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  1. Lotta new names in these here forums, not many of the old hats from 2016/2017 lol
  2. knoxy

    Be aware.

    These users are attempting to hack in to accounts. "We have detected 5 failed log in attempts to your account from Suelysap, Pest megye, 2241, Hungary."
  3. knoxy

    Be aware.

    Be aware of the below users trying to hack accounts. We have detected 5 failed log in attempts to your account from Suelysap, Pest megye, 2241, Hungary.
  4. She has been a bumpy ride. Dont think my cold wallet has moved from where I out it 12months ago lol
  5. Yes fair comment but it was a very large active node, and being the only ones in Japan running, right where SBI is located just seems an easy conclusion imo. Regardless however, why close it a week later then?
  6. A week ago a large green node on the current version sparked up over SBI in Japan, right on top of the current smaller red one. Today it is gone again, anyone find this strange? Any ideas what might have caused them to open a new node then drop it and go back to an older one?
  7. It's an indicator if you trade on its platform mate lol
  8. You and me both Chewie! Although prices are down, it has been a good opportunity to increase bags for those that are game enough. how does that Warren Buffet saying go again? "Buy when there is blood in the street, even if it is yours"?
  9. Not always, that book shows very few sell orders which tells me the moneys on the amateur investor side there. But we will see I suppose
  10. Check out the order book on Gatehub, nearly nothing holding us back from 0.40 if we get a spike in volume and price... Could be a hard and fast recovery... Anyone else seeing similar on any other exchanges? I think this is the bottom for us in my opinion...
  11. You were saying the same garbage when we went from 0.20 to $4.
  12. Lamb's,rockets green candles, bikinis lol Oh and other couns is all that is allowed haha
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