one can be worth a million dollar business at the least .. but i am going to shut up as it is the prerogative of those who take time to learn and put effort and i shoudl not dilute their efforts by exposing that effortlessly to everybody ... when Chris initially described this in 2013 , In a video, i was like dumb stuck, but i was able to understand only because i was wondering about the disparity between IP Packets for information on internet and non-existence of a equivalent for value. I did think world would catch on to this at least after many years.. as in 8 to 10 years.. but i under estimated and the world has lot of talented people, and seems to be catching on very quickly. its only 2017 and i know many businesses get this and the potential clearly... Kindly, R8
  4. So many reasons, and very good questions. A very nice analogy i wish to provide is that of the internet. when internet was starting it only made sense for Bell and similar companies to have switching networks and large bandwidth lines ... they were called loops and backbone lines. and then only loops were provided as network loop service to businesses. AT&T and similar players brought some bandwidth and "licenses" as investment. many others did too. Some of them just leased it, some of them rented it, some became ISP's and some just remained investors letting other companies use bandwidth and underlying infrastructure. it is only after a decade and more, small offices and others would have a full fledged corporate internet connections.... but still everything was synchronous up-link/down-link equal lines. only slowly residential internet connections came into existence. but at that time, people would ask why would a person need internet at home, just so that he can "chat" with another person on some messaging boards ? people woudl say , wait and hold on... keep that bandwidth, it is going to get costly .. as websites come online on the network and provide various services... people would say websites ? what websites ? what and how much service could a virtual website provide without a real office ? come on you could not be serious right ? long story short- we are where we are today .. what would you do with a "bandwidth" for a new kind of internet that is coming alive - internet of value ? how could you use it really ? can you turn it into businesses ? can u turn it into services ? is it going to be at a premium ? can you use it for providing a service that needs certain "amount" of value bandwidth ? I want you to take it from here, and figure things out . I can give you some examples .. check what people are already thinking of doing .. check what gatehub is doing .. check what rccloud is pulling liquidity for , especially for small payments... could you provide liquidity just by holding xrp and signing up to be a provider in a pool like an exchange pool ? akin to having a house that you can "rent" for an income ... and that's the crudest of all use cases .. almost everything else is a better one .. :-) good luck. R8
  5. that is true buddy, we just pick things he is good at.
  6. He sure does have some salient points to ponder, coming from experience... "Some blockchain companies may become the next Apple or Microsoft… but most will likely become the next Infospace.com. (Infospace.com, one of Jim Cramer’s ‘winners’, peaked at US$1,305 a share shortly after his February 2000 keynote. By June 2002 it was trading at US$2.67.)" "Because of the lack of regulatory oversight, coupled with speculative mania, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we witness a largescale incident of fraud (at which point the same ICO punters will probably go crying to the regulators demanding retribution)." "You see, US$100 billion is a drop in the ocean of what cryptocurrencies will one day be worth. You just need to proceed very, very carefully. And “invest” no more than you can absolutely afford to lose." thanks for sharing ! Kindly, R8
  7. slopes compare daily with weekly and cycle charts, demand curve i track without charts, pvi and nvi are long term and co-related after average-merge of both 30 and 4 hr to get smoother curves by averaging the points, lastly momentum and other oscillations are longer term. Hope that helps, Kindly , R8
  8. LOL i never realized ! thought it was general and appreciative .. oh where was I ! haha
  9. ** Disclaimer 01 : This is my personal opinion only ** Disclaimer 02 : This is NOT Trading advice, if you use, at your own risk. I myself don't trade regularly, and this is part my new market learning experience ** Disclaimer 03 : To remind a general market sentiment, do NOT trade with funds you cannot afford to lose. Novice markets are always very turbulent until mass adoption and maturity. Definitely NOT for the faint hearted. ** Important Note : NO information in this post is intended to aid short term/ day and/or swing trading. All summary projections are from few months to a few years in range. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ || Type: This is a quick signal change update only and not strategic. Summary: ~~~~~~~ In continuation to the previous markets report, where I derived the following: Today, i have observed few key signals. They are as follows : >> Slopes dynamics have further improved. >> Demand curve has further improved. >> close to close - PVI has fallen - impatient/unstable money/investors have got bored and moved away for now >> close to close - NVI has greatly improved - Smart and strategic money flow has increased. >> Accumulation has kept positive growth and has not reduced. both + and - directional indicators are healthy. ( aka: healthy market interest and buy/sell curve ) >> Momentum has increase by a decent step. positive oscillation is overpowering the negative momentum in a consistent manner. and most importantly, all of this has been consistent more or less across the global markets, through all major traded XRP currency pairs. XRP Dynamics especially with USD and BTC ( which were lagging ) has improved greatly. Technical Conclusion: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bereft of any sudden bad/good news, sell off's or other external induced panic & market moving conditions - Just as we are, even without any new significant good news - We shoudl be starting a gradual, spiky but slowly stabilizing uptrend from here. Kindly, R8
  10. Hi @Nedkt, thanks for sharing, and the report does not have a strong foundation. its very airy and not in tune with market dynamics. the thign is, the market is not mature to blindly apply 100 day and 200 day averages and draw conclusions. the whole trend change is not even few months old, 90% of the ico's did not exist 200 days ago or even 100 days ago. These applications make sense for a mature market where change is insignificant portion of total market dynamics ( example : stocks ). with crypto being novice, we have to strongly tie it all down to whats really hapenning. Hence, I have to agree with @Malloy on the subjective "adjust them" to say whatever one like comment. if that "whatever i like to say" is what the underlying market conditions agree with, then perhaps it makes some sense, and for that the analyst shoudl evolve to the needs of a new market instead of using some age old correlation like 100/200 day averages that don't make sense in crypto time line at all at the current situation & circumstances. hope that helps, Kindly, R8
  11. thanks for sharing, yep very decent article , with clear flow of events and co-relation. between those retest support lines are so weak, not like they are solid support lines, they have never been properly retested... if lots of new greedy traders don't re-enter- it can crumble badly I thinketh !
  12. definitely. less then 200 million sell of on a healthy day like today - does more good then bad :-) .. stabilizes the market and gives better deal to truer investors and sets up for a better uptrend going forward in my personal view.
  13. cannot see it work if they are going to blindly replace earning with trad volume. the point of setting a standard ratio is so that we can use detection tools. but all those detection tools will be rendered unusable. and secondly, averaging the value over month or more, especially in new markets can give really erratic projections. the market is new and somewhat more of a wild stallion then a well mannered horse. takes a bit more tuning i guess, but definitely appreciate the efforts to tame this market and study its dynamics ( including the effort above by ARK ) Kindly, R8
  14. perhaps... i did not find it normal, because kind off really good consolidation in terms of xrp & crypto market dynamics is behind us... but you might very well be right on.. all the dump is in a matter of less then an hour ! hmmm
  15. Please ignore, it was because of segwit2x news breaking out, there was not a panic-sell, but panic buy into BTC :- ) , so ppl moved position quickly ( guess xrp is the easiest to move around ) my bad - this was organic https://cointelegraph.com/news/segwait-is-over-bitcoin-network-shows-80-percent-support-for-segwit2x also all other coins in BTC pair were dumped more worse ! So seems like even though the news is 7 hours old, there was a panic buying moment on BTC today .