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  1. It goes something like "we focus on getting one corridor, then we hang the other corridors off each end" or something like that. Some background: This article: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4137721-ripple-tokens-worthless?v=1516118003&comments=show appeared up on Seeking Alpha this morning ( a very popular resource for financial news). Having engaged with the author, it appears he was not trying to spread FUD but merely misinformed. I'm trying to explain how Ripple is trying to build XRP liquidity such that FX risk is not an issue for market makers but I don't want to misstate anything. Thanks for your help.
  2. It seems that the market remains bullish on XRP and new market entrants are keen to get in on the action. It is hard to see upward pressure on XRP reducing over the coming weeks and months. https://www.finder.com.au/ripple-price-weekly-analysis-what-can-possibly-keep-ripple-down
  3. https://ripple.com/insights/moneygram-use-xrp-faster-international-payments/
  4. They did this for months at 20c. Though I think that was probably just them trying to keep XRP down. Real volume is what broke the hold the first time. And it's what will break it again.
  5. At the weekend, I wanted to buy some xrp but couldn't bring myself to buy at those prices having been used to prices at/around 20c. I silently wished I could buy at 20c again. Its my fault. I take it back!!
  6. Besides the obvious holes that people have already quite articulately picked in this, there's also this: I don't want to pledge to hold XRP. I have no loyalties to Ripple or XRP. I value the fundamentals and believe the value proposition is strong and thus see it as a strong investment. I've been holding since 17c and have made a very decent return. They may even change the world. However, were any of those fundamentals to change, I would not hesitate to reevaluate my investment. So no, no pledge from me.
  7. I could be really annoying and spend 10 minutes posting 50 single character posts. Would you want to give me the keys to the kingdom then??
  8. As much as I hate FUD, I'm not down with censorship. Let fudsters FUD. We respond with truth, or ignore them. With silly repetitive questions, ignore then if they bother you that much. I'm a relatively new member myself and I appreciated being able to engage straightaway. I haven't looked around enough to know whether there is a FAQ, but if not, I'm happy to start and help maintain one that can be linked to whenever a noob question is asked...
  9. Lol. Did you join xrpchat just to make that comment?
  10. Objectively, I don't agree. If someone were to look at all the facts objectively, there is no way they come to the conclusion that there is anything to distrust here. The FACTS are that Larsen's XRP holdings are locked away or donated to a charity. I do agree that it's an easy stick to beat him with among the misinformed or the biased but there's always going to be something. Remember that only a year ago, that stake was worth less than $5m and was probably worth close to nothing when it was allocated to him. The Ripple team were as caught off guard by the rise as we were. One final point; the $15bn or so worth of xrp that he now owns is worth nothing if he can't sell it, which legally, he can't. So I think the Ripple team have planned pretty well for an unknowable scenario.
  11. That's ridiculous. FUDsters are getting desperate. Brings to mind a point though. XRP may not be fully decentralized (yet) but I can't help but think that we meet the spirit of decentralization when a YouTube blogger is the target of an attack on the company. I hope he gets his account back soon. He puts out good content.
  12. I'm struggling to see why I should care that someone one is a trillionaire, and care even less what he chooses to do with the money. That said, there are contracts in place that mean all of this wealth effectively only exists on paper. My concern level is zero.
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