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  1. Lol ! This is gettign ridiculous now, every other day there is a new scam. I love this thread, but I think TA is as useful as throwing a dart at a bunch of stocks to pick:
  2. The amount of fraud in Crypto is staggering, I posted the below a few days ago:
  3. I have read that XRP is in a diamond bottom pattern. I’m rubbish at TA, but have read up on this. Does this not mean that there should be an upside soon, as you state, it’s over sold? Then again, there’s me thinking that these markets are rational πŸ˜‚ Thank you for this thread by the way 😎
  4. Crypto market in a screen shot LOL; This is what frustrates me about this market, its full of BS ! But this also got me thinking, what if XRP isn't valued at 0.26 USD, what if it is actually worth 5.0,10.0 USD ?? I mean nothing in this market makes sense anyway... I live in hope ! PS: What the hell is BLOCKv !!
  5. This ^ Caveat: Brad Garlighouse is 48 years, do you think he wants to be Ripple CEO for another 10 years waiting for this to take off ....? - Food for thought.. But I do also think anywhere from 5 -10 years from 2020.
  6. And that is the difference between trading and investing. Im not trading in this market, no fricking way, have to have big kahones to do that, competing against computers/algos, when the market is opaque, rife with insider trading (crypto exchanges), wash trading , bear raiding and other forms of manipulation, is not for me. So the Macro veiw works for me as I can see clear trends as an investor. Daily charts etc, make no sense, there are no real patterns based of solid fundamentals. My investing strategy, its quite simple, invest, and wait for regualtion. I havent lost a dime if I havent sold at a loss. so I suffer from age old "oppertunity cost". Unless we go to zero lol !
  7. One can can only hope But I believe that we will be lucky to see 0.40 USD (which I called).. As you say, lets see how it plays out. At the end, I will measure by the YoY, and so far 50% is quite frankly dreadful.
  8. 2018 to ytd, I believe its a mixture of people leaving and going into other alts as you mention, but also many others not having the stomach and cashing out all together, and at a loss, I dont blame them to be honest. This market is crazy. We are literally competing against unknown agents and computerised-automated alogrithms in a completely unregulated market lol. I mean, what do people expect to happen with prices. None of the prices make sense in crypto markets compared to normal financial fundamentals, this is why charting does not work and does not make sense. The only way this will become a normal, harmonized market, is through regualtion and tough laws. Until then, XRP, no matter how many banks, partners etc, will be akin to investing in magic beans. Its all about longetivity and the ability of ones staying power.
  9. I fear for anyone who believes XRP will be anwhere near 10 USD by next year or the year after. Called Eoy 0.40 USD 2019, I was some way off it appears. Eoy 2020, 0.11 USD. I will have to hold to certain oblivion lol ! It is fun and exciting as its so new, but understand the OP's fears and worries. I may add, that it does become annoying & tiresome, seeing ripple executives and the CTO flying all around the world staying in plush hotels and enjoying 5* Michellin restaurants whilst we are fretting over a few cents here and there. I suppose, "It is, what it is" - Anonymous
  10. Looks promising. Breaking 0.29 to 0.30 USD was important. Suppose the test is can we maintain the 0.30 USD range. If that happens then happy days :)
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