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  1. Thank you @mars75 your scrutiny is such a great service to ecosystem, nibbing a negative cascade ( intentional or not ) . Although this does look a bit on the intentional side. The MasterCard tweet picture also does not stand the test. Bitly branded short domain and shortened URL generator generates continuous incremental values and they are 7 characters in length with first char values being 0~9 to keep url length constant. They have not even exhausted 2 yet, the URL with "4******" string is definitely fake/Photoshop something. also note, i have not seen any tweet where master car
  2. thanks for reporting. @JoelKatz @miguel calling your attention, this group seems to be tiny bit more sinister, in terms of approach to the community. its evident its a pre-set group performing planned acts. ex: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2987228.msg30714679#msg30714679
  3. Thanks for this. Longer term this sort of community oversight is what makes it neat and transparent. two disclaimers may be worth it, one : the accounts are guessed only - the owners did not come and provide them to us. Second - i hear some wallets are wrong, so a disclaimer clearly stating this is community guesswork - might not be fully accurate. Kind Regards, R8
  4. Its obvious that they are not doing this learning things from github. They most certainly have a contract going with Ripple and perhaps are working with Ripple engineers on regular basis. I say , just keep it low, be informed and let them do their thing. Too much publicity can scare them, jeopardize or atleast slow them, make them be more cautious - none of which is best for any of us. my 2 cents.
  5. @Graine thanks buddy ! PSD2 = Payments Services Directive 2 . PSD2 stack = the *only* stack that people will have to use going forward. IN due time all players *have* to migrate to PSD2 compliant stack. So in that light, almost all payment and part-payment companies are developing/upgrading their payment service/software to be *PSD2 Compliant*. Something about CA: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Associates International or CA Technologies are big. and especially their security and alert service offerring and various other tools. However, since the last time they did innovat
  6. @Graine thanks for tagging me in. From everything i could gather through the account-to-account Japan-wide demo is of importance. Few things I got to know : >> MUFG coin is a asset on private ledger yes. Seems like It will be pegged to a stable fiat currency. there are rumors that it might not be pegged to JPY, and instead might be USD/EUR. >> During demonstration period separate "remittance accounts" will be created for users participating in the demo, denominated in MUFG coin (a private MUFG asset) >> one of the main things tested and confirmed will be "direct"
  7. this class and quality of work/research and article, my gosh. Gonna take time and delve into each connection made. Astounding @mars75. thanks for this. many thigns makes sense, some a bit "dot-connecting-rabbit-hole-reminiscent" , never the less... very valuable. needless to say, thanks buddy ! -- R8
  8. @Sancho, i see in various shape and form, already @Graine and @Sukrim have responded. My personal suggestion is they are invaluable in their capacities, Please have them on your endeavor and it shall surely succeed ! good luck, I love to see this come alive. Kindly, Chan
  9. What are you, dedicated to blasphemy ! :-).. my old friend ! May be we can ask @JoelKatz for some leads - ( unless he has become too much of a celebrity ) .. lets see if we get something back (which is better then your blatant blasphemy) !
  10. because the site could have been brought down, and it was a public ISP. a notice to the ISP is all that's needed to bring the site down and for the person to reapply ( if he sanitizes and corrects his site) hope that helps !
  11. as @karlos mentioned, i long ago did warn about this exact risk. even tagged Ripple folk to take notice. would have been so easy to shut it down or get the name and trademark removed with a single serving of a general violation notice. apparently @miguel / @JoelKatz and others from ripple here who were tagged, missed it. I agree they might be very busy, but this whole saga & bad name could have been avoided with a single notice. lessons learnt for next time i Hope. Best, R8
  12. Really good post representing your thought process. in terms of market areas of utility, i happen to agree with many you have listed. Especially looking out for > XRP to make big entry providing a much efficient liquidity ( the one that does not lock reserves ). > "enable" micro-payments globally - for the first time - because many have talked about it, but no one ever had the infra and low fees to make this possible globally. > Adoption and membership growing on Ripplenet + growing use-cases. these shoudl be much more of concern then over-hyped whimsical entity like
  13. Like everyone else here, very pleased and looking forward to. Thanks @Mercury.. sure seems like a lot has gone into this.
  14. You ARE the change maker .. just wow- on your spirit. thanks, for everything, and most importantly for what you are ! this is the start of an era - right here.. this is how movements begin and transform the world. Much Respects, R8
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