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  1. "The banking world" is exploring several technologies that will make their services more effective, including Ripple.
  2. He's the lucky luke of shooting predictions. Of course he is going to get a hit every now and then. Clueless. And likely a scammer.
  3. As I've stated earlier, I wouldn't be surprised to see this take a dip beneath 0.15. I just can't see momentum shifting anytime soon. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that bad IMO.
  4. What happened to the back2school thing he said was going to happen? It was supposed to be bigger than the moneygram announcement
  5. If you want to stay on topic with these kinds of things then buy a threadmill. Get it? Thread... Mill. Nvm I'll show myself out
  6. If we reach 10$ over the next year I will travel to America for the sole purpose of having my teeth checked by you
  7. I think this is fun and XRP is fantastic. However, if you show up at a christmas party wearing an XRP (or any crypto currency) christmas jumper expecting to be perceived as cool, it's time to reevaluate. :-)
  8. Really cool and exciting, thanks for compiling!
  9. Agree with @TeeKay. Imo this is and have been for the last two years a stumbly walk down to 0.10s. And there are no guarantees that it is stopping there.
  10. I agree with @JA8. I am far more worried about the altcoin market. Will definitely be interesting to follow
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