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  1. Over the last 2 years not much in the whole of crypto has . . . And btw I started this thread in direct competition with a FUD article that was entitled “When does everyone admit they were wrong”. Good times
  2. Despite your attempts to say otherwise nope I have nothing to apologise for or admit. I still have made the right decision in investing in XRP some piece of news comes long that confirms otherwise or we go to zero. Neither of those things have occurred and in fact the news of XRP’s potential success has just gotten stronger and stronger. Look at ODL volume. That’s real utility. I haven’t sold any of my XRP and don’t intend to as I firmly believe higher prices are coming. When? Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.
  3. It’s all good. My predictions were off but so were many others. I still stand by my $100 long term prediction. It just seems to be taking a lot longer. Am I way off and XRP never gets above $3.40 again? Absolutely I could be!! I am not an insider or god forbid a riddler. I’m just a guy that has done thousands of hours of research and still firmly believes in the success of XRP. If the trolls or maxxis want to attack me for my beliefs go ahead. But I won’t shy away from them!!
  4. I clearly suck at price predictions!! I still believe that if Ripple succeeds in having XRP replace SWIFT as the dominant form to move money across borders, which frees up trillions in nostro/vostro accounts worldwide, then we will see $100 on day. Your guess on whether this will happen or when is as good as mine.
  5. And this comment shows the intelligence of the poster. Well done sir.
  6. I owe you nothing sunshine. The mere fact that you even think you are owed anything from me shows how delusional you are. I post about my passion for an investment and trolls like you jump on me. I haven’t changed my mind about XRP, not one bit. Yes I am frustrated by the delays but it’s not like XRP has failed and the rest of the cryptosphere has gone on a tear. Give me a break. You sir are a waste of time. Enjoy your insular and pessimistic view of the world.
  7. It absolutely could go lower. I hope not but she definitely can. I still think it goes up again soon
  8. Hmmmm I better not answer that cos you know what I’ll say
  9. And good luck to you. I think that is a fine strategy if you have thought it through and it best suits you. I think it still has a lot of upside but it’s hard to see when it’s at 17c.
  10. If anyone can call NASA or maybe Elon Musk to work out how to turn them right way up that would be appreciated.
  11. Nope it’s still there and very much active. There are a lot of frustrated, unsettled investors wondering what the future holds with their investment. I think that’s a natural reaction to the whole crypto market.
  12. Well hello to you too.. You don’t know me. So why do you profess to? I bought in before the Dec 2017 run and bought all the way up and also all the way down. Check my history in here and my posts. It all matches. Not that I have to justify myself to you. And don’t tell me how to behave. I am optimistic and still am. Do more than 5 minutes research and you would be too. Congratulations to anyone who thinks XRP is doomed and has been professing it for years. That’s not me. I’m here, I’m holding. One of us will be right and only time will tell.
  13. Hey everyone Price must be bad as I’m getting tagged by all my FUD Patrol friends all over the place. I guess I deserve a few posts against me. I honestly thought we’d be between $10 and $20 by now. But instead we are between 10 and 20c. Well that sucks, doesn’t it! Please do what’s in you’re best interests. Whether that’s sell, hold or buy more. I’m still holding and I’m in my biggest hole so far. Have we hit the bottom? Who knows now one does. Can we reach $4, $10, or even $100? No one knows that either. I’ve always said focus on the fundamentals. Have they changed? I don’t think so. I think they are stronger than ever. But I’ve been saying that for over 2 years. Good Luck to all genuine XRP investors out there. I hope you all have a Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays. PS - I still think we are over due a speculative bull run. Let’s see if 2020 can mirror 2017. If not I’m sure I’ll get tagged some more lol.
  14. Are you kidding me! Paid troll indeed. Get knotted. If you have read any of my posts I acknowledge my positivity and have said many times for people to do their own research and make crypto buying decisions that suit their circumstances. I don’t need some two bit amateur trader internet hack abusing me for no reason. If you’ve been able to time the market perfectly and make money in this falling crypto market over the last two years then congratulations to you. Although I severely doubt you have after reading some of the garbage you have posted. I’m still holding and yes remain positive about XRP’s future.
  15. Ah yes I will. In fact I just did in another thread. Thanks for mentioning me. And congratulations on obviously timing the market perfectly with your crypto buys and sells
  16. I’m here my friend. Never left really. I lurk more than post now. Damn who would have thunk it that this guy was right. Just 2 years off. Whilst I hate this drop it’s still predicated on BTC sh!tting the bed and all other coins being linked to it due to exchanges being tied to BTC. Whats frustrating is that XRP, despite all Ripple’s hard work in creating liquidity with more XRP pairs on exchanges, is still tied to BTC. We are still also not seeing enough demand for ODL to have any utility effect on XRP’s price. In my opinion, we still need to focus on the fundamentals. They are still very sound and have gotten stronger. I still very much believe in XRP and am holding. Maybe it’s to my detriment but there you go. And yes I wish I could have predicted this 2 years ago, sold at the ATH and bought back now (we may go lower yet) but crystal ball has been in the shop. Stay strong everyone. Do what’s in your own best interests.
  17. XRP is a scam coin. I’m with all my old XRPChat banned dead friends on this. #bringbackbubbles
  18. I’d never blame anyone for selling at $10 if that’s your plan. I just feel like XRP’s future will be much higher than that
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