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  1. Spot on, been saying this for years. Crypto is is a joke.
  2. I’m sorry, that’s all he posted.. i suppose R:R is meant to mean something, clearly I’m out of my depth on the TA side just found it interesting
  3. Reading various news updates, price prediction reviews and there is a lot about the BTC/XRP long position? Then read this on twitter. His bio is impressive 2 bachelor (mathematics and info systems), masters and PhD. What’s more he is NOT a fan of XRP... i must admit i do not how long position BTC/XRP and how that’ll lead to a price increase translates into a higher price ??
  4. It follows BTC end off. most, if not all coins / “projects” are junk. No products available to the public, no public awareness. Just a lot of backend projects which interest nobody and many of which will bear no fruit. Only way to survive this is to either not put any money in or put money into theses “magic beans” , forget about it and maybe they’ll one day sprout 😂 stability is good if you invested in a currency, but as the arguments here state; not good for an “investment”..
  5. If BTC goes up - They all go up. nothing new here. If BTC goes down and the rest or XRP is flying then there is change. Until then, this is the same old same old, grab profits whilst you can
  6. Won’t touch a dollar this year. Max 0.37 min 0.21
  7. Agree with all which you have stated. I think Crypto-currencies are practically dead for at least 5 - 10 years. Bar XRP, which is live (but barely kicking) it shows the tradional investor / sectors are not willing to invest /adopt such technologies. Its pure madness that the average Joe does not know that there is a way to send money INSTANTLY for practially ZERO cost, and the world is not all on board ? I agree that the fundamental macro envirnoment (reliabiity on the FIAT system/non-digitization of money) will have to drastically change, somehting akin to a complete financial global meltdown via massive fraud, and or/a global war; for digitized money and/or blockchain tecnologies to be accepted as the go to instrument/investment. I believe crypto-currencies are only going to be recognised when a generational shift occurs. That is the grey haired men in power will all have to be dead and the 10 year olds of today, whom will have grown up with such technologies and would have embraced them will be the leaders of such technologies. The dinosaurs of today have no interest in crypto-currencies. Just look at what OTC Futures have done to BitCoin... Its clever, I admit, by taming BitCoin the whole market is tame, due to the inability of other crypto-currencies to create actual value outside of the crypto sphere and stuck into a infinite lock-step with BitCoin. The only interest I personally have now, is seeing just how many frauds exist in the top 100 coins (according to Coin market cap). The prophetic white-papers are coming to fruition. It indeed, will be an interesting time.
  8. ... aaaand still nada, niente, nothing ! It just seems nothing will make the price per XRP move upwards. The crab will continue for a little while longer it appears... It appears that believing that a Coinbase listing would help was yet another red herring ?
  9. Everyone needs to wait until FIAT currencies are dead (paper based), there will be a huge crash, then a new asset class (data) will be recognised, then digtal currencies will be recognised. Not before this will anyone see any "real" appreciation of price. Crypto currencies are too ahead (Currencies such as XRP, NOT - so called - Sh*t coins), 5 - 10yrs ahead IMO. Some will laugh that I have defined Data as an asset class. If you dont think so, then this whole space has gone over your head.
  10. I really like this tool, its really cool. Can only imagaine what it will be like in a year or two. Well done, should be proud of your work there !
  11. Another year sheer side ways bleakness. At least it’s stable 😂 q1: 0.31 USD q2: 0.33 USD q3: 0.33 USD q4: 0.47 USD
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