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  1. I don't think it's that easy. Before the last bull run there was a genuine interest from the general public and the mainstream, and it was not because of FUD. It was simply because of the price moving up
  2. Would you care to send me a message when we are at the next bubble? lol
  3. MY guess is that once BTC starts closing in on ATH we will start seeing hype again
  4. I'm surprised to hear that this club is still up and running... Why would they believe Kich NOW? He admitted that he was not an insider and that his prediction was nonsense. Besides this, what is the sentiment in the bg123 camp?
  5. Sure! At this point last year I was very optimistic and bullish regarding the short term value of both XRP and the rest of the crypto market. On this forum and others, I may have displayed an attitude that were in line with that sentiment, and I may even have gone as far as sharing what in retrospect turned out to be unfavourable investment advice. Never dreamed of $100+, but I was sure we were going to see double digits by now. I was horribly wrong and I am very sorry.
  6. Not saying you're wrong, but the same thing could be said about many of the partners of Ripple
  7. Too low. With xRapid going live and wall street looking to get in... Trillions of banks
  8. Prices have been low long enough for people to accumulate. We've crashed 90% ffs
  9. I think we can get to $1 without the help of bitcoin
  10. So, at work, you analyze volumes pushed through xRapid hundred times a day? Sounds chill! Where do you work?
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