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  1. Give Vitalik a break, social skills isn't his strongest game
  2. Binance are launching tokens for the stock, they also have a token for tesla stock
  3. Wow, is this in any way indicative of what the price will be when the token is released?
  4. Has been right on the money on a few calls. Especially impressed with how he hit the bitcoin top. Thought he was a clown at first, much respect for him now. Not entirely sold on him, but obv hope he is right with his predictions
  5. "There is nothing you can do about it" is such a silly attitude that just begs to be wrong
  6. Tonight we drink for Hopium. Hopium, if you read this, stay safe and keep spreading hopium
  7. Sorry to hear this. Make this a lesson learned and you'll be stronger in the future!
  8. I have it from reliable sources that National Rifle Association are considering to put BTC on the balance sheet. Surely that will shoot the price up
  9. In no way is double figures for XRP a certainty. And if we do get there at some point in the future ithere are going to be many opportunities to add to your stack through selling at higher points and rebuying lower. However that is a risky exercise which might backfire heavily
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