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  1. I make a few transfers a year from USA to Costa Rica and normally takes 3 to 4 days, but last time the money got lost in nobody knows where and took 25 days to get to destination. I really hope that very soon we will be able to move money internationally in seconds without any frictions at all. Vamos xrp!!!
  2. At that point 33-35c is when we add more zerps to our stack?
  3. I couldn't agree more. Be patient and meanwhile, enjoy the process...
  4. Let's hope he is right and we will see adoption sooner than later!! I have the feeling that from now on we will see big news often and often about xrapid
  5. I am positive and confident, specially every time I suffer the craziness of international bank transfers as a customer of the banking system. Last transfer I did from USA to Costa Rica took 25 days to arrive. Yes, 25 days!! And nobody knew where the money was in between!! I am confident those times will be over soon!!
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