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  1. Besides you didn't read the article correctly, it turns out we both where wrong: Alexavier Guzman is the guy behind xrpsymbol. While I admit I'm wrong about my speculations I still stand my point, that this competition was not executed properly by any means.
  2. Do you realize that it is completely unclear who created https://xrpsymbol.github.io/? Maybe I missed something, but it was there out of nowhere, there is even a fresh github-user called xrpsymbol. It got soon pushed by Ripple itself. Use your brain... Maybe someone can shed some light: Who is xrpsymbol on github and twitter?
  3. E.g. my symbol wasn't included, although I submitted it multiple times, using one of the described methods. Note that it was on r/ripple front-page for several days. To the voting: multiple votes possible, no deadline was announced, at some point it was just: The competition is over, Ripple's symbol it is (sry, I won't say Claire's, that's ridiculous). The community members who _later_ made the voting, were not chosen by the community. I don't know who chose them to take over the whole process*. Ripple's symbol was placed in front page the whole competition on the xrpsymbol site. What a *
  4. Did Brad also step back from the round table, or am I missing something? https://bef.latoken.com/davos
  5. Why does everyone think there will be exactly those market cycles as in the text-book? Who's judging what capitulation is? Is the very knowledge and reflective thinking about those market cycles invalidating them, since as we know they are describing a psychological phenomenon? Or, to the contrary, do they even become self-fulfilling prophecies? Questions over questions...
  6. How would that be easy? We don't know how FI react to price increases, cannot simulate slippage adequately, don't know how arbitrage is handled, etc pp. This is far from easy and maybe even has a chaotic character. I mean, we don't even know a single detail about xrapids routing algorithm O.o
  7. I second that, let me rephrase my comment: This is no proof for xrapid and shouldn't be mistaken as such. It maybe is a clue but we have to stay objective here. I don't allege you for assuming it is proof, I'm sure you didn't. However, people taking this as proof without overthinking alternative explanations happens often
  8. This doesn't have to imply anything about xRapid. Especially since Bitstamp is a very reliable fiat exchange. When we observe crashes, bitstamp's xrp price is way lower compared to other exchanges, since a lot of people use it to cash out. E.g. this special characteristic could be shown by your correlation observation.
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