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  1. Chewiecoin

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Please just be careful with your language because I did take offence to the insinuation that I was elitist or better than everyone else. I’ve been an active member of this community for over 12 months and stand by the integrity of my posts (well maybe not some of them in the Zerpening lol). Remember when a club or chat room is set up it has mods. It was set up by those mods. They ultimately have final say on who is in the club and how it runs. I don’t know about your case in particular but it might not seem fair when mods impose rules or boot people but that’s the way it is. You have every right to start your own club and invite in and run it how you see fit. I am a mod in a few chat rooms and clubs and trust me it’s not fun.
  2. Chewiecoin

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Hey @XRP-JAG I am part of many chat rooms/clubs including the Zerpening, some clubs in XRPChat, CSCChat and clubs in there and a few discord channels. In fact too many to really do them all justice. I like learning as much about my investments as I can. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some of these rooms are public and some are private. I don’t class myself as elitist and I definitely don’t think I am better than anyone else. And yes I get told things that I have been asked to keep confidential. I respect that and I always will. I don’t think it’s right you making these accusations.
  3. Present. I’m President of the HODL till $100 Club. Still very much here, still accumulating more zerps. Nope no way. Why. Because we haven’t moonlamboed yet? 100% agree with this. Well said.
  4. Chewiecoin

    XRPL Decentralization Update

    Great stuff mate congratulations and thank you to you and the other members in here running validators. Fantastic support to the XRP Community.
  5. Hey gang. Just had a fantastic weekend. I don’t live in the US so no Thanksgiving holiday for me but I still had a great time. I had a weekend with my family, away from the Internet. No checking XRPChat, no Zerpening and no price checking. I tell you what it was liberating. I thoroughly recommend it. It shouldn’t matter what the current price is. Do you believe in the fundamentals of XRP or don’t you? Sit back, switch off, go outside and smell the roses. Yes this current price and year long bear market sucks. I get it. I keep buying more because I believe in the fundamentals. I believe in the future utility demand which is coming. I believe that we will be successful. This could be the start of the end for non utility, speculation coins. BTC at best is a store of value, at worst is nothing. I think the market is finally realising it. BTC’s failure is pulling the whole market, including XRP, down with it. XRP’s fundamentals remain as strong as ever (in fact continue to strengthen) I’m still here, I’m still HODLing, I still believe. And nothing in some of the FUD posts that will follow this thread will dissuade me. HODL tight my friends.
  6. Thanks for your post @patiljohn. I think the crypto market has a very long way to grow. I don’t think all coins will do well but the major ones, the ones based on utility, including XRP will thrive. Try and ignore the deliberately negative posts. They swarm a bit on here.
  7. Don’t waste you energy mate. This latest version of the FUD Patrol is just a broken record of negativity but does have a penchant for riling people up. Much better off on your ignore list to ease the stress on your eyeballs as you avoid reading their nonsense.
  8. Chewiecoin

    Hello Everybody

    What the shiny robot said. Welcome @Tobi
  9. Nice, thank you. I like unicorns. I know one who’s pretty good at TA
  10. Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.
  11. I hate seeing your inclusion into a Private Club as causing you this much stress. I am happy to relieve you of this stress. You have found friends here.
  12. It’s such a shame that the Trading and Price Speculation Club has been infested with such nonsense. It used to be a place where people’s ideas about XRP’s price could be intelligently debated high and low. It’s now a cess pool of trolling and negativity. I laugh at the teenage attempts to insult the genuine XRP investor who chooses to join a Private Club where sensible discussion and fun takes place all in celebration of our investment rather than constant complaint and whining about how it cannot succeed. Enjoy wollowing in your own misery guys. If anyone does want to escape the negativity and trolling in here, PM for an invite to the Zerpening.
  13. Chewiecoin

    The price and the greed

    I haven’t seen a “hope the price stays low for longer so I can accumulate more” post for months. Thats an auto BAN in the Zerpening lol. @Xrp2damoon the price has been low for a long time now, if you haven’t accumulated enough now then get in quick. The problem with hoping the price stays low so you can accumulate more is that when you are ready for it to go up another poster wants more time. It will go up when the market is ready. A lot of information is pointing to very soon. Let’s hope so.
  14. You too mate. Would love a $25 price this month btw. Can we arrange that!!