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  1. I noticed a small fee for deposits made to a poloniex account. the amounts are 0.15 XRP roughly - same as their withdrawal fee. there isn't supposed to be a deposit fee as far as I understand, the address has already been setup with the initial 20 XRP. Anyone experienced something similar? I've opened a ticket, but considering how slow their response has been to larger issues going on with their exchange, I doubt I'll hear back from them anytime soon.
  2. ACCOUNT HAS FINALLY BEEN CREDITED SINCE I SUBMITTED THIS POST. HOWEVER, IT TOOK NEARLY 12 HOURS FOR A SINGLE CONFIRMATION. as I said in the title: XRP sent from Poloniex currently has 0/1 confirmation for over 5 hours (it's showed up on the receiving end), Is this normal? did poloniex pay too low of a fee? how long could it take for a single confirmation when normally it's nearly instant? thx for your help!
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