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  1. Viggo I think it is really sad that it turned out this way for you. I hope you are doing well. Although I never would have done it myself, I respect you for having the guts to take such a large position at that stage. I also respect your decision of cashing out at this point. What are your plans now?
  2. Haven't been following since Covid-19 blew out. Delighted to see XRP back to .19. Have xrp outperformed bitcoin the last days?
  3. I second this. People are just clutching at straws trying to find some explanation to why things are (not) happening. The stock market is doing alright. The crypto market too. And the corona virus has nothing to do with it. One share of AMZN today costs 1800 USD. One year ago it was 1400 USD.
  4. I think this thread is the best thing on the forum, and I very rarely contribute to it by posting. I'd believe many more are in the same camp as me, even people without accounts. I think some criticism and fresh angles is healthy for discussion, and from experience I think all that will be at risk if we make this thread a private club. For example, the bearableguy club which was on here eventually became a cult, which is probably one of the weirdest thing I've ever seen on the internet. I say keep it as it is. Ignore the kids
  5. Diversifying is the only sensible way of approaching this space in terms of investing
  6. Fixed your post ;-) (and yes I agree with you)
  7. "The banking world" is exploring several technologies that will make their services more effective, including Ripple.
  8. He's the lucky luke of shooting predictions. Of course he is going to get a hit every now and then. Clueless. And likely a scammer.
  9. As I've stated earlier, I wouldn't be surprised to see this take a dip beneath 0.15. I just can't see momentum shifting anytime soon. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that bad IMO.
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