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  1. This may seem corny. But I am such a fan of how the great XRP fud fighters just crush haters and naysayers that I want dedicate a page on zerplife.com to XRP FUD Fighters. For example one of favorites on twitter is Dr. T @xrptrump. Can you all PLEASE help identify/tag some of your favorites regardless to what platform they are on. Screenshot your favorite posts, whatever. I'd really appreciate.
  2. I am launching a website paying homage to XRP called zerplife.com. Any good gateways to accept XRP?
  3. This video just clarified something for me I didn't understand about the candlesticks. I'm hodling strong this is exciting.
  4. Aye mane, say mane, I'm OG King Musa and I missed out on bitcoin at $20 and I believe in XRP. So.....I did my homework on Ripple and XRP at around $0.10 and got invested at $0.20. Imma hodl for the long haul. Been lurking the site for a few weeks and a post on IG reminded me of why I wanted and needed to join. peace.
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