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  1. Hello my old friend. Ill be honest and say that I thought we would be up past $5 to $10 by now but the whole crypto market has been so depressed for a long time now. This bear market is 16 months old it still nothing like the 2 year plus bear market of 2015 & 16. I’m still very confident of XRP’s success and that it will well and truly surpass $10 in the future. We will see a Rocket once the next speculative bull run starts but it’s utility that will see us truly soar. I’m on the record for saying $100+ and I stand by that. I’m still very thankful for this prolonged bear market because at prices under $1 I have bought 10 times more XRP than what I originally purchased and if our prices had stayed around $3, I would never own this much. Whats your thoughts @vsyc
  2. Chewiecoin

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay welcome to the forum. It will be great to hear your insight and commentary about all things Ripple and XRP. You will find a good community in here (mostly). I look forward to reading your posts.
  3. Yep, if you have to come on an Internet forum to tell everyone you’re rich, you’re not rich, you are just a child. Enjoying getting the members to respond to you and you’re silly baiting posts. Don’t stay up too late you’ve got school tomorrow!!
  4. Your fairy tales are getting more exoctic, I’ll give you that. Yes I’m sure you are a trader and you’ve made so much money shorting the market. We all bow down to you’re imagined magnificence.
  5. Great post @2ndtimearound I’ve never considered comparing yearly lows before. It adds a very comforting new perspective. The underlying asset is growing. Yes we boomed hard and fell hard but look at the progress over time. This comparison takes the speculative rises and falls out of price over time.
  6. And here it is the truth. We have a person who has joined XRPChat for the sole purpose of trolling and trying to scare people. How much BTC or ETH do you hold. What’s the going rate for paid FUD posts these days? Well done for outing yourself. Thank you.
  7. Nope not a troll thread. A thread showing that short term price should not matter and findamentals will determine if we make money in the long run or not. Yes many investors are in the red, including me, but we knew crypto was a risky investment right? We knew that the price could go up dramatically and down dramatically as it has done many times in the past, right? We all know to look to the fundamentals of the technology and how they have developed over the last 12 momth, the problem it is solving and the partnerships that have been made, right? Or in your case maybe not?
  8. No, completely disagree as an investor we can hate what the price has done this year but w should rejoined at what Ripple has achieved and is achieveig. Too many short sighted investors in here.
  9. I understand why my post may upset some. If you focus solely on price 2018 was terrible. But IMO you need to look past price. My post wasn’t about price but the amazing partnerships and tech development that Ripple has completed this year. We are seeing the foundations of true utility being laid. What we are seeing is tech potential for price to skyrocket in the future. So no I wont apologise for my post, I stand by it 100%
  10. Very well said. But but market cap, price is only 37c . .
  11. Yes this is exactly what’s happening. Cue the FUD saying that NDA’s don’t exist.
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