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  1. Q1: 0.37 Q2: 0.38 Regulation sorted , fi and everyone and their dog piling in lots of early peeps selling out for huge gains holding price down . Q3: $23.00 Q4: $36.00 Fingers crossed , prob still be at .37 q4 lol knowing my luck
  2. I can't answer the year end price but I think we will taste no1 market cap for a while hopefully perminately. I think one of brads cats will be let out of the bag soon.
  3. All good here @Chewiecoin . Not buying not selling I'm just waiting patiently since 2013 and dreaming of paying mortgage off. Not long now Ladies and Gents ? Now where's that poking xrp with a stick gif
  4. I read a lot about bots on xrpchat and other forums, I have a rough idea what they are but want to know more. How exactly do they work ? Does anyone on here use them ? Do they cost? Can someone like me with zero trading experience use it successfully? How do they work with exchanges? Fire away .
  5. That ripple decide they hold too much xrp and reward each wallet holder with 50000 zerps.
  6. I think we will see gradual increase in price over the next couple of years up to $100 and there it will stay rock solid . Ideal for payments large and small using the drops for micropayments.
  7. Very interesting, very scary times but also facinating I feel kind of safe in xrp even more so with the latest news.
  8. I've been into crypto since september 2013 and ever since that date what baffles me and still does is the price of bitcoin , why is it completely out of proportion to all other coins price can anyone explain this to me ? To me this screams of massive manipulation and the sooner regs come into play the better! Thanks.
  9. Isle of man based looks interesting, I think I will take a punt on this!
  10. Still here 24/6/18, as I have been since 2013 and will still be here this time next year !
  11. Yes need to distribute to all wallet holders ! They control too much which will go against them at decision time !
  12. Once or if it hits a certain value that I have in mind I'm out all of them sold, I'm out to make my life easier! However I have a stash for my kids that will remain that I would watch and manage for 10 + years .
  13. Banks being the high out of reach fruit for now untill they finish the ripple cherry picker . Could the low hanging fruit be the normal working person on the street and the un banked, a money platform (under development by someone?) that will steal business from the banks then ultimately join up with banks higher up the fruit tree! Need sleep ! Ok sorry I will shut the door on the way out !
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