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  1. What did you snort hahaha. Seriously, there's no need to check the price so many times. It's not like you can look the price higher.
  2. I still don't understand what it does! It's absolutely not for us, but for partners, right?
  3. 1. Ok, fair point. 2. Good argument from your side. However, that does not apply to other banks and remittance services who do use it right now. If your bank is the benchmark for you, why don't you sell? 3. I'd rather have you to conversate in a propriate way, so we can actually learn from you. Your experience within a bank that has done a POC for the use of XRP is a good source of information. Talk about that, rather than to gain enjoyment by annoying people. It's easy to troll, it's harder to have actual conversations that make sense. I'm not saying I never trolled, but I made a de
  4. I've read your last couple of posts. I am quite unsure what you want. In a lot of posts you are very negative, and in some you say you want XRP to hit 10 dollars. Either way; why are you so negative, but still in XRP?
  5. How about % of XRP accounts with no activity within 1 month, within 6 months, within 1 year and within 2 years? I am curious how many HODL-ers in the ledger exist.
  6. 50k TPS does not matter if you do not have the user adoption (read: Banks/SWIFT-like organisations) </unpopular opinion>
  7. You guys are talking about a hack. What hack? Edit: in binance some hackers pumped a shitcoin? That's brilliant!
  8. I couldn't help myself reading this with an Australian voice.
  9. Good morning everyone. Seems like yesterday was a very big non-event in the end. Let's just continue with adding more partners, tests, productions and wait for xRapid to go in production. Maybe we will see a big surge in price at that point. Maybe not. Who cares, in the end we still have the biggest value coin that exists.
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