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  1. Why are you even here? lol Your post is so convincing that upon reading it, i dumped my entire million+ xrp in fear of losing it all lol
  2. No wonder Bittrex does not allow fiat deposits from Florida. What a crock of ****
  3. I happen to have Bittrex. I just logged and no matter where I go i dont see anywhere that allows me to add a bank or do USD deposits.
  4. I just tried that and they only allow $500 a day maximum. I assume there is a additional verification that can be done to increase it but ends up being no different faster IMHO. Are there any other exchanges that you can directly ACH or wire US funds from US bank and purchase XRP beside using my old method of using more than one exchange?
  5. I have a close friend that wants to purchase a few grand in XRP and trying to find the fastest way. I have for my personal purchases always wired funds to Gemini-->purchased ETH then send to Binance and purchased XRP with the ETH. But i dont know what is current Geminis and Binance verification process. I know last year Gemini wasnt approving registration and verifying identitities to be able to wire from US bank for weeks and months. I just registered for Uphold myself to see how it works and man its a pain in the ass at least for me. I went thru the verification process and added my US bank and deposited $100 just to test and it says it will be 5-7 days to be deposited. I tried to add $100 from my bank debit card and another from credit card both got denied transaction by bank and debit card because i guess they dont allow use of funds for Crypto. So i am kind of baffled cause i keep hearing how "easy" uphold is and I have not had same outcome.
  6. This is highly biased but I dont think there is anyone that is as big of XRP fan as myself but the idea of $589 by EOY is ludicrous. its not gonna happen. It just wont. Forget $589. If this thing hits even $100 by EOY, i will donate $1mil USD to a charity chosen by the collective members here in a poll. But unfortunately it wont happen. I do believe $100 is possible but not in next 3 months.
  7. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone in particular. But FML, i have never seen so many damn cry babies in one place. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Nothing. We all made a bet (which we thought was good and I still do) and you either win or lose in a bet. Pure and simple. I have invested more than $300k of my own cash and at the high it was more than $3mil and now it is less $210k. Do you see me post and cry and ask for reassurance? Hell no. Cause there is nothing anyone can say here or out there that would make a difference right now. BG can come out now and say Apple has signed up and most likely we are going down further. So you have three choices. 1) Sell all your XRP and move on 2) Just hold and shut the hell up or 3) buy some more. And anyone that thinks "oh well you have money so it must not hurt as bad" is wrong. My am fully aware that my $300k can go to 0 and it is possible it can happen. And $300k is a lot of money to anyone and I mean anyone.
  8. And i am not trying sound elitist at all so i hope it doesnt come across that way. But $2.8mil or any FINAL amount has to be correlated to what that person makes a year. A person making $50k a year and living off of that can retire on $2.8mil because that is 56yrs worth of salary. Someone that makes $1mil a year it is barely 3 years worth of income.
  9. Same reason most didnt sell at ATH. Its the same % whether you invested $10k or $1mil. We have literally lost 90% value from all time high.
  10. I am the definition of a damn HODLer. I have seen my account value go from $2.8mil since January to $280k today And that really hurts and sucks major hairy goat balls lol
  11. https://bitcoinist.com/bill-clinton-ripple-causes-ridicule/ In this article it says: "Ripple has faced mixed publicity in recent months as commentators reacted to curious noises from executives, including chief cryptographer David Schwartz telling mainstream media that Ripple’s XRP token “wasn’t a cryptocurrency” and that banks were not keen on using it. “Earlier this year, Ripple’s CEO said he knew of banks planning to use the XRP cryptocurrency. Today, Ripple execs are quoted in Reuters saying that banks aren’t interested in using XRP or cryptocurrencies,” Bitcoin writer Nathaniel Popper responded to Schwartz in June." Did David Schwartz or execs now say banks are not interested in XRP? I am so damn confused.
  12. I downloaded the Wirex app yesterday and looks solid but i guess for USA its only a wallet? It says pretty much nothing is available for your country.
  13. Sorry if this has been posted. Are there any news/word on when possibly SEC may finally make their decision? The fact they have already made a ruling on BTC and ETH and just sitting on their hands with XRP is ******* me off. They should have all the info to make the decision one way or the other. I just rather know that keep getting the can kicked down the road.
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