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  1. It definitely has that pre December feel about it. I can feel it in my furs!! The next wave is coming. I see you are talking about April I thought the XRPChat price committee held a vote and we agreed on March?
  2. Average age of the XRPChat family

    236. https://www.bustle.com/articles/125825-how-old-is-chewbacca-in-the-force-awakens-the-wookie-looks-great-for-his-age Hoping to own the Millenium Falcon when XRP Moons.
  3. Deleted

    Obviously things a bit slow in here today? When cycling through the pages to see what the latest content is I get this thread as my next next best option!!
  4. Come buy some of my RippleConneeeeeeeect
  5. Damn I thought I got very copy of that video. Damn First Order
  6. Hi everyone. I’m gathering a group of interstellar developers and creating a Ripple fork called RippleConnect. Its this great idea. You don’t actually sell XRP to anyone you just loan it to them. I having a launch party next week and am using this guy as MC Who’s ready to moon with me!!
  7. Gees @HodlOnASec no ones talking about selling at $10. We talking about having a PAAARRRTAAY This will be me
  8. Get a few scotches into me and I’m anyone’s
  9. Too much boring price talk. So who’s coming to the Vegas $10 Party!! I keep having this dream that we are all in Vegas at the end of the year having a ball and wearing T-shirts with our profile pic on them.
  10. I always just use Bitstamp and then add a third to convert back to AU I always like that conversion makes me feel richer When I cash out I am hoping we at 50c to the USD again. Go USA
  11. He died unfortunately, bit of a family dispute. I’m hanging out with some young bird now that thinks she’s a Jedi
  12. But then what I do with with my life?
  13. Too many references to that dreaded s word SELL I know it’s all in the name of getting out and making a profit, it just wrinkles my fur is all. HODL always HODL
  14. Ooooh to be able to buy a few million zerps at 0.06 and then see 56,000% return in 12months Good times