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  1. @Sancho, i see in various shape and form, already @Graine and @Sukrim have responded. My personal suggestion is they are invaluable in their capacities, Please have them on your endeavor and it shall surely succeed ! good luck, I love to see this come alive. Kindly, Chan
  2. What's your guess on when escrow will be announced

    What are you, dedicated to blasphemy ! :-).. my old friend ! May be we can ask @JoelKatz for some leads - ( unless he has become too much of a celebrity ) .. lets see if we get something back (which is better then your blatant blasphemy) !
  3. because the site could have been brought down, and it was a public ISP. a notice to the ISP is all that's needed to bring the site down and for the person to reapply ( if he sanitizes and corrects his site) hope that helps !
  4. as @karlos mentioned, i long ago did warn about this exact risk. even tagged Ripple folk to take notice. would have been so easy to shut it down or get the name and trademark removed with a single serving of a general violation notice. apparently @miguel / @JoelKatz and others from ripple here who were tagged, missed it. I agree they might be very busy, but this whole saga & bad name could have been avoided with a single notice. lessons learnt for next time i Hope. Best, R8
  5. The Myth of Market Cap

    Really good post representing your thought process. in terms of market areas of utility, i happen to agree with many you have listed. Especially looking out for > XRP to make big entry providing a much efficient liquidity ( the one that does not lock reserves ). > "enable" micro-payments globally - for the first time - because many have talked about it, but no one ever had the infra and low fees to make this possible globally. > Adoption and membership growing on Ripplenet + growing use-cases. these shoudl be much more of concern then over-hyped whimsical entity like a coin market cap, based on non-circulating coins. cheers and look forward to your other meaningful posts ! Kindly, R8
  6. Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**

    Like everyone else here, very pleased and looking forward to. Thanks @Mercury.. sure seems like a lot has gone into this.
  7. Ripple - Singapore, Bahrain, & the UAE

    You ARE the change maker .. just wow- on your spirit. thanks, for everything, and most importantly for what you are ! this is the start of an era - right here.. this is how movements begin and transform the world. Much Respects, R8
  8. Ripple - Singapore, Bahrain, & the UAE

    @mars75 Wow, well worth the wait my friend. while i have had bits and pieces of info, but never clearly connected the dots and effort. So glad you took the time and fortitude to put it all together in one flow. and it sure makes a lot of sense, which goes without saying. Thank you very much. R8
  9. SWIFT

    It all comes down to the service and cost. Swift is huge, with fat obese payouts & structure. Even if they come up with an alternative tech that match speed, scale and value, can they offer at the price that a less then 200 employee company which has its own funding option along with venture funding ( in a way directly funded by people ) offer ? Second, swift is huge, like Microsoft - but know that humanity is scales time huger/bigger then this. as a direct example think linux. Ripple liquidity is where value is generated, and that comes from "open" markets. Third, Swift is huge with their big boys bank structure acting as gate-holders and permit providers on regional basis. Swift is in bed with them, in-fact it was created in bed with them. So many hundreds and thousands of small institutions never had a chance. if they have to offer remittance, they have to basically beg one of the big banks to let them do it using their portal and rates. Now essentially with the services that are developing, its almost like a MP3 cloud service or AWS. banks just become member of a remittance cloud and pool provides common liquidity. Want collateral, hold it in your representative wallet ... want counter-party free collateral ? be king and hold xrp ... .for swift this is unknown territory ... Hyper-ledger ? something that does not have a native asset ? really ? you shoudl take time and think why their every poc uses xrp ... without native asset constructed into the protocol - it is mathematically impossible to achieve many characteristics - price, point, liquidity, disbursement and liberation from counter-party dependencies are just few of them... It's fair to say banking is going through a gigantic change ! and nope Swift is no where near ! doesn't matter how trusted or incumbent they are ... on one side ripple is bringing internet like liberation,m and on other side we have a Orwellian powerhouse you have to beg to ( for membership, for entry, for license and for everything ) AND pay cut at every level ... what joke ? i am genuinely interested if u have any better points... love brainstorming.. but for me swift is already obsolete.. just like dying star it will wield its influence because of size, but nevertheless will die out in time with mass only to reduce.
  10. Ripple/Gates Foundation/India

    @mars75 If i am going to be very conservative, and take the minimal value from the article, even then the facts put together proved the ground is ripe, supportive and mutually beneficial for such a partnership .. and for that alone your post is worth so much.. speculation then merely is about "All stars align, and all thigns fall in place, so can we expect a collaboration" ? clear and good chances ! i woudl say personally speaking thank you very much !
  11. August 1st and Market cap opinion

    just sharing my personal opinion. I believe this entire correction was directed by market capital curve. which means this cycle supersedes individual cycles. insptie of the bitcoin saga having triggered it. So when it hit 60b, it was an incredible point of entry for new money. I thought that was the bottom and we wont see that ever again for the time being. But just now ETH had a 32 Million USD robbery from a multi-sign wallet. Watch out... At the moment ripple is hugely influenced by general crypto valley sentiments. there is no denying that. it meaninglessly goes down just because eth or bitcoin had some issue. .. but a significant milestone like sbivc or japan remittance is bound to appreciate xrp significantly. So whatever you can find this month before august - if i was looking to put in some new money, i would have done it at market cycle low of 63 B, a weekish ago, if i missed that probably would look for some excellent opportunities caused by eth or some other earth quakes ... come to think of it, anything below 80b is excellent opportunity if u are thinking of a long term ( 1 year or more ) .. so much money is looking for options and crypto markets are bound to cross 150 billion sometime soon. ... as always it will be sudden, and a roller-coaster opportunity grab .. good luck. just to remind not advice, just my personal opinion. Your own risk, your own reward. Kindly, R8
  12. Ripple IPO - good or bad?

    this is very informed and balanced opinion in my view as well. they are keenly focused on "burying" the software in all strategic places to form this essential fundamental base network - which in the first place enables value-connectivity .. and once there the options are myriad and many honestly ... also, we shoudl remember that IPO's can get out of hand in more then one ways and become a massive pain rather then the "popularity and awareness" benefit that it can potentially bring on ! also not to forget the regulatory landscape and familiarization is "not there" yet and needs to mature. perhaps IPO's are going to be risk free advantage points once the landscape is more mature. but as it stands today, I feel either staying out , or at least limiting to standards based and certified ICO's are a must. my point 2 zerps as well ! Kindly, R8
  13. As always, thank you very much for duly keeping us updated ! have a good day my friend ! Kindly, R8
  14. Secure Storage Of XRP: Issues Regarding Secret Keys

    hmm i thought you were just asking how the 24 word secret and related data was managed and if it was secure enough. but this is a different question. hope someone more tech helps answer the same. btw , for the sake of mention, they are utilizing SJCL for all their needs and seeing their imports below gives some idea what/how they might be doing. if interested browse the bip39 standalone ( used to recover from desktop ) here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iancoleman/bip39/master/bip39-standalone.html Kindly, R8
  15. Hmm sorry but your math is off as well. float is 27 trillion. 1% of that is 0.27 trillion = 270 Billion , total supply is 100 billion, so 270/100 = 2.7 USD per XRP but the real supply is not 100 billion, and is locked, averaging 1 billion release every year ( that's more then what they have been release recently )- if we say this will materialize even in 5 years time, the true market supply will be 43 Billion, and 270/40 = 6.75 USD. Please feel free to correct me if my math is again off as well ! :-) @Bagheera thanks for the link. @UrzasLegacy those tags, exactly ! lol ( srry, no offence )