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  1. My view point also, good thread, and good adult discussion. I ignore, and will not bother to answer those who exclaim "FOMO'd in 2017 " sic etc (been in for a LONG time), that narrative is only self-serving for their mental being and financial sanity and/or position.
  2. It’s becoming easier to approach the conclusion that XRP is a failure, price / profit wise.
  3. This year and most likely 2021, is the acid test for Bitcoin. Convinced we're on the edge of a global depression and FIAT currency collapse's, this is everything Bitcoin is made for. Enough of the mirror to the S&P etc.. Time will tell
  4. I agree. New infrastructure is being built and with that new regulation. Blockchain could be a fad and something else could supersede it, who knows? my takeaway is to expect nothing, which I understand is nonsensical, counterintuitive And especially difficult if you’ve banked one XRP making one rich.
  5. We are currently heading to a global depression. Do not expect anything from crypto currencies, more so XRP for at least 2-3 years IMO. It's now clear that someone, some entity or group of persons have accumulated A LOT of currencies and BTC and have created programs which mimic the financial markets (S&P, DOW) as when they crash, so do the crypto markets. This backs up my opinion that when the financial markets (Equities) go bust, which should be within the next 12 months, then the crypto market will be fk'd. After the depression there will be a new way of doing thing
  6. Exactly my state of mind ! either way the break is violent +/- , do not want to be on the losing side..
  7. Tempted to jump in BTC, see consolidation in the 8.8 range... Do I wait as it will break lower hmm ? Sell wall in Binance is high, but this could all be fluff..
  8. So lower in your opinion ? What would be your buy in ?
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