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  1. Just another day that serves as a reaffirmation that this market sucks. There's been so much talk of a next bull run here and on every other online cryptocurrency forum. This has been going on since the last one lol. However, I am beginning to believe that there won't be a next one. At least not in the sense we initially thought it would happen. Little to no real utility, no progress in terms of regulation, barely any interest from outsiders or the mainstream media, no new money pouring in, delay after delay after delay after delay from the players that were supposed to attract the institutions into this space. Tbh I think this ship is going to tank a lot further. Lot of people here talking about having bought more today, but I won't even consider buying more XRP til we are sub 0.10. And when christmas comes around, that's where I fear we will be at.
  2. Probably just a day or so. How many accounts is just preference. If it reaches 1000$ I'll pay my taxes happily...
  3. Because there is not enough dreaming on this forum as it is.... On topic: Bank transfer to my main local bank, then diversify to different accounts spread across all premium tier banks that will let me do whatever I want with my money. Then I'd buy my local football club, fire everybody and close it's doors permanently. I'd proceed by going on the biggest coke-and-hookers-binge the world has ever seen. Crossing my fingers that I won't be dead before 30
  4. Dude... That's just tasteless. Right now I suspect that there is no sort of news that will move the price of XRP substantially. Not even a full blown **** out SWIFT partnership. For that to happen there needs to be mainstream media hype, similar to what we saw in 2017. And I would guess that the only thing that would manage to generate that sort of hype today is ATH's being crushed. That's why I am rooting heavily for bitcoin at the moment. However, you do have utility and the combination of news and utility, but I honestly don't think we will see utility dictate price in this space for quite some time. This is just my opinion and I could be very wrong though.
  5. I'm going to keep my jets nice and cooled until they are live
  6. Really cool to see David drop by. And Alex certainly seems to have taken many steps since the last time I checked his stream. Can't see how this can be turned into something negative, but some people here are already doing so. Smh.
  7. I also respect and understand your decision to sell. It's your money, you do as you please. And considering how the markets have been moving recently, BTC seems to be a better choice for gains. Also, no one can call you out for not believing in XRP or Ripple. Holding from the time you bought in until now speaks for itself. Good luck!
  8. There was one theory floating around that they were going to pump XRP so the USA could reduce their debts... Smh
  9. Okay, I enjoyed the video and think most of the stuff he says is reasonable. I just don't get why he chooses the route where he hypes this stuff even more because of some new unknown twitter user. He did the same thing with the Kichiro dude where he said we were likely to go to 50$ overnight or something stupid like that. It was embarrassing tbh
  10. At what price does the bitcoin network start lagging and the transaction fees get blown up?
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