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  1. Chewiecoin

    Nice little pump

    Yes mate definitely still alive and kicking. I hadn’t bought fur a while waiting for the price to settle. Bought some more a few days ago. I have a good feeling that hopefully we may be close to bottoming out.
  2. Chewiecoin

    Nice little pump

    Yep I’m here watching enthusiastically. Its nice to see a beautiful big green candle. I’m hoping there will be many more soon.
  3. Thanks @PhoenixSequence Enjoyed your post. A lot of dots being joined together st the moment!! This is another one.
  4. That’s simply not correct. Just look at the 3,500 members in here to know this. It’s easy to say the market is dead in a prolonged bear market. If you do the smallest amount of research you will know the future remains incredibly bright.
  5. Done. I will organise.
  6. I don’t know 100% but I believe the recent news of 100FI’s signed up means using or about to use xCurrent or testing soon to use xRapid. Previously their advertised “partners” were just working with Ripple or in a testing environment.
  7. Ha ha very clever. The answer of course is A
  8. Chewiecoin

    Banks buying from Ripple

    Hi @Lwaldenrealestate good question. Financial Institutions (FI’s) will buy XRP to transfer from one currency to another. For example they convert USD to XRP from most likely a market maker who will buy from exchanges or from Ripple. The XRP is sent to the correspondent bank in say Mexico who will either store it or convert it to MXN. The purchase and sale of XRP by FI’s, exchanges, and Market Makers creates demand and liquidity. By itself one transfer won’t do much but the more FI’s using xRapid and the more inefficient payment corridors Ripple targets the more demand and liquidity is created into the trillions of dollars. On top of this add speculative demand from average investors and big corporates, hedge funds etc and now also add possible demand coming from Codius smart contracts, coil microtransactions and new projects using XRP funded from xPring and you can see the quantum price jumps that are possible in the future.
  9. I respect your opinion @Spekul8 but disagree with it. For me I believe in the long term future of XRP and believe it is completely undervalued at present and at these prices is very attractive. Im not saying this is the bottom, it may not be. It’s impossible to correctly time the bottom. If you are able to HODL long term then buy now what you can afford to lose and forget about XRP for a month, 6 months a year or two and IMO you will get a great ROI on your investment.
  10. Yes absolutely correct. We could very much drop some more in the short term. I hope not but it could happen Always look to the long term view though. If you believe that is positive then be patient and HODL
  11. Well this is a stirring positive comment for a Sunday, well done. I’m not saying XRP’s price can’t completely fail like you are saying I’m just saying that it is very very VERY unlikely. Look at all the amazing adoption news (over 100 FI’s signed on now) the future is very bright.
  12. I’d rather be in a bull market but so be it.
  13. In short “No” as we want to see our investment appreciate. The prolonged bear market has however given us an amazing opportunity to accumulate more. I for one have doubled my stash goal this year. I firmly believe that we will all be thankful for 2018 in the future as we made more profit on our investment because of it.