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  1. Thread is as dead as the price .. Vegas is a long way off 😂
  2. It’s probably just attention seeking nonsense. I call lies and want proof ..
  3. I see BAKKT has just issued a press release confirming they are launching 23rd September. Now BTC is rising ...
  4. Bang on!! Couldn’t agree with this post anymore! Our first mover advantage has all but gone.
  5. It appears so... Why move your Crypto to an exchange? Why move 12million units to an exchange, I can only think to sell.... ? 🤨
  6. Being half Indian descent (Punjab) I have seen first hand how the caste system is truly infair in India, my family coming from "humble" beginings / being labelled Vaishyas when they are not farmers anymore?. That is where I get my observations from. The social stratification still exists there as it does in other emerging countries.
  7. Nothing wrong with being a realist and seeing what it takes for a private company to be allowed to operate multinationally using soveriegn currencies. XRP adoption could take upto a decade in all honesty. China has absoloutley no interest in Cryto currencies. Sure their governenment will sponsor some seedy individuals to create trading platforms (ehem Binance) and crypto currencies (Tron, Ve chan, EOS, etc etc) which they market and sell to the rest of the western world, but they will not allow their citizens to operate or buy them..? Fact is, the Chinese already have fintech companies, they actually have the best fintech companies in the world doing what every other crypto promises - instantly (retail; bill payments; food shopping, etc etc - all with their smart phones), they do not need crypto, plus they are all public networks not private which the communist regime love. India will not allow for crypto currencies purely down to their archaic caste system. Can you imagaine some poor Indian farmer striking gold by buying "Dragon coin" lol - not happening. Europe has made some movements with respect to regulation and adoption but with the state of European finances I seriously doubt Cypto currencies are the top of the agenda for the ECB. The US, whilst Trump is president, will not allow for crypto currencies. Mnuchin is very much against them altogether. The amount of people who thought that XRP would be worth 10's or even 100's of $'s by now was ludicrous. I admit I believed in the 10's range, but researching more and more makes you see the truth or rather the reality. As I have posted many, many times, Eoy 0.43 (so yes, I do see some price appreciation) - And again, I got absoloutley slaughtered in here for stating so and also blocked ignored lol ! Different crowd here than a few years ago when I joined. So I think XRP is a brilliant idea, but it may end up just that, an idea. Maybe the world just isn't ready for it........ yet
  8. I dont think any regulator will give a damn about a company talking about the price of an asset. Its the price of an asset and they are a private company so can talk about it as much as they like. Also, regulators have already made up their mind on the state of play, that i am sure of. I dont think Brad Garlinghouse turning up on Bloomberg saying "Yes, I believe XRP is grossly undervalued, i think it SHOULD be x.xx or in that region. Why it isnt i am not sure, but this is just my opion due to (blah blah blah)" IF the company was a public traded company then fair enough, you would have to be much more prudent. Again I do believe it will rise inprice but god knows when. I mean it could take 10 years to see this take off!
  9. Exactly. You see it countless times, CEO's talking their book, and their predictions of their company and share price. Simple things er: "Visa share price is 180 USD, we expect " blah blah blah (not saying XRP will be anywhere near that ** disclaimer **
  10. So you are saying in the history of finance, CEO's have never talked about the share price / asset price(s) of their company ? B*llocks!! - I work in finance and I can tell you that is all CEO's care about. We all need to stop fannyig around. We bought their product with the hopes of it increasing in price and make profit. They want it to increase in price for increased liquidity, so someone one should put them on the spot and ask them / Brad about the price of XRP ! He said in 2018 that he doesnt really look at the price, but he does check every 3 or 6 months.. doubt that. For XRP to work the price has to be high PERIOD ! We want the price to be high so we can make money PERIOD ! The fact is by not talking about the price of XRP they are hiding away and that is not on. IMO the price will rise, but when who the fk knows.
  11. Everyone who slated me when I called XRP @ 0.43 Eoy 2019 at the beginning of the year. Calling me a FUD thing or whatever. Too many people with unrealistic goals in this forum. Not far to go now! Next year we should see some positive price action IMO. No pain no gain or gain with pain :p
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