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  1. Queue capitulation post in 3...2...1... These are the sorts of people who will get rekt and then blame everyone else. I hope he has extraordinary luck on his side, for his sake..
  2. I have mixed feelings about this myself. On the one hand, we need Ripple to continue to divest itself of XRP. On the other hand, we can't keep having third parties dump XRP into the market. The conditions of this grant aren't public, but I certainly hope Ripple has learned from their mistakes and put restrictions on the sale of this XRP. I'm inclined to have some faith in Ripple leadership and assume that they did restrict how this XRP may be sold into the market, given past lessons learned.
  3. Plenty of experienced traders have been rekt by crypto and TA has been proven wrong time and time again. While I appreciate these exercises, PB has a long history of anti-XRP rhetoric, and it is very clearly on display in this post (and nearly every other one he's ever made). I stand by my last statement regarding the entire market as well, which is something PB doesn't seem to acknowledge - where do you think BTC or ETH will be if XRP drops to $0.02? You think XRP, the #3 DA, with actual utility and a fresh MGI partnership, will lose 80%+ of its current value and the rest of the market will j
  4. I appreciate your analysis @Molten, as I'm sure most here do. Enjoy your time away from this craziness, we'll be waiting with something to lose our minds about when you get back, I am certain.
  5. Basically. Could he be right? ..anyone can be right. XRP generally moves with the market though, so dumping to $0.02 would mean we're seeing some similarly epic losses crypto market wide. PB's known and long-standing anti-XRP pro-BTC bias notwithstanding.
  6. False. The bottom is 0. If you're referring to what everyone expects the bottom of this cycle to actually be, well, that's like asking everyone what the next bull run's high may be. No one knows. If the price action scares you, perhaps now is the right time for YOU to sell. Don't let anyone else make up your mind for you. Someone will be proven right eventually (maybe it's the guy who sells at $0.26 or maybe it's the guy who buys the same), but in the end you have to follow your gut and be confident in your choice, because no one has a crystal ball.
  7. Still here, just posting less..In lieu of an advocado tree I'm simply keeping an eye on @XRPto50dollars countdown. Edit: Oh right, I need to follow directions.. I'm still here since 4/5/2019
  8. Not to be a downer guys, but it's too early to go popping the champagne. Remember, it's: 1) a voluntary dismissal. Meaning the plaintiff requested it. 2) dismissed without prejudice. Meaning the plaintiff can refile. This happens a lot with lawsuits and could just be the plaintiff repositioning for a better angle.
  9. @daniel_wwf Appreciate all of your effort and engagement with the XRP community regarding CSC. We are all relatively new investors, however we are a passionate bunch. Looking forward to cscchat coming online - let me know if you all need any assistance or contributions to get going.
  10. As with the last countdown, I'm still here (checking the forums/price a bit less often, however!)
  11. Everything is a gamble, this is investing. You can choose to bet for XRP being misclassified as a security, or you can bet on it not based on logic and the fact that Ripple Labs has an expert team lobbying for and arguing their case (eg: ex SEC chair). If anything, the SEC comments should make everyone feel better about XRP since they gave ETH a nod. ICOs are the core issue that the SEC is concerned about, not who owns how much of what.
  12. There's "read" and "wildly misinterpreted". We both read it, that much is clear. You, however, clearly fell into the latter as well.
  13. No one can guarantee you a "x price by x date" prediction. If they do, it's either luck or insider trading. People on this forum have always said 1) Play the long game with crypto investments, don't try to day trade 2) Never invest more than you can afford to lose. If you ignored those two core points, then that's on you, not "fomo spreading posts". At this stage you can either decide to buckle up for the long haul, or sell out and take your losses. There is no third option. Angrily posting on forums down playing legitimate news & facts only serves to waste your and everyon
  14. XRP was created before Ripple Labs even existed. Buying XRP does not buy you a stake in Ripple Labs. XRP has utility: it can be used to purchase goods/services. It is used by companies like Cuallix and Santander for settlement. ...so please, tell me again, how is XRP a security? Because Ripple owns most of it? That's not the definition of a security. If it were, anything of value that a single entity owned the majority of would immediately classify the valued item as a security. Think about that for a moment.
  15. Funny, I'm just about to leave Krabi (we're both talking about Thailand right?). I love this thread. We should keep it around. Forget "don't be Gregg", soon we will have a MUCH harsher example with "don't be Sceptic".
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