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  1. The price is flying 🤯 well.. .42 - .45 but in minutes!! WOW
  2. Agree, but the space needs a lot of clearing out, so they IMO target others after this. So much junk out there! This will make XRP much much more attractive. It’s still not a home run for XRP but will offer solace to institutional investors about the seriousness of the space. Also think ADA will grow a lot this year... tempted to get involved there...
  3. From my understanding A LOT of the projects / coins in the top 10,20,50,100 (and KIK / KIN) etc were built on the Ethereum block chain and many if not all offered ICO’s. Should the SEC win (which they will) they will surely turn their gaze towards other projects..? I think so.
  4. “I'm sure in some hours it ll get down more ,BTC will surely go down to 7k in the coming days , so XRP to 0.32-0.37$ ?” i can see those prices for sure... I do think that Ethereum projects are gonna get fk’d - majority of them offered ICO’s... This is the precedent the SEC wanted to kick off regulation(s) to come..
  5. So tempted to do that ... havent got the bottle...
  6. Wonder if the SEC suing kik for their ICO will affect your projections? ... This could have repercussions through the crypto sphere....
  7. Ok moon boy. 🚀 🌝 You stick to CCN and a cartoon bear and I will read The WSJ, Bloomberg et al.
  8. Competition competition competition https://www.google.no/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/ubs-led-group-to-launch-blockchain-based-trade-settlement-platform-11559554201 Please refrain from boring FUD accusation, information is information... Exerpt from The WSJ; “The USC token will be backed by bank-owned currency held at central banks. In addition to UBS, its backers include Barclays PLC, Nasdaq Inc., Credit Suisse Group AG , Bank of New York Mellon Corp.,Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ,State Street Bank & Trust Co., Banco Santander SA, Commerzbank AG, ING Groep NV, KBC Group NV, Lloyds Banking Group PLC, Mitsubishi UFG Financial Group Inc. and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Fnality Chief Executive Rhomaios Ram said the company is working with regulators in several countries to get the necessary approvals.”
  9. Agreed. I do not see 1.00 USD EoY. perhaps next year but that all depends on how the year ends. Too much speculation in the market. Probably have moments where we will touch 0.68 then dip into the 0.40's around December. XRP is a long game, i think some think long as in 1 - 2 years, my long is 5,7 - 9 years So much has to change in the "real" world before the tech is fully appreciated. Interesting story I had with my GF's friend, she is leaving her investment banking job and taking a sales position for a remittance firm which uses blockchain technology, she is leaving IB due to regulation (MFID II) and a squeeze on bonus'. I asked her if she had heard of Ripple and she told me no. Was surprised as it is the sector where she will be working and I believe Ripple must be the market leader (with R3), so would have thought she would know of the competition (the firm she is joining will not be using a crypto currency, its call Neonomics [I admit I haven't heard of them]). So goes to show there is still plenty of work to do.
  10. Be careful, I stated many time EoY 0.46 USD 2019 and get shouted down. You have to say EoY 2019 will be 100 USD Min and your life will be golden in this forum zzz
  11. Hey All, I know I said I wouldnt post (well negative things). But have found a Channel dedicated to Cryptocurrencies. Seems pretty cool , and also has a live ticker. https://blocktv.com/ Thought you guys and gals may like :p
  12. No worries. Wasn’t meant as fud, again apologies.
  13. 😕 dude I’m not a FUD merchant just news. just interested in opinion. Apologies didn’t mean it to come out so. Actually stoked about the golden cross and we are up even though the rest are majority down. will stop posting.
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