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  1. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying?
  2. This hurts the entire space, so being gleeful about it and celebrating it is idiotic if you have any interest in seeing crypto succeed
  3. I have. Not a very good platform imo, but it's one of few ways to get some of the moonshot garbage coins
  4. Anybody watching the b word thing? The discussion with Musk, Dorsey and Wood is live now
  5. Ai no corrida That's where I am You send me there Your dream is my command Ai no corrida I find myself No other thought Just you and nothing else You and nothing else
  6. I heard somewhere that the ratio for the initial drop actually would be higher (close to 2:1) because so many accounts did not do the necessary steps to claim their tokens. Anyone know anything about this?
  7. Jeremy Hogan also holds XRP and is therefore not someone to rely on for unbiased views re: the case. He predicted that the case would be settled weeks ago.
  8. Flawed thinking imo. No guarantee that the SEC case will be settled this year, and therefore you shouldn't base your investments on a hypothetical timeframe that it will be. Jeremy Hogan and Digital Asset Investor make fun and good content. But at the end of the day they are youtubers and don't know much. Don't really see the issue. Just diversify some of your THETA if you can't live with missing the boat (that may or not happen...). Or just wait until news re: the case pops and then put some money in.
  9. Yup it would've been. XRP 40 Dollars would've been even better
  10. XRP 4 Life?? You take your own free time and effort to protest something and the one thing you can sketch on a placard is XRP 4 LIFE???????????????????
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