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  1. I've invested what I can afford to lose so i can wait as long as it takes and I will - if it goes to zero then so be it. Ive got stacks set aside for certain things and have set price point's to sell Stack to clear house and take my original investment out. Stack for enjoying life Stack for both kids when they reach 18 or will start selling if it hits my price point's earlier. Stack for property abroad (this is the dream) Stack to Hodl long-term or start selling % from $100 upwards Not massive stacks either, but confident a good few of those targets will happ
  2. 1. Watching my kids smiling and laughing . 2. £50+ 3. Send my mum on the trip of a lifetime. 4. BFG - Big fat git - Big friendly giant (both tbf) 5. Addictive
  3. BHODL since Nov17 - in it for the long haul. "I'm still here since 4/5/2019"
  4. $400 (prob less now) will scoop you a million or so csc - this could be the best long shot around.
  5. Nice one @Chewiecoin always good to see some positivity on the forum. I'm probably one of the least knowledgeable people on the forum regarding crypto and the market as a whole - but the forum has helped me learn so much. I'm in this for the long run, and looking forward to the ride. Also doing very nicely today after my footie accumulator came up yesterday, so 1200 zerps and 150,000 more csc added to the stacks 1million quid right there ?
  6. I was just trying to cheer myself up with csc but now that's turned Red ?
  7. -35% XRP and break even with CSC Just trying to buy as much as I can, any spare dosh I have is going straight to Revolut
  8. Can you buy crypto with just a standard account or do you still need a monthly fee paying account?
  9. You should write a blog mate, would love to follow your progress with this initiative.
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