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  1. haha. I was rolling my eyes at the bots, not your response
  2. Will someone please explain to me why there are sub-10 XRP sells and buys on the exchanges?
  3. Thanks for the responses. Is Railblocks in competition with XRP or do they serve different uses?
  4. You think the dip at 2.67 is about it? Reason I ask is because I'm buying.
  5. Damn, that helps, thanks so much. You hit on exactly why I end up back in XRP, when I consider putting funds into other coins. I was just doing some reading about the zerp and what always comes through is the winner mentality/culture/team behind the coin. Even when dealing with controversies or perceived negatives of the tech/protocol, there are real life use cases and such in the pipeline, that exist with no other coin. And a set of professionals behind all of it. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Any thoughts on the coins I listed above? **edit** I'll just add, if Ripple could hit 3 digits I'd continue w/ Ripple. The problem is, I read the popular sentiment that is its inability to do that bc of # of coins.
  7. I have some extra funds to invest and would like to know other HODLers opinions. I'm looking at coins under $1 like siacoin, stellar, digibyte, reddcoin, po.et, tron, dent & burst. I'm not diversified as I've been strictly a ripple guy since back in the day and I wonder if I'm not better off just adding a few thousand more ripple. I'd love to up my zerp count, but also could see some of these coins rising towards a dollar on the coattails of the crypto market. With that said, XRP is more established w/ so much promise. It's hard to not think my money isn't better spent sticking with what I know. Educated thoughts are appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Hey Zerpeners, I recovered my key last night and got into my ripple trade wallet! Since "The Great Rise" I thought my funds were lost forever and I've been sick about it. Purchased at 6 cents in 2013-2014. I can now say the following with meaning and gusto.... HODL!
  9. Not necessarily. No one knows at this time how it will play out. Don't be discouraged. All I mean to say is, holding investors buy over time and sell over time. You hope to cash out before it goes 'poof', or not cash out as it continues to hold its value or go up. It's also new technology with plus points that other coins don't have. Don't worry about banks vs Joe's. There's no such thing Happy investing. **edit** I feel your pain. After months of believing my XRP funds purchased in 2013 were gone forever, I finally located my secret key and recovered them. With the price rise over the last month, I was sick over it. I truly hope you are able to make a good investment with Ripple.
  10. Anyone getting the "user does not exist" error, make sure to check all of your browsers for saved passwords/usernames. This is what finally lead me to the correct login so that I could retrieve my secret. I think my username changed immediately, because what worked to retrieve my secret did not work all of a sudden in the Gatehub migration. You can get your Ripple name from an account viewer using your address and secret key which you've just retrieved. I hope this information can help somebody someday, who experienced this same predicament.
  11. It's 20. If ripple ever got to $100, you would be without 2000 dollars of your millions. You'd need at least 20,000 xrp to make the plural "millions" true. It will be 20 until whenever Ripple decides to change it which may be never. Also, I encourage you to think through the investment a bit more. Holding XRP is not just about cashing out. That kind of philosophy creates bubbles, corners markets and can lose someone a lot money. Better to hold/buy/sell over time, where your research backs up the investment. Nobody cashes out millions in a few trades. Perhaps you were just being cheeky and in that case I don't mean to sound so serious. Good luck and welcome.
  12. I would like to know if it's possible to migrate an old ripple trade wallet to Rippex. I know there are instructions to do this on Gatehub, but they are not accepting my user/pass info, and I'd rather migrate to Rippex if possible. Is it as simple as create account with secret key? Will the funds from my old wallet just show up? Are there certain settings I should place on the account before hand? Thanks
  13. Is there a way to set regular key on some of these online wallets (https://yxxyun.github.io/#/infoopt1 & http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet are two examples) then use the regular key to gain access to my funds or send them to an exchange or wallet? I can see my funds but can't access them, because all I have at this point is my old adress, as well as my old ripple name and password that returns "user does not exist" on Gatehub. I didn't want to do anything ill-advised before getting advice on this forum. Any help/guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
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