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  1. Everyone needs to wait until FIAT currencies are dead (paper based), there will be a huge crash, then a new asset class (data) will be recognised, then digtal currencies will be recognised. Not before this will anyone see any "real" appreciation of price. Crypto currencies are too ahead (Currencies such as XRP, NOT - so called - Sh*t coins), 5 - 10yrs ahead IMO. Some will laugh that I have defined Data as an asset class. If you dont think so, then this whole space has gone over your head.
  2. I really like this tool, its really cool. Can only imagaine what it will be like in a year or two. Well done, should be proud of your work there !
  3. Another year sheer side ways bleakness. At least it’s stable 😂 q1: 0.31 USD q2: 0.33 USD q3: 0.33 USD q4: 0.47 USD
  4. Hi PactaSuntServanda, I am not bitter at all. To be honest I havent lost any money on XRP (As yet...). It is a forum about specualtion and Trading. As I ended the post, and I do stand by this; the Crypto market is an absolute joke. There are no real products out there (XRP is, to my knowledge, the only officially released product). The rest are what I consider to be white paper nonsense. It is not, 100% NOT taken seriously by financial professionals, and I now know that for a FACT. But, That does not mean it wont be in the future, but, that future is many many years away. So i suppose if you were to critique this very post, you could interpret this as to "accumulate more" or "to be very risk averse". - All depending on appetite.
  5. No fund manager in their right mind would invest in a crypto currency. I am pretty sure the mainstream investment banks are ******* themselves laugh at the likes of Michael Novogratz and others. Utter madness. The whole space is wrought with fraud and deception. Can you really see Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, logging onto to their Bittrex account to buy crypto's, lol.... Not going to happen for a very long time. Once countries convert their currency to a fully digital interchangle unit of their crypto currency, then and only then will a tiny proprtion of crypto currencies be allowed, and even then they will not be used for purchases as that is the right of a sovereign nation/sovereign crypto currency. A lot of big dreams in here, nothing wrong with that, but one should not lose sight of the perspective-reality. Ask yourselves the question What is the underlying value of XRP (think we all know) then ask about the others, many if not at least 90% are junk. XRP is a serious asset in a un-serious market.
  6. Been calling sub $1 since feb.(Not gloating) Good idea, good product, but the lack of regulation, governmental backing, hacks, lack of insurance offered to protect consumers on exchanges, the fact, fundamentally that many if not all of these coins are backed by nothing but faith, leads me to think there are many years to go. I saw a comment above about “single digits” to elaborate, I believe XRP will fall below 0.1 next year, maybe around February, and the lul will continue. Regualtion, regulation, regualtion is needed. Some analyst are calling BTC to fall below 2.5k, this will also have a knock on effect. Happy to have a discussion and I’m not trolling or being super negative 😬
  7. 0.14 USD min 0.28 USD max Next year will be more of the same. Expect single digits next year. More regulation and more derivatives (shorting). I feel there is a way to go yet. overall 2019 will be anemic. I suppose it’s up to you if you have the Gaul and stomach for it...
  8. The greatest post in the history of XRP chat..? Quite possibly ???
  9. Yuan or Euro. Not a crypto currency. Well not for at least 100 years or so.
  10. Anything above $1and stabilizing within the $1 range, take 3 to 5 years.
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