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  1. This is something which I have thought about also. Being an American company Ripple are only selling the infrustructure to CB's for settlements, I presume they will be using these when CB's have their own CBDC's, I believe Bank of England, Bank of Canada, and the Bank of France are aboard, I also presume the EU are interested also due to the amount of time Legarde has been filmed talking and meeting with Ripple Executives, plus Chris Larsen is on a supervisory board at the IMF (correct me if I am wrong). So Ripple is poised. XRP on the other hand is somthing else. Sometimes I am conflicted at what Ripples aim is with XRP. They dont talk it up, yet BG has admitted that XRP is important for cashflow. So other than improving Ripples cash flow, and other than the advertised ODL, what is the point of us in buying XRP ? Maybe I should re-phrase, why do Ripple sell XRP other than to support cash flow of the Ripple labs? I think there is a play with XRP, an upside, but I dont think Ripple can openly say "XRP will be an interchangeable currency which can be used in domestic market place as well etc etc (to some effect)" XRP and i would say ETH are the only Crypto currencies with fndamentals (utility). Bitcoin does not have any utility, it is pass the parcel on a global level, although that could all change if developers can figure out how to improve its scalability..
  2. Thank you for the answer. So people / exchanges buys these bots online somewhere? Sureky they should be regulated ?
  3. XRP has been developed for international cross border settlements. Thats it, thats all I have to say.
  4. 100% be time Friday this will be at 0.18 to 0.17 USD and the following week it will dip lower and lower. never holds value and is all speculative now.. I am just really intrigued on how these people / exchanges do this, how they simultaneously pump all coins together. It would take vast amounts of money OR exchanges are colluding and programming multiple fake trades.. ? Love to hear someone explain how, because none of this is real..?
  5. Can see it falling to be honest.. I dont think there is enough volume in many crypto assets. XRP 0.12 USD some time this week ... maybe ... Crazy times..
  6. Wouldn't BTC volatility be a concern for investors using BTC as an inflation hedge ? Appreciate your posts by the way Zero rates i do not think is the cure for this crisis, global economies need fiscal policies, inflating more bubbles is going to cause an even deeper recession..
  7. EURO STOXX futures are up S&P 500 futures are up Looks like there will be a rally today in the traditional equity markets. So far there seems to be correlation between the ups and downs. So I predict we will see a slight rally in crypto today. EURO open soon, will be interesting to see the movements....
  8. Have you ever watched a Charles Hoskinson interview, he is revolting, an intellectual snob who thinks everything he says is genius, he has probably met many investors who think he's a grade A-A hole lol No regualtion, no real value.
  9. I cannot remmeber that, but if that is true, that is kind of funny lol What I have noticed though, is their international jet-setting and eating in the best restaurants which Joel Katz unashamedly posts. It is what it is.
  10. I would say pegged to economic indicators / indices. As for a politcal nuetral country, i am not too sure. I mean its more important who owns it rather than where it is. This would mean that that all of the owners Larsen, Jed, garlinghouse, Katz, etc would have to be bought out and it would have to be controlled by world government and thus world governance. I think one thing that firghtnes most leaders off XRP is the amount of wealth which the owners could acquire should th eprice explose, that in itself is destabilizing.
  11. I truly believe BTC is NOT a store of value, it is way too erratic and slow, it could be if, nd its a big IF, IF it hits an insane price, but there would have to be a significant shift in the theory of money for BTC to be seen as a store of value and thus money. I do not know what will be a store of value going forward but there will have to be a new currency , bridging currency for global trade in this global economy. I believe it will be a hybrid of currencies (the G7, strong economies) which will provide the basis for this new paradym and currency I also do believe this wil be a fully digital currency, and it will utilize some blockchain technologies, but an American made currecny (XRP) cannot be a world currency just for that very statement "American made", it'd be akin to the US Petro dollar. It is clear with current events, great collaboration is required, furthermore, the unfancied tying of nations together both economically and politcally (with the latter most likely leading to turmoil and probably war) will be required to achieve a true global currency - . This is quite extreme but the current debt based system cannot go on for ever like this. What the financial markets are showing is highly un-natural, it is getting attcaked from all sides; health, energy, financial (interest rates), then we have geopolital instability (migrant crisis), COVID-19, war in Syria, North Korea etc. Worrying times indeed...
  12. This may lead to the death of the dollar as a reserve currency. Any petro dollar nation(s) will see significant haircuts to the soveriegn currencies. Russia has pulled the trigger and waged war on shale economies (predominately the US), this has exacerbated already low prices causing conflagration amongst middle-eastern OPEC nations - who have in turn dropped prices (very worrying to see 25% fall :/, not seen since the 1991 Gulf war !). The drop in oil prices is terrible to be frank, also adding that there is no storage available for this glut (which most likely lead to negative spreads on futures). Its all about who blinks first, and currently Russia has the upper hand. I do not belive there will be a housing crisis as per before, BASEL 3 has been in place since the GFC and many augmented stress tests are carried out against various worlds all yielding positive results (positivie compared to the worst outcome that is). I do believe there will be significant corrections within western economies ,ergo; house prices will fall but not crash as they are on a high end (or peak), about 20% over priced (according to IMF data). Interest rates are what I think what is of grave concern and the undeniable liquidity trap we are most certainly in. It is just a case of how deep it will be and if it will cause the collapse of financial markets, which will then bleed into the real economy (interest rates are unique as they operate in both world, commercial and financial). The risk of rising rates in the US , UK, EUR zone etc (western economies) will cause absolute chaos as debt holders will fold (example would be pension funds with over exposure to equities, which ar egrossly over priced, one can only imagine someover the leveraged derivatives out there).. So XRP. As I have remaked many times on here, this whole Crypto market is an unregulated quagmire. It does not matter what TA, models etc you/we will most liekly always lose money. The only time things will get any better is with regualtion, regualtion and more regualtion. Once that is in place then we will see the true value of XRP. It is up to the avid investor to DYOR and stay in the game if you can afford to make losses as i see XRP as loss making (if youre long) for many, many years to come. COVID-19 is a "Black swan" event, most triggers for financial crisis are, but be assusered the mega rich will make A LOT of money of this in the gorwn ups market
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